Clearing Session for Fear

6 minutes

This session will help you clear away unwanted fears. You will release the pattern of being stuck in the emotion of fear and being easily triggered due to past events and traumas.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Fear that keeps you paralyzed

Insomnia that leaves you exhausted

Worry over past and future events

Stress that drains your energy

You Want To:

Feel safe and courageous

Release emotions that keep you awake

Experience the present moment with peace

Be free from unhealthy stress

Affirmation for this Session:

I am letting go of the pattern of being fearful when it is not justified. I am calm and centered.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:17

Session Transcript

If you have the pattern of feeling a lot of fear, take a moment and notice that most of the things that you feel fearful about, you do not need to fear. A healthy concern is appropriate at times, where a fear response is really only something we should be feeling if our life or someone else’s life is in danger.

This clearing will assist you in releasing fear as an over-reactive response to life situations that are not something you should fear. A fear response can become an emotional habit that has become pattern into your immune system, causing your body to go into a fight and flight response which then triggers your thinking mind to run thoughts that perpetuate the fear. This clearing, along with the fight and flight energy flush and the psychological reversals clearing, will aid you in repatterning your biology and your mind to stay calm in any situation.

Repeat this affirmation after me. “I am letting go of the pattern of being fearful when it is not justified. I am calm and centered.”

While tapping, repeat the following after me, “Even though I can overreact and feel fear often, I am ready to change that. Even though my mind tells me there is something to really be afraid of, I am knowing better. Even though fear feels like a correct emotional response, I am the wiser in choosing to be concerned when the situation merits it. Letting go of nervous, scared, stressed, uptight, can’t sleep. Worry, sensitive, mental chewing, going over and over it, working myself up. Obsessing, petrified, frozen, paralyzed in fear. Releasing all of the times I have felt fear, anxiety, pain in my body. Stuck, hypervigilant, stressed. Nobody understands what I’m dealing with. Feeling fearful as a child.”

Take a deep breath and let go of, “Disconnected from my body, only in my head. Stuck in the future, stuck in the past. Always on edge, letting go of keeping it all inside. Can’t sleep, constipation, upset stomach. Shame, fear, anger, frustrated. I can’t change this. Have to change this. All worked up inside. Losing control. Getting upset at others. Releasing all the times I felt fear as a child. I had no power. My fear was legitimate as a child. I had a lot to be afraid of as a child. Nowhere to turn. Nobody there for me.” Take a deep breath and let it all go.

Close your eyes and see your child self sitting in a corner of a room feeling really scared. Go get that little child and bring them into the light of safety. Tell them that you are a safe and loving adult and will make sure nothing happens to them.

Take a deep breath. Open your eyes. Continue tapping while repeating, “Thank you, God. I am safe now. I am an adult creating a safe world. I release my child self from carrying the pattern of fear. I am whole and healed. I am doing it differently now. I am at peace. I am calm. I am making choices that create safe and supportive outcomes. Thank you, God. I am protected. I am grown up now. I am able to sleep soundly. All systems of my body are flowing freely. I am secure with myself. I am attracting people that I feel secure with. I am seeing the whole picture and being mature about my situation. All is well. I am free of the pattern of fear.”

Take a deep breath. Take another deep breath. Place the energy of that child self that you put in the safety of the light into your cupped hands and bring that energy into your heart to become one with you now.

Whenever you feel a fear response triggered, take time to do this clearing so you can continue to repattern your fight and flight energy into a state of calm and peace.

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