Live Coaching Calls

  • Live Coaching Call September 30, 2020

    1 hour 14 minutes

    This coaching call is full of insights and support as you move through the Healing Plan for Disease, Illness, and Pain. You may be experiencing an increase in resistance or self-sabotage as you unearth the patterns keeping you stuck. Carol guides a member, Anne, through two exercises to dislodge anger trapped in her body. (Go to 34:50 when this session begins.)

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  • Live Coaching Call August 25, 2020

    1 hour 12 minutes

    Are you feeling drained? For a lot of us, the current events are wearing us out and messing with our heads. This timely Coaching Call will support you in standing in your own root energy, creating your own story, and taking your power back from the intense collective energy. Carol takes you through a visualization and tapping session to clear away the energy we're all triggered by right now. (Go to 48:07 for this clearing session)

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  • Live Coaching Call July 28, 2020

    1 hour 20 minutes

    Childhood brings about some level of wounding for every person on the planet. What triggers have surfaced for you during the Healing Plan for Childhood Wounding? This powerful coaching call will support you as you open up and clear old energies, integrate your inner child, and come alive into the aware, conscious adult you're meant to be. Carol guides Kelsi through a clearing session to unblock a deep belief that's affecting her as a parent now. (Go to 58:51 for this session!)

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  • Live Coaching Call June 30, 2020

    1 hour, 14 minute video

    The energy of the planets and sun is bringing up old, deep-rooted patterns in our lives. We're faced with a decision to clear and heal them—or not. On this timely Live Coaching Call, Carol takes you through a protocol she personally is using to clear stuck energy that's lingered since she was 15 years old. Follow along and see the profound effect this clearing has on you too.

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  • Live Coaching Call May 19, 2020

    1 hour video

    If you haven't tried Proxy Healing for someone else before, this is an amazing time to start! Since it's such a powerful healing tool, Carol dedicates the entire call to offering clarity and direction to support you on this path. She takes you through a timely tapping session to clear the pandemic energy that's being projected onto your children and grandchildren at this time. (Go to 39:36 for this clearing.) You'll also learn the Energy Spin Technique to dissolve negative energy off of someone else.

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  • Live Coaching Call April 28, 2020

    1 hour, 12 minute video

    Money is on our minds these days as we work through the triggers arising from the pandemic. This money-focused Coaching Call is full of powerful insights to help you clear away old money programming and step out of the collective fear energy. I also take Cat through a guided visualization to tune her root chakra into the new energy of money. (Go to 42:00 for this session.)

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  • Live Coaching Call March 31, 2020

    1 hour, 17 minute video

    Do you have difficulty experiencing pleasure, or a fear of being seen in an intimate way? On this support call for the Healing Plan for the Chakras, I guide Patty through a Core Belief Scrambler so she can heal from the belief, "Sex is bad." This is a very prevalent belief that most of us experience to some degree. Follow along with us so you can find deeper healing in your second chakra too. (Go to 50:00 for this process.)

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  • Live Coaching Call February 25, 2020

    1 hour, 15 minute video

    What do you do with excessive thoughts that you can't let go of? Is your mind controlling your healing experience? This powerful coaching call covers topics about the overactive mind and triggers. Carol helps Noelle determine what is interfering with her healing. Follow along with this coaching experience (at 36:55) and see what comes up for you.

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  • Live Coaching Call January 21, 2020

    1 hour, 25 minute video

    How do you get past hitting that emotional wall in your healing experience? Carol shares how she recently overcame her own version of "hitting a wall" when old energy came up. This is especially helpful as you move through the 4 week Healing Plan for Weight Loss. Carol also coaches Micki through a visualization to break free from family food patterns. (Go to 51:52 for this.)

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  • Live Coaching Call December 17, 2019

    1 hour, 14 minute video

    Want an easy, go-to clearing script to stop misusing your power and learn how to use it in a healthy, effective way? You'll learn about it in this call when Carol walks Katie through the exact process. It will be especially helpful for parents or those in positions of authority. (Watch the coaching session begin at 45:20.)

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Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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