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Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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  • Affirmation

    A statement that you read or speak aloud to support your energy in shifting from a negative state to an affirmative one. These statements generally begin with the phrase “I am...” and are followed with the experience you want to experience, in the present tense, as if you are currently experiencing it. This practice of shifting your inner energetic vibration then influences your outer behavior and circumstances.

  • Chakra Energy

    Your powerful personal energy system, held in energetic stations that run from the bottom of your torso to the top of your head. The seven main energetic stations are called chakras and each chakra has a universal theme and purpose to influence your life lessons and experiences. When your chakra energy system is healthy, you naturally thrive. If your chakra energy system is not healthy, your entire energetic system will not run at optimal capacity.

  • Childhood Wounding

    Emotions from your childhood that were not fully felt, honored, or processed. No matter if you would describe your childhood as healthy or dysfunctional, certain experiences or interactions left you with a degree of childhood wounding that interferes with your current potential. By using energy techniques to heal wounding from your childhood, you can operate in more wholeness and awareness as an adult.

  • Clearing Session

    The process of using tapping and affirmations in a single sitting to eliminate energetic blocks and set up your energy to create a new experience. In The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, all clearing sessions are personally guided on screen by Carol Tuttle, with specific scripts to help you with over 100 different challenges you may experience, from emotional issues such as stress, to physical issues such as pain.

  • Clearing Scripts

    A series of negative statements that represent your negative beliefs and repressed emotions. You recite these statements while tapping to assist you in releasing the trapped energy that perpetuates your limiting beliefs and emotions. After you recite the negative statements, you recite positive affirmations while continuing to tap, to reinforce the activation of new, positive beliefs and positive emotions being anchored into your energy system.

  • Clearing Walk

    An energy healing technique that supports you in clearing repressed emotions and limiting beliefs from your physical body, which is often the place where they linger. You do this technique by making motions with your hands, while speaking aloud and walking with alternating steps. The full process is outlined and demonstrated on video in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

  • Creation Scripts

    A series of positive statements that represent your desired experience in any area of life. By reciting these positive statements, you train your thinking mind to think in the affirmative, rather than the negative. As your mind is trained to think in the affirmative, you create a strong positive energy force to attract to you what you have recited in the script.

  • Daily Energy Routine

    A brief routine of energy healing techniques done daily to start your morning feeling grounded, balanced, and energized. In addition to clearing past issues and healing old patterns, energy healing can be used to actively create present and future experiences. A daily energy routine that takes just a few minutes is good for maintaining your overall energetic balance and health. Think of it as energetically brushing your teeth.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

    The term originally was used to refer to the healing practice of tapping.

  • Energy Circles

    An energy healing technique to bring your desires into physical manifestation. This technique moves the energy of your thoughts into the physical realm. By creating a circle on the ground around you with your hand and throwing the energy into the circle, you set the energy in motion. The full process is outlined and demonstrated on video in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

  • Energy Healing

    The process of using specific techniques to clear energetic blocks, repressed emotions, and limiting beliefs, in order to allow inner healing to occur. Carol Tuttle teaches that energy healing techniques do not create healing. They simply facilitate healing by clearing away painful blocks and old patterns, and freeing up your own inner power of healing. The goal of using healing practices is to support you in creating a life of affluence, ease and joy.

  • Energy Meridians

    Energetic pathways that carry energy through the body, like a current that flows through you. When these pathways are clear and flowing freely, your personal energy system is in balance and you move through life with ease. When the energy in these pathways is blocked or runs backward, your system and life feel imbalanced. By applying energy healing techniques (such as tapping) to specific points along your energy meridians, you can reset the energy and create a greater sense of balance and peace.

  • Energy Sketching

    An energy-shifting technique done with pen and paper, or on any writing surface with a writing utensil. Energy responds to your intention and focus and energy sketching helps to make your intention visual. The full process is outlined and demonstrated on video in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

  • Energy Type

    Your primary energetic movement as you move through life. People naturally express 4 dominant Types of movement in their behavior, personality, thought and feeling processes, and even their facial features and body language. Type 1 energy is bright and animated. Type 2 energy is soft and subtle. Type 3 energy is rich and dynamic. And Type 4 energy is bold and striking. You carry all 4 Energy Types within you, but lead with one dominant Type. Your life is most successful and easy when you live true to the natural tendencies of your Energy Type.

  • Essential Oils

    Oils that carry the unique scent and properties of the plant they were extracted from. By using essential oils alongside personal healing, you can connect mind and body to ease and support the inner healing process. Smell affects your hippocampus (connected to memory) and amygdala (connected to emotions). When you pair your healing practice with essential oils, the smell and properties of the oil can reset your brain’s automatic responses.

  • Figure 8 Technique

    A simple energy healing technique that teaches your energy to draw to you what is correct for you. It opens energy and creates an energetic attraction between you and what you desire by making the shape of a horizontal figure-8 (or infinity symbol) with your hand between yourself and the energy of what you want to attract to you. The full process is outlined and demonstrated on video in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

  • Generational Patterns

    Patterns of belief, emotion, etc. that are passed down from previous generations. Every single person in this world is living out certain unconscious patterns that they inherited. Some of those patterns are supportive. Others make life more difficult. You may not know the specific stories of your ancestors, but you are affected by the energy they passed down anyway. If a certain issue repeats itself in your life, it’s likely generational. Energy healing techniques can release those patterns and free you up to create your own patterns.

  • Guided Healing Plan

    A 2-, 3-, or 4-week plan in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, designed to support you in healing a specific, long-standing issue. (For example: lack of self-confidence, relationship challenges, disease and illness, abuse, etc.) Each plan gives you specific clearing sessions to do each day and each week in an order that supports your long-lasting healing. If you were personally seeing Carol Tuttle as a client, this is the energy healing work you’d do together.

  • Inner Child

    A metaphor you can visualize in order to process and heal past wounding. By turning within and visualizing your child self at the ages of earlier trauma, you can more easily access and clear repressed emotions from that time of your life. Inner child visualization allows you to process emotions you did not feel safe enough to feel before. Through this work, you can free yourself from old emotional triggers, integrate all the stages of your life, and feel more aware and secure in your sense of self as an adult.

  • Journaling

    Introspective writing that you do longhand with paper and pen/pencil, with the intent to write what comes to mind. You can respond to a specific journaling prompt, or write your way through your emotions. Either way, journaling with the intent to heal is a practice in expressing yourself fully and honestly. Journaling is included in many of the healing plans in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, with specific prompts designed to help you process certain emotions.

  • Meditation

    A relaxing, centering practice in which you sit upright and focus on your breathing to form a connection between the physical and spiritual self. You can practice mindful meditation, in which you focus your awareness on the present moment. Or you can participate in a guided meditation, in which you focus your attention inward while another person speaks to guide you through a series of images designed to open your energy or help you move through an issue.

  • Proxy Healing

    The practice of helping another individual with their healing, by practicing energy healing techniques in that individual’s place. When you do proxy energy work, you are not doing healing for anyone else; you are just offering the potential for healing to occur. To do proxy healing work, you do not need another person’s permission, as you are just opening the energetic potential for them to make a shift in their life—similar to the energy of prayer.

  • Psychological Reversal

    A pattern of resistance from your personal energy system when you attempt to make a positive change in your life. (For example, you make a decision to lose weight and you crave sweets more than ever.) Because you are built for survival, your mind-body system can experience any change you decide to make as a threat, even if the change is a positive one. To overcome the sabotage of a psychological reversal and allow change to happen more gracefully, use energy healing techniques to clear survival programs from your energy system.

  • Sound Meditation

    The practice of adding sound vibrations to your meditation practice to enhance the experience. Tibetan singing bowls can be used as a tool to clear disharmony and manifest your intentions into the physical realm. The vibrations created by the bowl enhance your own personal vibration, giving more power to your clearing and intention processes.

  • Spinal Flush

    A healing technique to help you calm your energetic system by clearing unwanted energy you may pick up from other people. By physically swiping downward 5-6 times on the governing meridian, from the base of the neck and off the tailbone, you can clean off the whole energetic system. The full process is outlined and demonstrated on video in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

  • Tapping

    A simple-to-use healing technique that can be applied to any emotional, mental, intellectual, physical, or energetic issue you want to clear. In its early days, it was referred to as EFT, but it has become known more broadly as just “tapping.” By physically tapping on key points on your energetic meridians, you connect your body to your inner healing process and activate energy flow for your entire system, which helps your energy move from a low to a high vibration. This technique helps you clear the blocks that get in the way of the healing power already within you.

  • Therapeutic Gemstones

    An energy healing tool created of high-quality gemstones that can be worn as a necklace. Gemstones have distinct vibrational energetic qualities that affect your personal energy system. Wearing a gemstone necklace allows the energy of the gemstone to directly influence your spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical energy bodies, while removing the analytical thinking mind that is trying to “figure out” how to heal. By removing the thinking mind through the healing process, you can often experience more immediate healing results.

  • Visualization

    A practice of closing your eyes, turning your focus inward, and picturing certain images or scenes that help your energy to shift. You can create your own visualization, or be guided through one by someone else. Some portions of a visualization may help you access memory, while other images or scenes may be imaginary. Both are intended to help you shift from a lower emotional or energetic state to a higher one. The Carol Tuttle Healing Center contains multiple guided visualizations to guide you toward living true to your highest self.

  • Zip Up Technique

    An energy healing technique to help you shield yourself from the unwanted energy of others. By imagining a zipper along your central meridian and physically making the motion of zipping upward from your pelvic bone up to your chin 3-4 times, you can protect the energetic system from the influence of others. The full process is outlined and demonstrated on video in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.


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