Clearing Session for Betrayal

5 minutes

This session will assist you in releasing the emotional and energetic effects of betrayal that can cause you to feel disconnected and alone in the world.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Betrayal by another person

Fear that betrayal could happen again

Cautiousness due to broken trust

Sadness, guilt, and shame

You Want To:

Release the pain from betrayal

Feel safe and secure in the present

Move forward with confidence

Feel peaceful, smart, and capable

Affirmation for this Session:

I am easily and comfortably clearing any betrayal energy from any known and unknown sources. I am free to be real and vulnerable, and I am safe.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 0:45

Session Transcript

The experience of betrayal can leave us feeling victimized and cause us to always be on the defense. This clearing will help you release any energy that you may carry from your own experiences or from any ancestral energy of betrayal that may have never been cleared.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I am easily and comfortably clearing any betrayal energy from any known and unknown sources. I am free to be real and vulnerable, and I am safe.”

Think of any time in your life that you have felt betrayed by another person and notice how that makes you feel. Out loud, finish this sentence three times with whatever comes to mind. I feel… I feel… I feel… Allow those feelings to come forward.

While tapping, repeat the following, “I am letting go of the feeling of deceived, taken advantage of. It’s not fair; I trusted them. Releasing, I have to look out for myself. Cautious, careful, don’t trust anyone. Watch your back; they could stab you in the back. Let it go. Releasing, powerless, scared it could happen again. Don’t trust anyone. Guilt, sad. I should have known better. Still beating myself up, deep grief. Letting go of, have to please others, so they don’t take advantage of me. Do what others want; make sure they are happy, giving my power away. Scared of people turning against me.” Let it all go. “Releasing, stuck, shame, never good enough. Disarm people with niceness, don’t make any enemies. Can’t say no, can’t trust anyone. Let it all go.” Take a deep breath in and let that go with your exhale.

Place your hand on your chest connecting with your heart energy and repeat the following after me, “I forgive myself for being vulnerable and creating the experience of betrayal. I have learned a lot. I forgive those who betrayed me, and I return the energy of betrayal back to them so they can be accountable for it, sending love and consciousness to them.”

Continue tapping while repeating, “I am grateful that I am now creating safe boundaries for myself. I’m attracting trustworthy people. I am safe and secure in my own skin. I am integrity. I am living in the present.” Tap it into every cell connecting with the truth. “I am strong. I am smart. I am capable. I am whole and healed. I am forgiven. I am forgiving. I am moving forward with confidence. All is well; all is well.”

Take a deep breath in. Take another deep breath in, and tap all over your body, helping your body get a connection with being safe in this world. As you clear out the energy of betrayal and activate an energy of confidence and trust, that is what you attract in life. Holding onto betrayal energy does not make anyone accountable or anything right, it only makes you more vulnerable to attract more experiences of betrayal. So take a deep breath and choose to let it go once and for all. It is done.

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