Affirmations to Create an Affirmative Mind & Affluent Language

3 minutes

These affirmations will support your natural ability to think in the affirmative in every area of your life. Our minds are like a software program. We have to train them to think the way we want them to think. You’re listening to these affirmations to create the thoughts and beliefs that will help you experience the life you want.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Negative thinking that you want to change

Overwhelm from stressful thought patterns

Regret over things you’ve said

Heaviness from the constant mental chatter

You Want To:

Have control over your thoughts

Feel joy and calm from your mental state

Be present and aware of what you say

Direct your thoughts so they support you

Session Transcript

I am in charge of my mind.
I train my mind to think how I want it to think.
I am seeing the positive potential in all the circumstances of my life.
I am grateful for my affirmative mind.
I easily redirect my thoughts to consider what is possible and what I want.
My mind shifts easily to see the positive potential I can create in any situation.
My mind is a tool I use wisely and consciously to create the life of affluence, ease, and joy that is mine.
I am grateful that affluence is my new setpoint.
My mind and I are one.
A positive mental attitude is my natural thinking state.
I am thinking the best so I am experiencing the best.
I deal with all life situations with hope and optimism and things always get better.
Things always work out for me.
I am embracing these truths. It is my new way of thinking.
I expect my life to keep getting better and better, and it does.
No matter who I am with, I am in control of my thoughts.
I am grateful for my powerful mind.
I speak in terms of affluence.
I am aware of the power of my words and choose to use words and language that support me in creating an affluent life.
What I speak I create.
I am aware of my language and what I speak no matter who I am talking to.
My words seed the energy of the life I want.
I choose words that create the life I want.
I speak in terms of affluence, ease, and joy, and it is familiar.
My mind quickly notices and corrects any language that creates struggle to words and phrases that create affluence.
I am using my thoughts and my words to create my reality.
I am creating a reality that I desire.
I compliment my thoughts and my words with powerful positive feelings.
I am a creation machine.
I use my agency to create a life I love.
I am a master creator.
I am grateful an affirmative mind and affluent language is my familiar state.

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