Clearing Session for Daily Stress

11 minutes

This session will assist you in releasing patterns of stress and overwhelm in your daily life. If you often feel worn out or have too much to do, this session will support you.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Overwhelm from too much to do

Rush and hurry that exhausts you

No time to rest or eat well

A tired, worn-out body or mind

You Want To:

Finish what’s important and live in balance

Have the time you need for what matters

Enjoy plenty of time to support well-being

Restore your energy and health

Affirmation for this Session:

I am grateful that my life is coming into ease and balance, that my life is ease and balance.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:44

Session Transcript

Do you ever feel so stressed out that just, you know, you’re overwhelmed, there’s too much to do? You just feel like there’s just…you’re not in sync. You don’t feel the flow of life. And wow, I know how easy that is in today’s world because everything just seem so fast-paced and so much information coming at us. And, you know, the whole getting enough rest, and if you’re especially a mom and you’ve got kids at home, there’s so many options which are I love. I love that we have so many options of what to experience in the world, but we can so easily get out of balance.

So, this clearing today, this particular clearing is incredible because it helps you reset, it helps you get into flow. It helps you become more present so that you’re not feeling pulled or pushed or overwhelmed by life. That you feel you are the center of your life experience, and you are influencing that perfect balance and flow, and what’s important is being attended to and what’s not just fades away. So, how does that sound to you? Let me help you with that.

Let’s start with an intention. “I am grateful that my life is coming into ease and balance, that my life is ease and balance.”

So, start tapping on your inside-of-eyebrow point or holding the points, if that’s your preference, I like to gently tap, and repeat after me. “Even though I feel tired and overwhelmed, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though I feel like there’s too much to do, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though I wish I was more rested, I deeply love and accept myself. Letting go of there’s too much to do, I can’t get it all done, overwhelmed, tired, worn out, tired body, cranky, irritable, it never gets any better. Releasing, keep making the same choices thinking it’s going to look different. Letting go of want to get to bed earlier, can’t seem to make that happen, being woken up at night, not getting enough rest, overwhelmed, saying yes to the things I really don’t want to do, my house is a mess, I never feel on top of everything, feeling out of control, why bother? Exhausted, stressed. Letting go of the daily bustle and overwhelm.”

Releasing the feeling of being overwhelmed. Keep breathing. Letting go of, “Rushed, rushed, rushed, always rushing, rushing my family, rushing my kids, losing my temper. Let it go. Worried about the future. Focusing on what I don’t want, trying to prevent it. Wishing things were different. Release all the should’s, have to’s, need to’s. Let it go. Letting go of there’s not enough time, there’s not enough money, can’t get any help, can’t afford the help. Releasing. Stuck in a time warp, nothing goes my way, there’s always something to fix, there’s always more to do than I want to do. Letting go of those feelings of stress in the body, not eating correctly, there’s not time, it costs more money to eat well.” Let it go, release it.

Letting go of have to learn to live this way. Just let that go, release it. Letting go of the stress. Just settle into yourself. Put your hand on your heart, just be present with yourself. Notice your feet. Put them both on the floor. Be present. Notice your whole body. Notice your hand on your heart, and notice your breath. Be present with yourself. Now, just repeat after me. “I forgive myself. I forgive myself for overdoing it. I forgive myself for over committing. I’m doing the best I know how. I forgive myself for saying yes when no is the correct answer. I forgive myself for believing I don’t have the power to change this. I know that I do now.”

I’ll start tapping again here, repeating after me. “I’m saying no and letting go of what’s not serving me. I’m experiencing, ‘I have all the time I need.’ I’m getting done what’s most important. I’m letting go of what’s not. I’m knowing the difference. I’m at ease. I’m comfortable in my life. I’m in charge of myself and my life. I’m organized. I’m getting the help where I need help. I’m worth it and I can afford it. I’m relaxed and productive. I’m grateful for God’s help in assisting me in making these choices. I’m comforted. Keep breathing. I’m connected with my well-being. I am well. All is well. I’m taking the time I need to rest. I’m going to bed at the time that supports my well-being and health. I’m getting enough sleep at night. I’m resting during the day when it’s appropriate for my well-being. I’m grateful for all the help God and the angels give me. I’m being taken care of as I take care of myself. My family is balanced. The mood of my family is joyful. I am enough. I’m doing enough. I’m doing what is important, and I’m given inspiration and guidance in knowing that. And I’m letting go of that which is not. I am at ease. My life has balanced. All is well. I am grateful. I am thrilled.”

Stay and take a deep breath. Feel your whole body present. Release any stress. Put your hands around your neck, and you’re going to pull. And that kind of opens up the energy to just let your elbows drop. Big sigh of relief. Move your head around and breathe in hope and understanding.

I recommend you do this a couple times a week so that you really make this shift. And then in the moment where you start to feel the overwhelm, during the day, where you might not have time to do the whole clearing and reset, a really easy trick is to use your eyes.

When you move your eyes as far to the right and left as your peripheral vision can go and you just notice…let’s say you’re in a state of overwhelm or stress and you’ll just say, “I feel stressed, I feel stressed, I feel stressed, I feel stressed,” then speed up that shifting side to side with your eyes. “I feel stressed, I feel stressed, I feel stressed,” and you’ll break. And that teaches your brain to make that shift. Your deep limbic system and that prefrontal cortex that’s holding, you know, will create this stress. It’s interesting because if we’re in a pattern like this, and our brain has gotten used to this being the way we exist, you’ll actually create the stress to get your brain going. And what you’re doing now is re-patterning not only your whole personal energy system, the way your energy runs on your meridians, you’re resetting your brain to say, “I can be highly effective and functional and productive in a state of ease.”

And so, in the moment where you go back into that intensity, that anxiety, that stress, do this eye movement and it will reset the brain. It’s amazing how effective that is because, you know, you’re creating new patterns with this. And if the foundation of this pattern is your choice, you have the right to live a life of ease and balance and be highly productive saying yes to the things that are correct for you.

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