• Live Coaching Call December 15, 2020

    1 hour, 2 minutes

    Do you fear being seen as you share your gifts with the world? Are you impatient because you want to heal faster? Are your thoughts distracting and uncomfortable? In this "Ask Anything" coaching call, we end 2020 with a bang! Carol celebrates you and your healing success with live giveaways, rapid-fire Q&A about healing, and personal insights to inspire and guide you in your healing journey.

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  • Live Coaching Call November 17, 2020

    1 hour, 13 minutes

    Is your partner getting on your nerves? Has quarantine and the challenges of 2020 strained your relationship? Let's hit the reset button with this impactful coaching call. Carol and her husband Jon, who have been married for 40 years, share their personal story of how they shifted their marriage when they could have ended it. Carol ends the call with a Core Belief Scrambler for marriages. (Go to 1:04:20 for this.)

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  • Clearing Session for Struggles with Makeup

    8 minutes

    This session will help you clear any negative experiences or associations you have with makeup. Whether you feel conflicted about using makeup or aren't sure how to use it properly, or are somewhere midrange, this session will help you reset your experience. You will feel free to use makeup when and how it is best for you to enhance your Type of beauty.

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  • Live Coaching Call November 4, 2020

    54 minute

     What's a pattern you'd like to change that's met with resistance and sabotage? On this packed coaching call for the Healing Plan for Beauty and Self-Image, Carol guides you through a Clearing for Psychological Reversal to help you unblock any deeply-embedded beliefs that are holding you back from change. (Go to 28:26 for this clearing.) 

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  • Clearing Session for Wardrobe, Closet, and Fashion Frustration

    12 minutes

    This session will help you heal old patterns so that you can create a new positive experience with your style and wardrobe. How do you feel about what’s in your closet? Do you feel confident about your personal style? Are you still at odds with having pictures taken of yourself and sharing them? This clearing will help all of that.

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  • Clearing Session for Struggles with Shopping

    12 minutes

    This session will help you with patterns of struggle with shopping. Do you frequently experience frustration and disappointment that you can’t find what you want, that the items you like don’t fit, or that what you love is too pricey? As a result of this clearing, you will create a new healthy pattern so that every time you shop, you feel happy about how easily the right things at the right price show up for you!

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  • Affirmations to Create Beauty Confidence

    4 minutes

    These affirmations will help train your mind to create positive thoughts about your own unique beauty. This session is supportive to listen to while getting ready in the morning, before shopping, or while participating in any self-care routines.

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  • Clearing Session for Struggles with Your Hair

    8 minutes

    This session will help you clear any dissatisfaction and frustration you have with your hair. You may experience many emotions around your hair, even anger and sadness! What would it be like to say “I love my hair” and really mean it? This clearing exercise makes that possible.

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  • Daily Script to Create a Positive Self-Image

    3 minutes

    This daily script will help you experience a positive relationship with your body and appearance. As you create health and beauty routines that express your authentic self, you will naturally manifest the energy of this new script in your life.

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  • Live Coaching Call October 27, 2020

    1 hour 4 minutes

    Entangled with someone else's energy? Not making progress on your own healing? Feeling stuck and resistant? This coaching call is all about how to correct those issues by activating your meridians and energy circuits. Carol shows 5 brand new videos for each of the techniques you'll learn. They'll only take you a few minutes to do when you need them, so return to this call whenever you need a refresher!

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Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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