Activating Your Third Eye & Connecting Your Intuitive Chakra to Your Creation Chakra

5 minute video

This session will assist you in connecting your intuition chakra (6th chakra) to the energy of your creation chakra (2nd chakra). When these two chakra centers are connected, the energy comes together to help you bring your creative ideas into creative manifestation. As a result, you experience pleasure in your creative pursuits and outcomes. Use this session before you start working on a creative project of any kind.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Blocks that keep you from taking action

Distrust in your own ideas and endeavors

Lack of clear direction on what steps to take

Inability to start or complete your projects

You Want To:

Have an endless supply of creative energy

Receive timely inspiration and awareness

Feel inspired and guided about what to do

Easily finish projects that are correct for you

Affirmation for this Session:

I am a powerful intuitive. I am experiencing my intuition energy feeding into my creation energy, which supports me in creating a pleasurable life.

For Repeat Visits:

Exercise begins at 1:27

Session Transcript

By activating your third eye chakra, you open your energy to your intuitive gifts and powers. Your intuitive gifts are some of your greatest guidance tools in a world that does not have clear direction and choices anymore. It’s important to follow your own correct path and your intuition as it guides you on that path.

After activating your third eye chakra, a next powerful step is to connect this chakra, your sixth chakra, with your creation chakra, your second chakra. By connecting these two chakra energies, you support yourself in having your insight and ideas that your intuition brings to you to the energy center of creation. That helps you bring those ideas to form, which adds pleasure to your life.

This activation exercise is very supportive to use before you start working on a creative project of any kind. It will help you bring your best ideas, insights, and awarenesses to whatever you are creating in your life at any time.

Repeat this affirmation after me: “I am a powerful intuitive. I am experiencing my intuition energy feeding into my creation energy, which supports me in creating a pleasurable life.”

Take a deep inhale and exhale, and shake your hands and arms. Wipe off any stressful energy off your body, your legs. Another deep inhale and exhale. Place your middle finger of one hand in the middle of your forehead. Take another deep inhale and exhale. Imagine you have a third eye in the center of your forehead that has its eyelid closed. You’re going to open the energy and activate your intuition energy by gently pressing your finger on your forehead and pulling your finger up several times, as if you were pushing open an eyelid. Keep breathing while you do that.

Imagine your eye’s now open and the eyelid is blinking. Repeat after me: “I am a powerful intuitive that receives timely insights and awarenesses that perfectly guide my life.” Place your finger back on the center of your forehead. Now, we’re going to connect this energy with your second chakra, your creation chakra. Place the middle finger of your other hand on the middle of your belly. Take a deep inhale and exhale.

With your middle finger on each chakra, slightly pull your fingers up, while repeating after me: “I am now experiencing my timely ideas, insights, and awarenesses feeding into my creative energy that turns into pleasurable outcomes in my life.” Take the finger that is placed on the sixth chakra, the one up here on the forehead, and bring it down to the second chakra. Now, take the finger of the second chakra and place it in the middle of the forehead, and pull each finger up again while taking a deep inhale and exhale.
Repeat, switching your fingers two to three more times, always taking one finger off one chakra, placing it down in the energy center of the other, and then bring that one up to where your other finger was. And keep doing this with some breathing. One last time. You now have these energy centers communicating with each other, working in partnership.

Remember to use this activation exercise before you get involved in a creative project, or if you’re stuck with having ideas and insights coming to you, you’re blocked and they’re not happening, or if you’re blocked in moving forward with your creative ideas and insights. Use this to open the energy to get your creative juices flowing.

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