Clearing Session for Anxiety

7 minutes

This session will help you experience an overall feeling of peace and calm. You will have success sustaining this state more and more each day until the pattern of anxiety is a thing of the past.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Paralyzing fears about your anxiety

Embarrassment for having this issue

Judgment toward yourself about being weak

Claustrophobia and overwhelm when anxious

You Want To:

Feel calm and relaxed with your feelings

Experience control over your emotions

Create strength and self-acceptance

Be free to go where you want, when you want

Affirmation for this Session:

I am free of all anxiety. I am experiencing a constant state of peace and well-being, no matter what happens.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:32

Session Transcript

If you have dealt with anxiety, you know the overwhelming state of feeling panic and trapped, unable to move forward. I have personally dealt with anxiety and found this clearing extremely helpful to re-pattern your mind and body to be able to sustain a more constant state of peace and well-being.

If you have frequent episodes of anxiety, use this clearing as many times as you have an anxiety episode. Once you see the pattern changing and are experiencing less and less anxiety, keep using the clearing one to two times per week until you don’t need it anymore.

Repeat this affirmation after me: “I am free of all anxiety. I am experiencing a constant state of peace and well-being, no matter what happens.”

Think of a recent time when you felt anxious and afraid. Bring that to mind. Let’s really bring that feeling into present moment awareness by repeating, “I feel anxious. I feel anxious. I feel anxious.”

While tapping, repeat after me, “Even though there are times that I feel anxious and panic, it is safe to get over this pattern. Even though I can judge myself to be weak, I know that is a false perception. Even though I’m embarrassed by this issue, I love and accept myself completely. Releasing all of the times I have felt panic, terrified, choked, can’t breathe, think I’m going to die, have to get out of here, no way out, claustrophobic, anxiety, overwhelmed with fear, everything is closing in on me, something is wrong with me, weak and paralyzed.

“Letting go of feeling stupid for having this problem, feeling vulnerable and unprotected, can’t take the next step, frozen in my tracks, afraid I’m going to embarrass myself, what will people think of me? Releasing any and all of the scenarios in my life that has perpetuated this problem. Letting go of life is hard, life is a struggle, feeling alone, angry, and unnurtured, can’t relax, despair, needing something, but not knowing what it is, not sure if I want to live or die. I need my mother. Where was she when I needed her? Letting go of all unfulfilled needs, including not held enough, not validated enough, not enough positive attention, not told I was loved enough, not supported enough. Let it all go from every fiber of my being.”

Take a deep breath. Place your hand on your heart energy while repeating, “I forgive myself for having this problem. I’m doing the best I know how. I forgive my mom for not being there for me. She was doing the best she knew how. I forgive my dad for not showing up for me. He was doing the best he knew how.”

Take another deep breath. While tapping, repeat the following, “I am safe. I am protected. I am nurtured. I am powerful. I am consciously facing my issues and fears, and they are powerless in my stare. Thank you, God. I am now believing. I am happy in my body. I am breathing fully and freely. I am free to move. I am safe. I am joyful about my life. I’m supported by divine light. I’m good enough and I am seeing that truth. Thank you, God. I’m ready to know my true self free of the anxiety. I’m loved and watched over. I am knowing God is always there for me. I’m ready to feel in control of my life. I am making choices that support my constant well-being. I am stable and secure. I am calm and peaceful. Tapping that into every fiber of my being.”

Take a deep breath. “Connecting with my own light and truth, I am at peace.” Imagine a calm of light coming over you, bathing you in a feeling of peace and calm. Breathe that in.

Notice every part of your body, from your feet to the top of your head, being bathed in that divine light. Imagine God’s hands being placed on your head and blessing you with sustained peace and well-being.

Take it all in. Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to just stay still now, to recognize and connect with this state of calmness, to allow yourself to become more familiar with feeling calm and in a state of well-being.

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