Sound Meditation to Balance All Chakras (With Visualization)

5 minutes

I custom-produced this sound meditation (with a guided visualization) using my Tibetan healing bowls to help you balance all your chakras. Listening to this guided meditation will help you open and activate each of the energy centers as you focus on the universal color and repeat the affirmations for each chakra. Do this visualization any time you need to ground into your own energy and feel revitalized.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Difficulty experiencing pleasure in your life

Distress from feeling uprooted or ungrounded

Overwhelm as you try to find your own truth

Anxiety or fear when you attempt to speak up

You Want To:

Find pleasure in the little and big things

Easily root down into your inner knowing

Tune others out and know yourself fully

Trust yourself and confidently use your voice


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Session Transcript

In this meditation, I will guide you through each of the seven chakra energy centers and have you place your hand in the area of the chakra. Visualize the chakra’s universal color that I will share and repeat the affirmation for that chakra out loud or in your mind.

Let’s begin with this affirmation. Repeat after me, “I am activating and balancing the new energy of my chakras, and my life is profoundly changing for the better as a result.”

First chakra, root, groin area, red. I am rooted in my truth.

Second chakra, creation, middle of the belly, orange. I am pleasuring in my truth.

Third chakra, power, sternum, below the breasts, yellow. I am acting on my truth.

Fourth chakra, heart. Center of the chest, green. I am loving my truth.

Fifth chakra, throat, middle of the neck, blue. I am speaking my truth.

Sixth chakra, intuitive, middle of the forehead, indigo. I am seeing my truth.

Seventh chakra, crown, top of head. Violet, I am knowing my truth.

Now let’s go back down the chakras.

Seventh chakra, I am knowing my truth.

Sixth chakra, I am seeing my truth.

Fifth chakra, I am speaking my truth.

Fourth chakra, I am loving my truth.

Third chakra, I am acting on my truth.

Second chakra, I am pleasuring in my truth.

First chakra, I am rooted in my truth.

Take a deep inhale and exhale. Sit with yourself in silence for several minutes and feel the energy of your chakras wash over you.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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