Clearing Session for Fear of Journaling

8 minutes

This clearing session will assist you in releasing any resistance you have about the daily journaling exercises in the Healing Plans. You will clear the blocks that come from a place of shameful, embarrassing, or compromising experiences that occurred when you were younger.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Resistance to the idea of journaling

Dread and avoidance when it’s time to journal

Fear that someone will read your private writing

Shame over the things you end up writing

You Want To:

Look forward to the ritual of journaling

Receive major insights and “aha” moments

Feel safe to write whatever comes to mind

Create healing experiences through your writing

Affirmation for this Session:

I am grateful for the positive experience I have with my daily journaling. I always look forward to doing it.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing begins at 1:29

Session Transcript

You may have had some fears come up when presented with the daily practice of journaling that are included in many of the healing plans. Where does this hesitation and fear come from? Ask yourself, do you recall any events in your life where you wrote personal things down and something happened that was upsetting to you, or you felt embarrassed, ashamed, or angry? Maybe journaling feels like homework and you had numerous negative experiences with homework when you were younger. Like you were forced to do it and you didn’t enjoy it. Maybe you feel it takes too long and it’s slow.

The daily journaling practices that are included in the healing plans are an important process in your healing experience. It’s best that you write with your hand with a pen, pencil, and paper rather than typing. This session will assist you to start to enjoy the experience of journaling and receive the many healing benefits from taking the time to journal.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I am grateful for the positive experience I have with my daily journaling. I always look forward to doing it.”

While tapping, repeat the following, “Even though I resist journaling, I know it will have a positive benefit for me. Even though I don’t want to take the time, I’m choosing to take the time and I’m glad I did. Even though I have some old painful feelings that come up when I consider doing this, I am ready to let those go. Releasing… Scared, bothered, upset. What if someone reads what I write? I don’t feel safe writing my deeper feelings and experiences down. It’s too revealing. It makes me too vulnerable. That makes me scared. I don’t want to do this. You can’t make me do this. It’s really not that important anyway.”

Take a deep breath in, exhale and breathe out the resistance and fear. “Angry that my parents found and read my journals when I was younger. No privacy. No right to my own space. Embarrassed that someone else found out how I was really feeling. What if it happens now? What if someone finds it and makes fun of it? What if I write something I don’t want someone to know and they discover it? Too many risks, better not to do it. Release all the trauma and resistance associated with journaling. Letting go of… Don’t want to take the time. It’s too slow. Nothing ever comes to me easily. Too much effort. Things are too buried down there. What’s the point of this anyway? I can just bypass this step, it’s okay. ”

Take a deep breath, let it out. Finish this sentence three times, “I’m afraid to journal because… I’m afraid to journal because… I’m afraid to journal because…”

Now, finish this sentence three times, “I’m resistant to journaling because… I am resistant to journaling because… I’m resistant to journaling because…”

Take a deep breath, exhale. Gather all the reasons and blocks together, gather this energy all up, place it in your hands and let it go. Release it to the light. Take a deep breath, exhale.

Place your hands on your heart. Repeat the following, “I forgive myself for making this harder than it needs to be. I am ready to start journaling. I forgive my parents, they did the best they knew how. It’s time to let go of my resentment towards them. They were wounded people too. Keep tapping while repeating. I am ready, and it is safe to express myself in the form of journaling. I’m enjoying the process. What I write is for me and me only. It is safe because I now create a safe and secure world. I am receiving profound, healing benefits from the practice.”

Breathe in the truth, create a new experience. Continue tapping and repeating, “I am finding the time in making this easy and simple. I’m amazed at what I learned about myself by doing this practice. I am so grateful I take the time to journal. I’m grateful for the profound insights that come to me. I am grateful for the deep healing I am feeling as a result. I really enjoy journaling. In fact, it’s so rewarding, sometimes I don’t even want to stop.”

Take a deep breath, exhale. Cup your hands in front of you, and place all of this healing energy in your cupped hands. Gather that all up, bring it into your heart, receive it into every part of your body. Take a deep breath in. Whenever you have a block or resistance to doing the daily journaling, come back to the session and do a minute or two of it to open the energy so you can follow through effortlessly and receive the profound healing benefits of the journaling practices.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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