Activating Your Foot & Root Chakra to Become Super Attractor

11 minutes

This activation exercise will assist you in powerfully manifesting what you desire in your life with more ease. It will help you energetically draw into your life what is timely, correct, and desireable for you, rather than attracting experiences that cause struggle and disappointment.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Endless upsets that you can’t get ahead of

Anxiety about stressful life circumstances

Disconnection from your soul and your voice

Uncertainty over knowing which steps to take next

You Want To:

Create the life you want with ease and grace

Be at peace as you attract what is timely & pleasurable

Feel confident about what’s correct for you

Know with clarity what to do next

Affirmation for this Session:

I am a super attractor powerfully manifesting into my life what is timely and correct for me, including… (name your three wants with a strong emphasis.)

For Repeat Visits:

Visualization begins at 2:20

Session Transcript

The foot chakra is the bottom floor of your root chakra. It creates a magnetic plate that creates an attractor field. Your root chakra is the energy center that connects the entire chakra system to the magnetic plate and feeds to it the energies of the entire chakra system. When it comes to attracting what you want, how do you know what is timely and correct, what you really want? It’s easy. Just look at what is showing up in your life that you don’t want, and think of the opposite of that. In fact, right now, think of three things that you would like to change or shift for the better in your life right now. Most likely they have something to do with your health, relationships, or money.

Today, we are going to activate your foot and root chakra and imprint these energy centers with the timely desires you want to manifest in all three of those areas. I want you to put an emphasis on creating the opposite of the three things you want to shift and change for the better. Meaning, we’re gonna really focus on what you want, rather than what you want to change. It will be more powerful if you do this in your bare feet or socks, so you’re really connecting to the ground or the earth you’re on. And if you use an essential oil to enhance this activation exercise, it will even make your power of attraction even more potent. I recommend you use either the “I Am Grounded” or the “I Am Balanced” oil. I’m going to use the “I Am Balanced” oil. This oil is a special blend of seven essential oils that were each selected to activate all seven chakra energy centers.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I am a super attractor powerfully manifesting into my life what is timely and correct for me, including, now name your three wants with strong emphasis.”

Now, that you’ve set the energy into motion, we’re ready to activate your root and foot chakra energy. Apply the essential oil to your feet and the area of your ankles and legs with just a few drops in the palm of your hand. Take a deep inhale and exhale. You can really breathe in that aroma, which starts to activate all seven energy centers. We’re trying to get all seven energy centers activated, so that energy can feed down into your foot chakra to really create power to attract your timely desires. With your right hand to start spinning in the root chakra area, this is down at the bottom of the torso, moving your hand to the left, take a deep breath in and spin it.

And we’re going to make a statement while we’re spinning each chakra. I am grounded. Now, move to the second chakra, the creation chakra, middle of the tummy. My hand’s just off my body. Spinning it, kind of bouncing my knees here. Be best if you were standing. I am a creator. Moving to the third chakra, solar plexus area. This is your power chakra. I am powerful. Now, moving to the heart center, center of the chest. Spinning this energy, repeating, I am heartfelt. Moving up to the throat chakra, middle of the neck. Spinning that, open the neck, pull the chin up. Repeating, I am speaking my truth. Moving to the third eye, your sixth chakra, the intuitive chakra. I am intuitive. Crown chakra above the head. You can even throw the energy up. Hand up, bring it back down, throw it up and down, spinning it. I am divine. Let’s move down back to the root chakra. Center of the forehead, sixth chakra. Center of the neck, throat, fifth chakra. Heart center, fourth chakra. Down to the third, power center. Second creation chakra, down to the root. Got all that energy spinning. Now, take a deep breath in and exhale. Now, you’re gonna bend over and you’re gonna plug your energy system into your foot chakra. So, you’re going to imagine that there’s a cord actually extending out from the bottom of your torso, your tailbone, and there’s a plug at the end of this cord. You’re gonna bend over and put that plug into an outlet that’s between your feet. Now, imagine that pulse and the energy coming up, the electricity coming up, up, up all the way to your crown, and then flowing back down back to the foot chakra. One more time, pull that energy up. So, you’re dressing yourself in the energy and let it flow back down.

Now, let’s march in place. Look at your feet while you’re doing this to activate your foot chakra. You’re gonna draw a circle around your feet with either your right or left hand and you might need to use both because you’ll start… I’m gonna start with my left hand, go to the back, connect it with my right, pull it around. I am standing in a plate of energy now. This is my foot chakra attractor field. Push it out. Now, imagine extending 2, 3, 4, 5, even 6 feet out. Make it big. Make it potent. It’s a large space that holds a lot of powerful energy. It’s your magnetic field that is now connecting to all seven energy centers. What a powerful force you are right now, a magnetic force to draw to you what is timely and correct. So, let’s get that going. Repeat the following creation statements after me as you throw them into your attractor field. I am powerful. I am a powerful creator. My magnetic force is strong. I am drawing into my life what is timely and correct for me including, name your three wants. It is showing up. I am knowing the next correct steps to take. I am a force of good in the world. I am a super attractor. My desires are always timely and correct so I never ask amiss. I’m in tune with my soul. I am drawing into my life that which I desire. Name your three wants. I am grateful for my powers of attraction. I am grateful my energy is alive and vibrant. I am noticing a difference in all areas of my life as I activate my chakra energies. I am a creator. I am creating an amazing life.

Breathe that in. We’re gonna bend over now and take both hands and scoop an arm full, a big arm full of that energy. And we’re gonna cast it out connecting with heaven and allowing that energy to fall, feeling your energetic bubble called your arc field. We’re gonna both hands now and starting from your heart center, throw your hands out in front of you, down, loop around back in, creating sideways figure-eight motion, throwing those figure-eights out, creating a stronger force of attraction to your entire energy system. Now, imagine you could take one hand and throw out a red carpet right in front of you, opening the way for your life to be served to you on a silver platter as you walk the red carpet of your life. Start walking forward with your shoulders pulled back, your head held high, knowing the truth of who you are. Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Use this tool every morning for a week and watch your life change. Make it a practice to use often as you can consciously create the life you desire, and enhance, and charge up your power of attraction. As you continue to enhance your super attractor powers, you will be amazed at how easily and effortlessly life supports you and magically manifesting what is timely and correct for you. Have fun. You are going to attract some amazing experiences.

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