• Live Coaching Call April 28, 2021

    52 minutes

    Do you spend so much time and energy taking care of others that your own well-being begins to suffer? On this powerful Live Coaching Call, Carol helps several members with similar issues and concerns that all lead back to one thing: self-care isn't selfish! Find out if you're out of balance and possibly giving too much of yourself, to the point of exhaustion.

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  • Live Coaching Call March 24, 2021

    53 minutes

    Let's clean up your negative programming surrounding getting older so that you have the freedom to create the aging experience you want. In this Coaching Call for the Healing Plan for Anti-Aging, Carol answers your questions and shows you 3 powerful (but super easy) energy "hacks" to slow down your aging process. The perfect call to watch when you're challenged by fears, worries, and a lack of confidence about aging.

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  • Live Coaching Call February 24, 2021

    47 minutes

    What have you been keeping hidden from yourself that's preventing you from getting to the next level of your healing? What "shoulds" are you allowing to run your life? On this unique coaching call, Carol provides live support to 6 members. By reading their energy (and sometimes #TruthBombing with their correct Energy Types!), Carol gives insight and support that's spot-on and helpful to anyone who's watching.

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  • Clearing Session for Negative Aging – Body

    11 minutes

    This session will help you clear the negative energy you carry mentally and physically around aging, including any generational patterns of illness and disease that have occurred during the aging process in the generations before you. As a result of doing this clearing, you free your body and mind to create vitality on all levels of your being.

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  • Affirmations for Positive Aging

    4 minutes

    These affirmations will assist you in creating a positive aging experience. In less than four minutes, your mind will begin the process of retraining its thoughts and beliefs about growing older. Listen to this track any time you need a boost or reminder.

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  • Clearing Session for Negative Aging – General

    20 minutes

    This session will help you clear the conscious and subconscious negative beliefs and perceptions you have about aging. The clearing script includes your own limiting beliefs and perceptions about aging, along with those that were held by your parents and the generations before you. As a result of doing the clearing, you will be free to create your own positive experience with aging.

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  • Daily Script to Create Vitality and Positive Aging

    3 minutes

    This daily script will help you create a new, positive mindset about growing older. As you listen, you will be shifting your energy system to hold new beliefs, and as a result, you'll create a powerful experience in the years to come. This daily script is supportive to listen to on a consistent basis, particularly in the morning as you exercise and get ready for your day.

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  • Visualization to See Yourself Aging Positively

    10 minutes

    This visualization will help you connect to your future selves and imprint a powerful energy to support you in growing older. You'll also positively create affluence in all areas of your life at each stage, until you reach the completion of your life. Come back to this visualization each time you feel scared or nervous about aging.

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  • Clearing Session for Negative Aging – Skin & Face

    11 minutes

    This session will help you heal the shameful judgments you have about the appearance of your skin and face as you age. Your skin responds externally to the beliefs you carry about aging. As a result of doing this clearing, you will slow down the aging process and free your skin to come back to life.

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  • Live Coaching Call January 27, 2021

    48 minutes

    Your body is constantly in communication with you. It just depends on how you perceive the messages! We're moving through the Healing Plan for Weight Loss together as a group, and this powerful coaching call will be a valuable resource to rewatch when you need an extra reminder about the energy your body holds. Carol guides Patricia (and you) through a visualization to bring up stuck energy from under the surface. (Go to 36:36 for this!)

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Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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