Maggie McCracken

  • Live Coaching Call June 30, 2020

    1 hour, 14 minute video

    The energy of the planets and sun is bringing up old, deep-rooted patterns in our lives. We're faced with a decision to clear and heal them—or not. On this timely Live Coaching Call, Carol takes you through a protocol she personally is using to clear stuck energy that's lingered since she was 15 years old. Follow along and see the profound effect this clearing has on you too.

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  • Clearing Session for Codependency

    13 minutes

    This session will help you clear the root causes of codependency that you have carried into your adult life. Codependency is a byproduct of not having your emotional needs met in your childhood, so you tried different strategies as a child to attempt to get your needs met—with no success. As a result of doing this clearing, you'll begin the process of putting your own needs first and finally moving forward in relationships from a place of self-love.

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  • Visualization to Release Ancestral Energy Patterns

    9 minutes

    This visualization will help you anytime you're stuck in patterns that feel overwhelming and unmoveable. As a result of doing this visualization, you'll experience more confidence and lightness. You'll easily determine which percentage of the energy pattern is yours to heal, and how much of it is generational.

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  • Connecting the Crown Chakra With the Power Chakra

    4 minute video


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  • Clearing Session for the 1st Chakra – The Root Chakra

    13 minute video

    This session will help you activate the new energy of your first chakra, also called your root chakra. This chakra supports you in standing in your own truth and easily moving forward on your life path. If this energy center is weak or closed, you may experience dysfunctional family issues, including judgment and a lack of support. As a result of doing this clearing, you will feel rooted in your life path and purpose and easily attract to you all you need to thrive.

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  • Daily Script to Activate and Balance Your Chakras

    4 minutes

    Listening to this script on a daily basis will open and balance your chakra energy centers. As a result, you will experience more harmony and balance in your life. Everything in life improves when your chakra energy is open and balanced. All you have to do is listen for 4 minutes a day.

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  • Affirmations to Activate and Balance Your Chakras

    4 minutes

    These affirmations will support you as you tune in to the energy of each chakra center. Within just a few minutes, you will have tapped into the purpose of each chakra, and activated its energy, leaving you feeling empowered. This session is supportive to listen to in the morning as you begin your day or whenever you feel the need for an attunement.

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  • Clearing Session for the 6th Chakra – The Intuitive Chakra

    12 minute video

    This session will help you activate the new energy of your sixth chakra, also called the intuitive chakra. This new energy supports your intuition and inspiration. If this energy center is weak or closed, you may have confusion, apathy, depression, or mental fog. As a result of doing this clearing, you will feel inspired to turn within to follow your own insight and intuition.

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  • Sound Meditation to Balance All Chakras (With Visualization)

    5 minutes

    I custom-produced this sound meditation (with a guided visualization) using my Tibetan healing bowls to help you balance all your chakras. Listening to this guided meditation will help you open and activate each of the energy centers as you focus on the universal color and repeat the affirmations for each chakra. Do this visualization any time you need to ground into your own energy and feel revitalized.

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  • Introduction to Chakra Healing

    10 minute video

    This session will give you a basic understanding of the chakra energy system. It will cover the location, energy, and mission of each chakra energy center, so that you can effectively move forward in your study of the chakra system, and begin the Healing Plan for the Chakras.

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Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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