General Clearing Sessions

  • Clearing Session for Fear of Journaling

    8 minutes

    This clearing session will assist you in releasing any resistance you have about the daily journaling exercises in the Healing Plans. You will clear the blocks that come from a place of shameful, embarrassing, or compromising experiences that occurred when you were younger.

  • Energy Profiling Course to Determine Your Type

    57 mintues

    Here, you can watch the full Energy Profiling video course. You will learn about and meet people who express all 4 Energy Types. This information will help you recognize which dominant Energy Type you lead with, so you can live more true to your nature every day.

  • Affirmations to Create a Life You Love

    3 minutes

    This session will assist you in creating a life of affluence, ease, and joy. In less than four minutes, you will hear affirmations that apply to all areas of life, including spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and relationships. Listen to this track each time you want to experience a positive boost that shifts your energy to a higher vibration.

  • Mirror Work Clearing Session for Self-Sabotage and Struggle

    16 minutes

    This session will teach you how to do mirror work in order to release deeply-seated beliefs held in your subconscious. These beliefs perpetuate patterns of self-sabotage and struggle. Once you let go, you are free to create new life patterns of affluence.

  • How to Use Spinal Flush & Zip Up Techniques

    6 minutes

    This session will show you how to use the Spinal Flush and Zip Up techniques to help clear away and shield yourself from unwanted energy you may be feeling from other people. You will learn how to return to your natural state within minutes.

  • How to Tap – Instructional Video

    14 minutes

    This session will show how to use Tapping, the simple and easy-to-use healing tool, to help your natural mind/body healing system take effect. By learning how to tap, you will learn how to have healthier thoughts and feelings as you clear your personal energy system.

  • Carol’s Daily Morning Energy Routine

    2 minutes

    This session will show you a powerful way to start your day. In just a couple minutes, you can connect with the heavens, the earth, with your energy centers, and attract that which supports you.

  • Affirmation Recipe to Take You From Chaotic to Calm

    9 minutes

    This session will give you a simple formula you can use to write your own affirmations. When you use “I am grateful” statements and focus on what you do want, you’ll train your brain to notice the positive parts of your life.

  • 2 Techniques to Make Every Day Pleasurable

    6 minutes

    This session will show you two simple techniques you can use on a daily basis to shift your life from surviving to thriving. Our culture tends to focus on the negative—in just a few minutes a day, you can focus on the positive.

  • Visualization for Releasing Baggage That Is Not Yours

    6 minutes

    This visualization will help you release energy, feelings, patterns, or life problems you may have taken on from other people. If you carry other people’s energetic baggage, you keep yourself stuck and you block others from potential growth. You are listening so that you can return energetic baggage to its proper owner, which is a gift to both them and to you.

  • Tibetan Healing Bowl Session for More Powerful Manifesting

    6 minutes

    This session will help you clear disharmony and manifest your intentions with the aid of a Tibetan singing bowl. The sound vibrations enhance your personal vibration, giving more power to your intention-setting process.

  • Tibetan Healing Bowl Session to Balance Your 7 Energy Centers

    14 minutes

    This session will show you how and why to use Tibetan singing bowls as an active meditation. This practice will restore the frequencies of your 7 energy energy centers—your chakras—so you can experience calm and balance in your mind and body.

  • Should Scrambler Session to Clear Pressure and Obligation

    8 minutes

    This session will walk you through the Should Scrambler, to release the beliefs and perceptions of what you think you “should” do. This neuro-linguistic reprogramming technique helps you step away from unhealthy pressures so you can make choices that are correct for you.

  • Need Scrambler Session to Clear Inadequacy and Neediness

    7 minutes

    This session will walk you through the Need Scrambler. This neuro-linguistic reprogramming technique helps you release the energy of needing to be a certain way to be acceptable, which frees you from feeling inadequate or needy.

  • How to Use the Figure 8 Creation Technique

    8 minutes

    This session will show you how and when to use the Figure 8 creation technique to manifest more goodness in your life. Of all techniques I teach, I use this one most in my personal life.

  • How to Write Your Own Clearing Scripts

    10 minutes

    This session will walk you through the process of writing your very own healing script. By doing this process, you will successfully clear the presenting issues that are showing up in your life.

  • Clearing Session and Instructions for Proxy Healing

    12 minutes

    This session will teach you how to do proxy healing. This practice shares greater healing potential with another individual, like a gift. You can use any Healing Center video as a proxy healing session by using the setup taught in this video.

  • Visualizations for Folding and Wrapping Time

    6 minutes

    This session will teach you three energy techniques to bend the energy of time to your favor. As you do these visualizations, the experience you project onto time will become more balanced.

  • How to Use Energy Circles as a Creation Tool

    8 minutes

    This session will teach you how to use energy circles to bring your desires into physical manifestation. This technique moves the energy of your thoughts into the physical realm.

  • Core Belief Scrambler Session to Clear Negative Self-Identity

    6 minutes

    This session will teach you the Core Belief Scrambler. This technique helps you let go of negative beliefs and perceptions about yourself and create new neural pathways of positivity.

  • Clearing Session for Psychological Reversals

    5 minutes

    This session will help you understand what a psychological reversal is, how it can sabotage your goals, and how to clear it. If positive change has become difficult recently, this session is for you.

  • Best Therapeutic Gemstones for a Basic Gemstone Pharmacy

    6 minutes

    This session will introduce you to the use of therapeutic gemstones for healing. I recommend the six specific necklaces worth investing in to start or add to your gemstone pharmacy.

  • Creation Walk for Manifesting Change

    8 minutes

    This session will teach you the Creation Walk to shift negative energy to positive energy. This tool will help you manifest the changes you are seeking in your life, like a walk in the park.

  • How and When to Do Energy Testing on Yourself

    6 minutes

    This session will help you understand muscle or energy testing, when it can be useful, and when it can be confusing. I will teach you the simple energy testing method that I personally use.