Clearing Session for the 5th Chakra – The Throat Chakra

12 minute video

This session will assist you in activating the new energy of your fifth chakra, also called the throat chakra. This new energy supports you in speaking your truth. If this energy center is weak or closed, you may experience communication problems and people-pleasing tendencies. As a result of doing this clearing, you will energize your voice so you can consistently speak what is true for you, instead of what you think others want you to say.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Worry of saying what is correct for you

Fear when you can’t find the right words

Arguments that create further conflict

Frustration when others don’t support you

You Want To:

Feel the authority of your words and voice

Stay present and clear as you speak your truth

Express yourself in healthy and clear ways

Be supported by others as you speak your truth

Affirmation for this Session:

I speak my truth and it is liberating for me and others.

For Repeat Visits:

Exercise begins at 2:28

Session Transcript

The fifth chakra is also called the Throat Chakra. When our throat chakra is activated and balanced, we are energetically connected to our true voice, so we can speak our truth with confidence and ease. The location of the fifth chakra is in the middle of the throat on both sides of the neck. The universal color of the fifth chakra is blue. The fifth chakra begins to be activated between the ages of seven to nine years old. During this span of years, we are starting to say what we think and feel, and we gain a sense of how others react to us based on what we say and feel. If our family of origin supports and respects our verbal expressions and engages us in encouraging conversation, we will feel it’s safe to share our true self through our voice. If we are raised in a dysfunctional family environment where communicating our ideas, opinions, values, wants, and needs is not encouraged, or even shamed, punished, or ignored, we will have blocks in this chakra energy. These blocks manifest as communication problems and people-pleasing tendencies in the form of speaking what others want to hear. Clearing these blocks and activating this energy center will help you recognize what you want and need, as well as energize your voice so you can consistently speak what is true for you, instead of what you think others want you to say.

If your fifth chakra is weak or closed, you may feel physical issues with your throat, thyroid, vocal chords, your jaw, mouth, and neck. Imbalances in this chakra can manifest physically as sore throats, dental issues, thyroid problems, TMJ, or neck pain. The new energy of the fifth chakra is teaching us to speak what is true for us with confidence and experiencing being supported. To support this clearing being more powerful, put a few drops of the “I Am Confident” or the “I Am Connected” healing oil on your fingertips. I’ve already done that on mine that will support more clearing happening while we’re tapping.

Let’s place one hand on the throat chakra to recognize this energy. We won’t be able to keep it there during the tapping, but we really want to tune into this energy center. This is the space that we’re opening, clearing, activating new energies in. So, take a deep breath in and exhale. Let’s even hum for a moment to really get in touch with this energy. And feel the vibration as you hum, down here in the neck and larynx area.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I speak my truth and it is liberating for me and others.”

While tapping, repeat the following after me. Releasing… Fear of having no power or authority. Not speaking up. Letting others speak for me. Angry that I can’t find the words. Letting others dominate me verbally. What am I afraid of? Pointless to speak. Unheard. Communication problems. Releasing patterns from my throat chakra that no longer serve me. Fear of words being misunderstood. Afraid to say no. Fear of speaking honestly. Others aren’t interested in what I have to say. Don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear what others have to say. Release it from every cell. Let it go. Releasing… Arguing, afraid to argue, don’t want to hear it, conflict, debates, shutting down. Not being able to discern between inner voice and outside forces. Too many voices. Rage and anger caught in the throat. Holding back the energy. Irritation in the throat. Giving my power away to avoid conflict. Unexpressed feelings. Intense frustration. Choking on my words. Clearing the body of any negative energy that is causing problems with my throat, thyroid, vocal cords, jaw, mouth, neck, sore throats, dental issues, thyroid problems, TMJ or neck pain. Letting go of… Blocking my voice. Unable to swallow my reality. Expressing myself is unacceptable. Shame and guilt. Having to sense the unspoken. Having to read the energy because nobody puts words to the dysfunction. Recreating the dysfunctional communication patterns of my family. Recreating the dysfunctional non-communication patterns of my family. Out of balance. No will. No center. Don’t know my truth. Can’t use my voice. Too big a risk. Letting go of the old programming. The pattern of holding back. Anxiety attacks. Letting go of all the dysfunctional patterns I have held in my throat chakra, including repeating words that I heard my dysfunctional family say to me. Pointless to speak up. Stuffing my own words. Not speaking up when I know it is correct to speak up. Avoiding conflict by not saying anything. Stuffing all my words in my throat, so now I have throat issues. Didn’t get to speak as a child, so now I say too much. Release it on all levels. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, imagine just pulling out all that energy that’s no longer serving you out of your throat chakra. Whew. Let it go.

Put your hand on your heart center. Repeat after me, “I forgive myself for not speaking my truth. I forgive my parents for stifling my true voice. I forgive myself for holding myself back when it’s no longer necessary.” Continue tapping while repeating the following. Thank you, God. I am the authority and voice of my world. I am speaking my truth and supported by others. I am powerful and safe within my family. I am the power of choice in my life. I am the creator of my life. I am the spokesperson of my life. I am my own personal authority. I am centered. I make wise choices and decisions. I am allowing others their opinions and choices and I am allowing mine. I am honored. Tapping it in. Opening the throat. Opening to your true voice. I am open to hearing. I speak with clarity and kindness. I am important. What I have to say is important. I am allowing others to speak their truths. I am supported in speaking my truth. I am discernment. My words are supported by love and joy. I exist. I am deserving. I am my spiritual self. My choices about life serve my highest good. Thank you, God. I am creating speech that reflects my loving thoughts. I am openly expressing myself. I am always saying the right thing in the right way. I am vocalizing my feelings. I’m safe expressing my inner emotions. I am able to swallow my reality. I am understanding what’s going on. I am comfortable with what comes out of my mouth. I am choosing my words with discernment. Thank you, God. I’m saying what is correct for me, and supporting others in saying what is correct for them. I have a right to my own opinions. Others have a right to their own opinions. I am honoring myself and others with my speech. Others listen when I speak. I listen to others when they speak. I am hearing my own true voice. I can choose when to speak and when not to speak. Breathe it in into every cell. Imagine that throat chakra opening, turning the light and vibrancy on in the fifth chakra, letting go of all that old energy and connecting with your true voice.
Put your hand back upon your throat chakra and just feel the peace and confidence you now hold in this space. Deep breath in and as you exhale, let all that energy settle into every part of your body. Activities that will help you strengthen your true voice are repeating, “Om,” seven times while listening to the daily chakra sound meditation. Reading out loud or to someone else will be helpful. Watch the “King’s Speech,” a movie that will support you in opening your throat chakra as you go along and do the exercises that the king is doing in the movie. Also, doing neck rolls with pulling your chin up and opening your neck will help activate the throat chakra. During the week, notice you’ll be presented with opportunities to share your true voice. The universe is supporting you by providing these opportunities so you can practice and grow in confidence. Notice when it’s appropriate to speak and when it is appropriate to listen.

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