Clearing Session for Emotional Shaming in Childhood

7 minutes

This session will help you connect with your emotional energy. If you were shamed for your feelings as a child, or taught that feelings were unacceptable, this session will support you.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Effects of unexpressed, buried emotion

Shame about crying or expressing feeling

The urge to put your feelings aside

Disconnection from your emotions

You Want To:

Feel your feelings authentically

Express how you feel in healthy ways

Allow your feelings to flow

Use your emotions as powerful tools

Affirmation for this Session:

I now know it is safe and appropriate to feel all of my feelings. As I feel them, I heal.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 0:34

Session Transcript

If you were taught feelings are unacceptable when you were a child, this clearing will help you connect with your emotional energy and support you in feeling all of your feelings.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I now know it is safe and appropriate to feel all of my feelings. As I feel them, I heal.”

While tapping, repeat after me, “Even though I had struggled feeling my feelings, I now know it is safe. Even though I was shamed in my childhood for having feelings, I now honor my feelings. Thank you, God, for helping me clear all of the shame I have carried around my feelings. I am ready to let go of ‘Feelings are bad. Stop feeling that way.’ Letting go of all the times I have apologized for crying. It’s not manly to feel my feelings. Emotions are weak.”

“Letting go of all the shaming references about feelings that I heard as a child including: ‘I’ll give you something to cry about. Crying makes you unattractive. I’m going to leave you here if you don’t stop whining and fussing. Stop being such a drama queen. What are you fussing about? You’ll be ugly forever and no one will ever love you if you don’t stop crying. You’re just crying to manipulate me. Out there in the real world, people don’t cry when they get upset. You’ll never make it out there.’

“Letting go of all of the unexpressed, buried emotion, including sadness, anger, and grief. Releasing, I have to suppress my feelings so I don’t upset my mom. I have to suppress my feelings so I don’t upset my dad. Don’t want to be the problem child. Mom’s emotions are more important than my emotions. Dad’s emotions are more important than my emotions. Putting my feelings aside. It’s okay. I’m not really bothered. Lying about how I really feel so others don’t get upset at me.

Freeing myself of all the fear of feeling my feelings. Letting go of, ‘You should know how I feel, can’t you tell? It’s your job to figure out how I am really feeling.’ Releasing, can’t put words to how I feel. It’s safer to keep it all inside. If I don’t feel it, maybe it will go away. Stuffing all the emotional energy inside my body. Getting sick and tired due to all of the pent-up emotion inside of me. It’s not safe to feel my feelings. Holding it in until I lose control.” Let it all go, releasing those patterns and habits, releasing all the fear of feeling feelings and expressing them. Let it go, let it go, let it go.

Place your hand on your heart, connecting with your heart energy, and repeat after me, “I forgive myself for carrying this emotional shame for so long. I forgive my parents. They did the best they know considering they were also shamed.”

Take a deep breath, continue tapping while repeating after me, “Thank you, God, it is now safe to feel my feelings. I’m in charge of my emotional self. I am learning to express how I feel, others listen and understand. It is my job to be the manager of my feelings. I am feeling all of my feelings and I am a good person.

My inner child had a right to feel her or his feelings. I am a strong, wise person for feeling all there is to feel. I am managing my emotional self wisely and with maturity. My inner child is now safe to feel all there is to feel. I allow my feelings to flow. When I cry, I honor my tears. As I feel my sadness, anger, and grief, I open myself to feel joy, happiness, and love. My emotions are a powerful tool that support me in creating a life I love. I am emotionally healthy. I’m growing myself up emotionally.

I am grateful for my inner child and all the unfelt emotion they have carried. They are now free to feel all of their feelings. I am trusting my feelings. They are a powerful tool for good in my life. I am safe to explore my feelings. As I respect how I feel, others show me the same respect. I respect others’ feelings. I choose to create boundaries with people who do not manage their feelings with respect to others.”

Take a deep breath and imagine filling your whole body full of light and truth. One more time, just breathe that in. It’s good to stand up and walk around so you can ground this energy into your body and really connect your body with the right to feel your feelings. As you allow yourself to feel the unfelt emotion of your childhood, you release it, you clear it, and you open yourself to feel all the joy and peace that is available to you.

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