Clearing Session for Anger

6 minutes

This session will assist you in releasing stored-up or over-reactive anger. As you clear the energy, you will be able to manage and express anger in healthier ways.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Reactive anger that gets the best of you

Buried anger that you carry inside

Anger expressed in ways you regret

Hurt that has turned into anger

You Want To:

Be in charge of your emotions

Release all deep anger

Express emotion in healthy ways

Free yourself from hurts of the past

Affirmation for this Session:

I am comfortably and honestly releasing any known and unknown anger. I am free to feel my best.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:18

Session Transcript

Anger is a powerful emotion. Some people let anger control them and act it out. Others bury their anger, so it breaks down their body systems. Anger can get the best of us, and we often displace this emotion on others, meaning we don’t honestly deal with what we may be really angry about, and we get triggered by something else in our day-to-day lives and let the anger be expressed in ways we often regret.

This session will help you get honest about your anger and allow you to release any pent-up anger from your past. If you repress your anger, it is important to release so your body does not have to store this energy, which can cause illness and disease. It’s hard to change our perception of our situation when we are angry. Once we let the anger go, we receive insights that help us with our healing and help us heal from being a victim.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I am comfortably and honestly releasing any known and unknown anger. I am free to feel my best.”

While tapping, repeat after me, “Even though I am angry and upset, I choose to let it go. Even though it is hard to let go of this anger, I know I am better for choosing to. Even though I have a habit of getting really mad, I’m now choosing to be in control of myself. Releasing upset, angry, rage, frustrated, hateful. If I let go of my anger, I won’t know who I am.”

“Vengeful, violent, outraged, won’t budge. It will only happen again. It’s their fault. Letting go of using anger to cover up hurt, pride, mean, depressed. Anger gives me a say. Letting go of all the times I have created this pattern. Releasing, anger lets me be heard. Invisible and ignored if I don’t get angry, agitated. Releasing, uptight, anal, deep grief, hurt turned to anger. Don’t get in my way; don’t tell me what to do.”

“Letting go of I’d rather be right than happy. I’ll get mad if I want to. Don’t tell me to be quiet. Don’t get in my way. Letting go of blame, tired of being pushed around, cold, shut down, mad, attacked, irritated, backbiting, the nerve of people. Release it from every neural pathway, letting go of all the sadness, rigid, don’t know what to do with all of this energy. Anger controls me. Letting go of anger is my only motivator, letting myself down, embarrassing myself. There’s too much to clear.”

Let it all go. Release that. Place your hand on your chest, connecting with your heart energy and repeat after me, “I forgive myself for letting anger take over so often. I forgive my parents for all of the anger I experienced from them. I forgive anger for being so powerful and available on this planet.”

Take a deep breath. Continue tapping while repeating after me, “Thank you, God, I am whole. I am healed. I am complete. I am calm; I am calm; I am calm. I’m in charge of my emotions.

I am in control of how I respond. I am responding reasonably and clearly. Thank you, God. I am free; I am free, I am free. I am content. I am heard. I am free of all deep anger. I am free of the hurts of the past.” Tapping in new perceptions, connecting with the truth, “I am peaceful. I am happy and letting go of being right. I am a high joy vibration. I am centered and clear. I am expressing my emotions in healthy ways. I am expressing my anger in healthy ways. I am safe and secure. My inner child is safe and secure. I am an abundance of peace.”

Just breathe that all in, filling your body with that sense of joy, calmness, and peace. When you do act out in anger, be accountable. Own it and apologize and ask others to support you in making this change, so that you can express what you’re upset about, may be angry about, in healthy, reasonable ways and be heard and supported. You are deserving of feeling the truth of who you are. Continue to work towards that.

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