Clearing Session for Fear of Rejection

8 minutes

This session will assist you in releasing the fear that others will reject you if you’re just being your true self. It will help you stop the pattern of worrying what others think, as well as feeling as though you need to change yourself in order to fit in and be accepted by others. 

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Fear that others don’t like you

Shame over something you’ve said or done

Compulsive thoughts as you replay past experiences

Worry that no one wants to be around you

You Want To:

Attract good and kind people to you

Enjoy every experience with your friends

Fill your mind with positive, happy memories

Feel accepted—by yourself and others

Affirmation for this Session:

I am loved and accepted by others that are a gift and a blessing to my life.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:40

Session Transcript

In the Childhood Development Clearing Session for Stage 6, you learn that one of the primary needs you have is to be accepted by your peer group outside of your family unit. It is normal to have a fear that your peers will not accept you, and you will be rejected if you’re just being yourself. It is around this age that you start to alter yourself in social settings and overthink and worry about what others think and evaluate your own behavior with others.

You can spend a lot of time worrying about what others think to draw false conclusions then, and then make decisions based on your fears and trying to prevent being rejected by others. This can be fed by a deeper fear of abandonment that may cause this to even be a stronger pattern in you.

This session will assist you in clearing the fear of rejection and support you in letting go of numerous patterns and dysfunctional habits you have developed in an effort to prevent being rejected. You’ll be able to relax into being your true self, and attract the love and support of others that you naturally deserve.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I am loved and accepted by others that are a gift and a blessing to my life.”

Close your eyes. Bring to mind an image of yourself between the ages of 13 to 18-years-old. Bring this part of you into the light and invite them to let go of the fear of rejection that they have been carrying for many years. Tell them that they have been carrying a false belief about themselves. That they are lovable and meant to be loved and accepted by others, and that this clearing is going to assist them today.

Open your eyes and begin tapping, and repeating, “Releasing the fear that others will not like me. I’m going to act stupid, or do something dumb that will embarrass me. Letting go of all the times, I felt embarrassed, insecure, uncomfortable around others. Releasing I have to make sure I don’t do something dumb. Worrying about what others think of me. Reviewing what I said, how I acted after I’ve been with other people. Judging myself unfairly.

“Scared. Afraid I have to alter myself to fit in. I have to change myself to be accepted. Letting go of all the times, I was rejected. Letting go of all the times, I believed I was rejected, even though I probably was not. Releasing from every part of my being… Depressed. Discouraged. I don’t fit in. Anxious. Turning to food to comfort, to soothe my feelings of rejection. Ashamed of how I acted. Embarrassed by what I said. I made a fool of myself. Let it all go, once and for all. Scared I’ll be rejected if I am myself. If I let down my guard, I will lose you. Expecting rejection. I’ll reject you before you reject me. Releasing the pattern of sabotaging relationships so I can experience rejection again. Letting go of… There is not enough love. There’s not enough support. Weak, holding back, afraid, needy, being hard on myself, mental talk, forgetting all my needs. Let it all go from every fiber of my being. Let it go.”

Take a deep breath. And let it go. Another deep breath. And let it go. Place your hand on your heart energy and repeat the following, “Even though I have had this fear of rejection, I am healing it, and attracting good and kind people who support me. I forgive myself for having this belief and creating all of the patterns that are a by-product of it. I am forgiving others. They have done the best they know how.”

Take a deep breath. While tapping, repeat the following, “I am ready for full and complete acceptance of myself. As I accept the true me, others easily accept the true me. Acceptance begins with me. I am grateful I easily attract good and kind people into my life. I am experiencing the goodness and kindness of the people currently in my life. I am accepted. I am confident and easily express my true nature when I am with others. I am confident in what I said and how I acted. I am lifting myself up. I am laughter. I am enlightened. I am enjoying my friends. I am grateful for other showing up for me. I am in control of this experience. I am free of old patterns of thought and feeling that no longer serve me. I am ready for this exciting change. I am finding new and supportive things to think about that replace my old worries and inner chatter. I am uplifting myself. I am feeling good. I’m enjoying this process of change I am moving through.”

Take a deep breath. And breathe in the change you are creating. Close your eyes and thank that younger part of you for taking on this new energy today, and trusting that this is and has always been your truth. Wrap this younger self in the light of this truth to now embody this new energy. Imagine placing this image in your cupped hands and bring your hands into your heart. Take a deep breath, and allow this energy to grow up inside of you and give yourself a big hug because as you accept yourself, others accept yourself.

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