Live Coaching Calls

  • Live Coaching Call August 27, 2019

    1 hour, 5 minute video

    Feel like you don't belong here? You do inner work but still don't feel at peace being here. This call answers those questions and many others that will help you navigate life as you heal. Carol takes you through an energy sketching exercise and a visualization to connect with your higher level of consciousness so you can receive guidance for the next steps in your life. (Exercise begins at 38:15)

  • Live Coaching Call July 23, 2019

    1 hour, 14 minute video

    Stress, fear, and anxiety—where does it come from, and could it really be anger in hiding? This call is a powerful support tool as you move through this specific Healing Plan, including an energy technique to help calm your mind. Carol also supports Cobi live on the call to release the burden she carries and lighten her load. You can do this too.

  • Live Coaching Call June 18, 2019

    1 hour, 15 minute video

    This call highlights questions about the new Birth Clearing Add-On Scripts: why birth energy can keep you in pain for years and prevent you from living life in the fullest. Carol also supports Julie live on the call to clear beliefs that started at her birth that keep her playing small and getting by with less. It's powerful. Follow along so you can clear this energy yourself!

  • Live Coaching Call May 23, 2019

    1 hour, 5 minute video

    This call speaks about why you may not feel self-love or self-confidence—even though we have both inside of us. Maybe you feel invisible, left out, or are used to disappointment. Carol also talks about the dilemma of feeling like the "grass is always greener." She closes by reading a portion of "Mastering Affluence" about the healing nature and inner guidance of your body.

  • Live Coaching Call April 23, 2019

    1 hour, 7 minute video

    This call is full of helpful insights about relationships, patterns from childhood, and trauma/abuse. Carol also takes you through a visualization from "Mastering Affluence" called Grounding To Your Emotional Truth to help you remember that you are enough, just as you are.

  • Live Coaching Call March 26, 2019

    1 hour, 14 minute video

    This call focuses on the questions or frustrations that may arise as you go through the Healing Plan for Living Your Life Purpose. You will learn how to tune into your body to know what's correct for you. Carol coaches her guest, Chloe to help her open the energy and trust what's next for her.

  • Live Coaching Call March 19, 2019

    1 hour, 19 minute video

    As you start the Healing Plan for Living Your Life Purpose, this call will guide you through the blocks you may experience as you do the clearing sessions and journaling. Carol also talks about challenges that come up as you begin to live your life purpose and whether or not that's "normal."

  • Live Coaching Call February 19, 2019

    1 hour, 9 minute video

    As you move through the Healing Plan for Relationship Challenges, you'll have questions: what about controlling men, narcissists, affairs? Carol answers questions specifically about relationships and reads a portion of her new book to support you in having a healthy energy of creation.

  • Live Coaching Call January 29, 2019

    1 hour, 6 minute video

    This call will encourage you as you move through the final week of the Healing Plan for Weight Loss. Learn how to overcome shame and frustration from incorrect food choices and the weight you carry. Carol also shares 22 of her favorite healthy lifestyle products. (Giveaway portion now closed).

  • Live Coaching Call January 22, 2019

    1 hour, 10 minute video

    As you go through Week 2 of the Healing Plan for Weight Loss, Carol teaches a Muscle Testing technique to help you discover the correct weight your body wants to be. (Go to 41:41 for that technique!) You'll feel supported as you overcome comparison and concerns about your body and self-image.

  • Live Coaching Call January 15, 2019

    1 hour, 17 minute video

    In Week 1 of the Healing Plan for Weight Loss, you may have mixed feelings of impatience, confusion, hope, and motivation. Carol offers clarity on these and more. You'll also be walked through a guided Clearing Session for Self-Sabotage.

  • Live Coaching Call December 4, 2018

    1 hour, 6 minutes

    You've trained your brain to accept imbalance as normal, and you take on other people's energy as a result. This call offers comfort about the anger and regrets you may feel as a result, along with a quick sketching activity to help you rebalance and retain your energy.

  • Live Coaching Call October 30, 2018

    1 hour, 5 minutes

    How does the full moon affect your emotions? Carol answers this question, along with others about loneliness and feeling as though you don't belong. You'll benefit greatly from her guided visualization that helps you determine how much of an issue is generational and how much is yours.

  • Live Coaching Call October 2, 2018

    1 hour, 10 minutes

    What lessons are you meant to learn from your challenging experiences? In this call, Carol discusses obstacles you face that keep success just out of reach, how chronic illness affects your life, and ends with a powerful visualization to burn up memories of childhood trauma.

  • Live Coaching Call September 4, 2018

    55 minutes

    You may still feel like you have zero confidence, even as you move through the final week of the Healing Plan for Self-Confidence. Carol focuses on these and other challenges you may be feeling right now and offers guidance so you can recognize old, stuck patterns in your life.

  • Live Coaching Call August 28, 2018

    1 hour, 6 minutes

    This call offers clarity on the discomfort and setbacks you may feel as you go through Week 2 of the Healing Plan for Self-Confidence. Carol will assist you in releasing the misperception that you are not enough and therefore do not have enough confidence.

  • Live Coaching Call August 20, 2018

    1 hour, 14 minutes

    Overwhelm, resistance to affirmations, and uncertainty about doing it "right." If you're experiencing these concerns as you start the Healing Plan for Self-Confidence, you will find reassurance to these and other common feelings. Feel inspired as you gain more self-love and self-acceptance.