Clearing Session for Fear of Abandonment

12 minutes

This session will assist you in experiencing a profound release and healing from feeling abandoned and alone in life. You will clear the triggers that provoke a feeling and fear of being abandoned.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Fear of being abandoned by those you love

Self-sabotaging patterns that end relationships

Grief from missing your parents or a loved one

Loneliness that feels unavoidable

You Want To:

Attract love and joy easily into your life

Be free to show up fully for yourself and others

Create peaceful relationships with loved ones

Feel safe to love, trust, and open up again

Affirmation for this Session:

I am whole and healed and all my needs are met. I am grateful others are there for me, and I am there for others.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 2:03

Session Transcript

The fear of being abandoned is rooted in your birth story and childhood experiences. There is a strong chance you experienced some form of physical or emotional abandonment in your birth or childhood. If you run this deep-seated fear, you will have secondary strategies to try and prevent being abandoned that you may not even be aware of.

For example, you could carry the energy of abandonment just from having the umbilical cord cut and being taken out of the presence of your mother at your birth. You may have a fear of abandonment as a result of being left at a sitter’s when you were not properly informed or prepared emotionally for this event, and you could have experienced the trauma of a parent leaving due to your parents’ separation and divorce. And adoption may have left you feeling abandoned by your birth parents or any other life-changing event that caused a loved one to leave you unexpectedly.

Most people carry the energy of unhealed emotional abandonment that then provokes patterns of people-pleasing and codependency, and an effort to prevent the potential of being abandoned again. This fear is carried by your inner child and is the part of you that is still believing you have to try and prevent being abandoned. This session will clear this pattern.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I am whole and healed and all my needs are met. I am grateful others are there for me, and I am there for others.”

While tapping repeat after me, “Even though I’m afraid I will be abandoned, I now choose to heal this old fear. Even though I’ve been making choices unknowingly to try and prevent being abandoned, I am ready to change that. Even though this is a deep-seated fear, I’m clearing it easily and gracefully. Letting go of… Abandoned, alone, lonely. Feel like a motherless child. Feel like a fatherless child. Pleasing for love. Have to do what others want me to do so they don’t leave me.” Take a deep breath, and exhale. Stop your tapping for a moment and close your eyes, and go all the way back to your birth and imagine the umbilical cord being cut. Open your eyes and continue tapping.

“Cut. Separated from mom, separated from my source. Disconnected from my source of life. Taken away. Whisked away by the nurses. Separate and alone. Abandoned. Abandoned by God. Want to go back. Can’t go back. Outside the womb feeling vulnerable, confused, exposed, at risk. Letting go of the old energy of abandonment from my birth. From my pre-birth of leaving the light. Leaving God. Scared, alone, lonely, afraid. Releasing trying to make up the difference. Pleasing mom. Pleasing dad. Hopeless. Not good enough. People hurt me. Others have more power than me. Insecure, deep grief, anger.”

Stop tapping for a moment. Close your eyes and bring to present moment awareness the energy of abandonment you have carried throughout your life either subconsciously or consciously. Imagine a younger you, whatever age comes to mind. Tell that younger self they are now free from having to carry the energy of abandonment for you. Tell them they can let it go, they are free. Open your eyes and continue to tap.

“Releasing… Pleasing for love. People leave me. Have to be what others want me to be to be loved. Insecure. People hurt me. Letting go of… I have to change myself so you don’t abandon me. If I was better, I wouldn’t have been abandoned. Ashamed that I was cast aside, that I’m unwanted, I have to earn love. Feeling powerless. Feeling powerless to being abandoned again. Releasing the fear that I’m not good enough just the way I am. When will I be number one in someone else’s life? When is it my turn to be loved? Deep grief. Unwanted, unworthy, feel like I have to ask for love. Don’t want to ask for love. Needing love but not knowing what it is. Letting go of… I have nothing to give. Fear of endings. Fear of change. Fear of new beginnings. Letting go of all the times that I felt like no one was there for me. Letting go of the pattern of sabotaging relationships so people don’t want to be with me. Ruining relationships so I can be in charge of the abandonment. If I’m going to be abandoned, I’ll abandon you before you abandon me. Letting go of all the should’s, have to’s, and need-to’s just to be loved.

“Releasing… Where is God? Painful separation from God. I miss God. I miss my home. Deep grief and sadness. Feel like a lost child. Don’t want to be here. Letting go of empty, discouraged, depressed, void. Suicidal. Nobody would care.”

Take a deep breath and let that all go. Take another deep breath and let it go. Place your hand on your chest, connecting with your heart energy and repeat after me, “I forgive myself for believing I was not lovable. I forgive myself for believing I had to try and prevent others from abandoning me. I forgive others. They are only playing off the script I give them based on my inner beliefs. I am changing those beliefs.”

Continue tapping while repeating, “Thank you, God. I know I am lovable. I am accepting of my own light and truth. I am free of the events of the past that caused me to believe I could be abandoned again in my life. I am free and ready to be my true self and attract the love and support of others easily. I am happy taking responsibility for myself. Thank you, God. I am lovable. I am worthy of love. I am safe being loved. I am perfect just as I am. I am whole and complete within myself. I am knowing when to hold on and when to let go. I open my heart fully. It is expansive.

“I am safe to love and trust. I am deserving to be loved. I’m experiencing others are there for me in the way that I need and want them to be. I am loving and respecting myself. I am loved and nurtured. I am safe to be my true self. I am safe to say no, I am safe to have boundaries and to make correct choices for me. I am in the container of my own energy. I am wanted, I am chosen, I am important. I am the creator of my reality. I’m confident, independent, and whole.”

Tap it into every cell. Take a deep breath and breathe it in. Exhale. Just rest your hands, close your eyes and see yourself surrounded by any age that you’ve been where you felt abandoned. Tell them they are loved and wanted. They always have been. Scoop the energy of all these younger selves into your arms, bringing it into your heart to be fully and completely accepted and loved by yourself. Take a deep breath and allow this energy to grow up within you. Open your eyes and relax into being you. Do this clearing anytime you feel alone and abandoned, as it will help you continue to clear any of these deep feelings and patterns that have never been true for you or anyone in your family.

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