2 Healing Techniques to Calm Emotions

6 minutes

This session will give you two new tools to assist you in releasing charged emotion on the spot. Each technique is shown in this session, so you can return and be guided through it any time that is supportive to you.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Emotional charge that overwhelms you

Stirred-up emotion that’s difficult to manage

Fight-or-flight energy that is not helpful

A child who is emotionally upset

You Want To:

Release overwhelming emotion

Feel balanced and harmonious again

Effectively deal with emotional situations

Help a child to calm down

Affirmation for this Session:

“I am grateful for the tools I have to help me manage my emotions successfully.

For Repeat Visits:

First technique at 1:35, second technique at 3:57

Session Transcript

We can expect to be emotionally triggered and have emotional upsets from time to time. These two techniques will assist you in releasing the emotional charge and overwhelm which allows you to then more effectively deal with the situation at hand. These techniques are also very helpful to calm children that are emotionally upset.

Repeat this affirmation after me: “I am grateful for the tools I have to help me manage my emotions successfully.”

The first technique is an eye movement release technique. As a Rapid Eye Therapist, I helped many clients release emotional charges using this technique and teaching them to use it on themselves.

Think of something that is currently upsetting to you, it stirs up emotion. Take a deep breath. With your attention on that upsetting issue, hold your index finger up in front of your face. You’re going to keep your face still and you’re going to actually move your eyes. You’re going to use your index finger as a tracking device, moving your hand from side to side as far as your peripheral vision will allow while you take several deep breaths. And you can also repeat out loud, release, release, release while you’re doing this. The goal is to speed it up as you’re doing it until your eyelids flutter.

So, let’s give it a try. Think of that upsetting issue. With your face forward, track using your index finger, release, release, release, release, release, release, release, release, release, release, release, release, release, and you will break state. The reason this works is it gets your right and left brain talking to each other. The right side of your brain runs your emotional experience, and when you’re flooded with emotion, your left brain that has the more reasonable thought processes cannot kick in. So, this allows the left and right brain to communicate, to break state, release the emotional charge, so the left brain can now step in to become more balanced and harmonious to deal with the situation at hand.

Take a deep breath. Use this any time you feel that you’re flooded with emotion, just track your eyes until you break state. You can also use it with children. Just hold your finger up and have them track your finger, blinking their eyes until they break state.

The second technique is the fight and flight release technique. Your Triple Warmer Meridian runs from your ring finger, up along the arm, up the shoulder, under the ear, up and around the ear to the temple. This is a meridian pathway, energy flows on it, your fight and flight energy runs on this. So, when it’s balanced, it does navigate your world correctly to know when there’s something you need to be concerned about, and it helped a lot of people survive when their lives were at risk in more primitive times. If yours is overly reactive, it’ll cause you to want to shut down, not deal with situations, to run away, hide, try and get out of there. Or it can provoke you to overreact and to engage, trying to stir up a fight which neither will bring you to reasonable outcomes. So, you want to flush it when you’re feeling this charge of flight or fight.

So, you’re going to flush the meridian. And how you do that is, it doesn’t matter what side you start on, put your fingertips of one hand on the opposite temple. And you’re going to trace the same pathway going up and around the ear, behind the ear, down the neck, down the shoulder, down the arm, swiping it off your ring finger. Do that two more times. Now, go up to reset it, you’re just going to do one, tracing it, the correct direction to create balance.

Now let’s do the opposite side, place your fingers on the temple, tracing that meridian, flushing it off three times, and one time to reset and create balance. Take a deep breath. In the Meridian Energy System, there are 12 meridians that run in 2-hour cycles around a 24-hour clock. The fight and flight meridian is active between 9 and 11 p.m. Because of this, it is best to avoid potentially sensitive and provoking topics because you are more vulnerable to shutting down or overreacting. And this is not something you want to stir up before you go to bed.

Put these two techniques in your energy healing tool box, teach them to your children, and they will support you whenever you need emotional balancing and support.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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