Clearing Session for Codependency

13 minutes

This session will help you clear the root causes of codependency that you have carried into your adult life. Codependency is a byproduct of not having your emotional needs met in your childhood, so you tried different strategies as a child to attempt to get your needs met—with no success. As a result of doing this clearing, you’ll begin the process of putting your own needs first and finally moving forward in relationships from a place of self-love.

When to Use

Inability to make decisions in your relationships

Lack of trust in yourself or your own desires

Stress from putting the needs of others first

Struggle to maintain healthy boundaries

You Are Experiencing:

Make decisions that are correct for you, first

Know exactly how you feel and what you want

Be treated with kindness in your relationships

Feel confident in your boundaries and standards

Affirmation for this Session:

I am whole and healed. I am my true self. I maintain my own true identity and am connected to my own true energy in my relationship experiences.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing begins at 1:55

Session Transcript

Everyone has a tendency to experience some degree of co-dependency. A simple way to describe co-dependency is the pattern of sacrificing your own needs for others in an unhealthy way. Some common signs of co-dependency are having difficulty making decisions in a relationship, having difficulty identifying your own feelings, having difficulty communicating in a relationship, valuing approval of others more than valuing yourself, lacking trust in yourself, and having a poor self-esteem. Co-dependency is a byproduct of not having your emotional needs met in your childhood, and you try different strategies as a child to attempt to get your needs met with no success. These patterns have been carried into your adult life with your inner child still attempting to get their needs met. This session will free your inner child from playing out these old patterns, so you can create a healthy experience with yourself and others in your relationships. To make this a very powerful clearing experience, apply a few drops of the I am grounded oil to your fingertips. I’ve previously done that.

Repeat this affirmation after me. “I am whole and healed. I am my true self. I maintain my own true identity and am connected to my own true energy in my relationship experiences.”

While tapping repeat after me, “Even though I recognize I have co-dependant patterns, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though I will most likely repeat these unhealthy patterns, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though I want to change these patterns right now, I recognize it takes time and I’m committed to doing what it takes. Releasing… Having difficulty making decisions in a relationship. Having difficulty identifying my feelings. Having difficulty communicating in a relationship. Valuing the approval of others more than valuing myself. Lacking trust in myself and having poor self-esteem. Letting go of fear of abandonment. Obsessive need for approval. Having an unhealthy dependence on relationships, even at my own cost. Having an exaggerated sense of responsibility for the actions of others. Releasing once and for all… Feeling worthless, useless, unless I’m needed by someone. Creating others having issues and struggles so I can be needed. Getting satisfaction by playing the role of the enabler. It makes me feel more confident. Allows me more control. Going back as many generations that these patterns have played out. Releasing… Only happy when making extreme sacrifices for my partner. Must be needed by this person to have any purpose. Lack of my own personal identity, my own personal values, my own personal interests. I have to stay single so I don’t lose myself in a relationship. Let it all go. Letting go of all the times I have told myself my desires and needs are unimportant so I don’t express them. It can get so bad that I often don’t even recognize my own feelings and needs. Finding no satisfaction or happiness in life outside of doing things for another person. Releasing unhealthy patterns of staying in relationships even if they are hurtful to me. Doing anything to please and satisfy others at any expense of myself. Feeling anxiety about my relationship. Feel guilty about thinking of myself. Ignoring my own needs and wants. Let it all go once and for all. Releasing… difficult to say no when my partner makes a demand on me. Covering my partner’s problems with drugs, alcohol, or the law. Feeling trapped in my relationship. Keeping quiet to avoid arguments. Quick to say yes. Feeling a need to heal my partner so my life is not so painful. Always giving away more than I receive in my relationships. Taking on my partner’s pain and struggle for them. Losing my sense of identity, interests, and desires. Let it go.” Take a deep inhale and exhale and let it go. Let it go. Release that, and shake that off, wipe your body off, let that go.

Place your hand on your heart energy and repeat after me. “I forgive myself for thinking so little of myself that I would create this. I forgive my parents for not meeting my needs as a child. I forgive my inner child for trying to get their needs met through co-dependent patterns that are not working, I’m setting this part of me free.” With your hand still on your heart energy, close your eyes, and imagine you’re standing in the light with your younger self, your inner child. Tell this part of you that they can have all their needs met now, that they do not need to look outside yourself to be loved and supported. All the love and support that your inner child needs is right there inside of you.

Call on angels, Christ, God the Father, God the Mother, whoever is meant to care for your inner child. Imagine your inner child being flooded with love and support. Wrap your inner child in the energy of love and nurturing care. See this part of you in the care of your spiritual support. Open your eyes and notice your whole body. Look at your body. Notice that you are an adult and that you have the power to create a healthy identity with the ability to stay grounded and rooted in your true self in your relationships.

While tapping, repeat after me, “It is now safe to show up as my true self in my relationships. I am ready. I am being treated with love and kindness. I treat others with love and kindness. I am grateful I am staying connected to my own energy. I am making decisions that are correct for me. I am knowing how I feel first. I am clearly sharing what I think and feel. I am valuing myself. I am worthy of love and support. I am trusting myself. Tapping it in, connecting with these truths. I am supported in my relationships. My needs are important to others. I am responsible for my actions and allowing others to be responsible for their actions. I am worthwhile. I am now experiencing others taking responsibility for their lives and healing them. I am free of enabling others. I am confident by just being me. I am happy to now put myself first and still support others. I am true to myself. I am knowing and feeling that truth. I enjoy my own personal interests. I have my own purpose. I am creating healthy relationships that support me. They are reciprocal. It is now safe to be in a relationship. I am free. I am creating new healthy relationship patterns, and letting go of relationships that are not healthy for me. I am honoring my own needs and wants. I am showing up for others in a way that honors me first. I’m speaking up easily and clearly, and I am being heard. Tap it in. Making new connections. Creating new healthy patterns. Tapping in I am knowing when to say no and when to say yes. I am staying in my own energy. I am free. I am free. I am free. I am free and safe to be me.”

Take a deep breath in, inhale, and exhale. With your hand on your heart, repeat the following. “I now integrate awareness of self-love and independence into all layers, levels, and dimensions, lifetimes, generations, and bodies of energy. I now accept myself completely. I now accept others completely. I now accept inner validation, success, kindness, generosity, gratitude, respect, honor, praise, worthiness, fulfillment, and love as my truth and the truth of my family. For all generations, past, present, and future I take conscious control of my life. I am now creating my own healthy story.” Take a deep inhale, and as you exhale, feel this new energy circulate and settle into your whole being, your body, your personal energy system, and imagine it grounding into the center of the earth. Imagine someone you have a desire to create a healthy relationship with that you have been playing out co-dependent patterns with and send this energy to them. Imagine them standing in front of you, and now do some figure eights between your heart and their heart, making that connection. Take a deep breath in and exhale. Use this clearing as often as you need to and notice, as your energy shifts for the better, your relationships continue to improve.

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