Affirmations for Peace & Well-Being

3 minutes

These affirmations will help you connect with the inner state of peace and happiness that you carry with you at all times. We were born with this inner energy, but we lose the connection with it due to focus of our outer world. You’re listening so you can turn within and renew the original connection you have with peace and happiness.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Feelings of disconnect and confusion

Stress from everyday life

Pressure to keep up with the world

Distractions that keep you discontent

You Want To:

Connect deeply with yourself

Feel calm and joyful

Release the need to compete

Stay present with what truly matters

Session Transcript

I am turning within to connect to my peace and well-being.
All is well in my inner world.
I am grateful I feel peace regardless of what is happening in my outer world.
I am calm and connected to my divine source of peace and well-being.
I am noticing and observing my life and seeing what is ready to change.
The more I connect to my inner peace, the more my outer world reflects it back to me.
I am centered and grounded in peace.
I am stopping and breathing deeply several times a day.
I am turning within and connecting to the peace I carry.
I am recognizing that peace is available at all times.
I am grateful to know that God is the generator of my peace.
I am ready to feel my peace and well-being now.
I am aware I can feel it now regardless of what is happening in my life.
I am nourished by my inner well of peace and happiness.
As I turn within and let go of any outer turmoil, I find the peace I carry.
I am grateful for the opportunity I have to share the peace that I am a generator of.
I am fulfilling a grand purpose of living at this time knowing what I know.
I am sharing my peaceful countenance and others are blessed.
I am grounded in peace.
I am centered in my well-being.
I am composed.
I am cradled by God’s peaceful connection to me.
I am cradling my inner child in the energy of peace.
I am gifting my inner child with the awareness that all is well.
I move through life with grace and ease.
I step into my life with trust.
I am supported in changing what is ready to change.
I peacefully and confidently move forward on the correct course for my life.
I am calm and peaceful.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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