Spiritual Clearing Sessions

  • Connecting the Crown Chakra With the Power Chakra

    4 minute video


  • Clearing Session for the 7th Chakra – The Crown Chakra

    9 minute video

    This session will help you activate the new energy of your seventh chakra, also known as the crown chakra. This new energy connects you with your soul and Higher Power. If this energy center is weak or closed, you may experience a lack of purpose in life or abandonment by God. As a result of doing this clearing, you will activate the energy that supports you in creating a connection with divine energy, God, and/or a higher power.

  • Energy Sketch for Getting on Your Life Path

    10 minutes

    This session will assist you in opening, shifting, and aligning your energy with your life path energy. With the exercise of Energy Sketching, you will remove any blocks or closures that may be keeping you on someone else's path, and you will connect easily with your own.

  • Visualization for Connecting to Your Life Path & Purpose

    5 mins

    This visualization will help you connect to your life path and purpose by grounding you to the present moment and claiming your own path. It will assist you in moving forward with confidence on your path, all while knowing that what is showing up in your life is correct and timely for you. Come back to this visualization each time you feel off-course or unsure of your future.

  • Clearing Session for Blocking or Resisting Your Soul Purpose

    8 minutes

    This session will help you release any blocks that are keeping you from living true to your soul's greater purpose. It will free you up to effortlessly manifest opportunities that your soul desires for you to have.

  • Sound Meditation to Guide Your Life Purpose

    3 minutes

    Carol custom-produced this sound meditation using her Tibetan healing bowls to help you get in touch with your life purpose. Listening to this sound meditation will help clear the energetic obstacles and interferences that keep you from connecting to your soul's energy. As you connect with your soul's energy, you will experience more intuitive guidance, clarity of thought, feelings of confidence, and a sense of motivation that will support you in knowing and acting on what is timely for you as your life purpose begins to be made clear.

  • Bonding with Your Soul

    8 minutes

    This session will help you activate your life purpose by connecting with the energy and power of your soul. Your soul holds the blueprint of your life, which includes your life purpose. Listen to this track anytime you feel lost and alone and are wanting direction and insight for your life.

  • Sound Meditation to Heal Stress, Fear, & Anxiety

    4 minutes

    Carol custom-produced this sound meditation using her Tibetan healing bowls to help you ground yourself to Mother Earth as she pulls out any feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety that you carry.

    These feelings are ancient imprints from our ancestors who experienced survival situations that triggered the fight or flight response. When this response is stirred up in you, listen to this sound meditation track to help you feel rooted and safe.

  • How to Petition Your Angels to Help You Create a Life You Love

    3 minutes

    This exercise will help you become clear on what you want to create and how to petition your angels to assist you in creating it. Angels are available to assist us in creating our desired outcomes—all we have to do is ask. You are doing this exercise so you can create a life you love that brings you joy.

  • Affirmations to Become Your Own Spiritual Authority

    3 minutes

    These affirmations will support you in becoming your own spiritual authority. You have been taught from an early age that spiritual authority comes from an outside source, person, or belief system. You’re listening to these affirmations to discover your own spiritual compass and connect with the guiding influence of the Divine.

  • Daily Script to Become Your Own Spiritual Authority

    4 minutes

    This daily script will help you experience a connection to your inner guidance and gain more confidence in your inner knowing. Changing your script will help you take on the energy of the new story you want to create in your life. You’re using this daily script to train yourself how to look within yourself first before seeking guidance from others and external sources.

  • Burning Your Patterns Imagery

    5 minutes

    This visualization will help you let go of any dysfunctional patterns in your life and replace them with new healthy patterns. When you are acting out an old pattern, stop and do this visualization to shift the energy and clean up any dysfunctional energy you may have created. You’re listening to this session to help you create a more supportive and positive experience.

  • Creating Joy Meditation

    5 minutes

    This meditation will help you experience more effortless joy. The energy of joy is available to us at any time—you just have to focus your attention on it. You’re listening to this meditation to assist you in becoming more present and to help you connect with that energy whenever you want.

  • Clearing Session for Pre-Birth Trauma

    11 minutes

    This session will help you release any energy you may still carry that you took on prior to coming to the earth. You will connect with any repressed thoughts and feelings that may be preventing you from creating a life you love.

  • Clearing Session for Generational Patterns of Religious Abuse

    6 minutes

    This session will help you release any trapped trauma you carry from religious abuse that you, or your ancestors, may have experienced. It will assist you in letting go of a pattern that causes unnecessary lack, pain, and struggle in your life.

  • Clearing Session for Old Religious Shaming

    7 minutes

    This session will help you clear any religious beliefs that were used to manipulate, control, or cause you to feel that you were unworthy. This will include the belief that you must sacrifice and suffer to be a worthy person in God’s eyes.

  • Clearing Session for Giving Away Your Spiritual Authority

    7 minutes

    This session will help you clear any conscious or subconscious beliefs that your spiritual authority is outside of yourself. You will clear any trapped emotional trauma in the genetic and emotional history of your family.