Clearing Session for Headaches

11 minutes

This session will assist you in releasing the deeper beliefs and pent-up energy that turns into the physical disorder we call headaches. It will help you train your body to no longer repress your emotions or take on other people’s energy, which you tend to hold onto.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Frequent headaches that feel debilitating

Pain from the pressure in your head

Frustration that you can’t get to the bottom of it

Dread when you feel a headache coming on

You Want To:

Live a life, free of headaches

Release all the pressure you feel in your life

Create better boundaries and self-care for yourself

Feel grateful for the lessons headaches have taught you

Affirmation for this Session:

I am grateful for my clear mind and healthy brain. I feel consistently balanced. I am headache free.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing begins at 2:40

Session Transcript

Physical imbalances and disease are results of stored and repressed emotion in the body. It’s also complicated by deeper beliefs held subconsciously and consciously that keep the body holding onto this energy. This clearing session will assist you in letting go of the deeper beliefs, stored emotion, and the tendency to take on other people’s energy that then turn into a headache. As a result of doing this session, you will train your body to no longer play out this pattern so you can feel mentally, emotionally, and physically clear.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I am grateful for my clear mind and healthy brain. I feel consistently balanced. I am headache free.”

Close your eyes and bring to mind the last time you had a headache. Remember the pressure in your head and how much interference this caused in your day. Remember all of the times you have suffered from headaches. If you are experiencing a headache right now, notice it and breathe into it. Take a deep breath in and fill your mind and your brain with light. As you exhale, breathe out the tension in your head. Take another deep breath, filling your head with light, and exhale the tension. Thank your headaches for helping you get on the path of healing and choosing to heal the deeper patterns that create the headaches. Because of your headaches, you will have received many insights and much healing. Tell your headache the purpose of its creation is complete and you are now choosing to learn through joy and ease. Send your headache away as love, literally turning the energy that is creating the headache into the energy of love and send it out into the world.

Take a deep breath, begin tapping and repeating, “Even though I have had headaches and suffered much from them, I am ready to be headache free. Even though I am sensitive to taking on other people’s energy, I’m stronger and wiser and no longer do this. Even though my headaches have been a burden, I am now experiencing a lighter energy, and am free to feel good all of the time. Letting go of… Stress, tiredness, and seriousness. Releasing… Being too busy. Feeling out of control and overwhelmed. Letting go of… Frustrated, undermined. Headaches are my way to escape this world. They allow me to go to my room and hide. Need to get away, to go to a dark and quiet place. The world is too much for me. My family is too much for me. Scared to not have the resource of a headache to support me in disconnecting from the world. Letting go of the pattern of over-thinking, over-analysis, self-judgment, and judgment of others. Letting go of invalidation of the self, self-criticism, and sabotage. Releasing all of the times I have felt frustrated, angry, critical, but I wasn’t allowed to feel this so the energy had to turn into a headache. Punishing myself for feeling. Sabotaging myself with headaches. Feeling like I’ve been betrayed, disappointed in myself. Others are disappointed in me.

I’m not able to stand up for myself so I need headaches to give me permission to get away. Since I don’t know how to create healthy boundaries, headaches are handy when I feel attacked, criticized, or I’m too busy, because I don’t know when to stop. Releasing the pattern of putting pressure on myself and then that pressure turns into a headache. Releasing the need for control since I have felt so out of control with not knowing when and where a headache will show up. Clearing the pattern of taking on other people’s energy and then that energy turns into headaches. Feeling angry that I am so vulnerable to this tendency. Putting others first, taking on their energy then paying the price with a headache. Letting go of guilt and anxiety. Engaging in and avoiding conflict. Headaches are self-punishment. Feeling angry or annoyed at others. Release tired, exhausted, and frustrated with this pattern.”

Take a deep breath. Exhale and let it all go. Take another deep breath. Exhale and let it go.

With both your hands gently hold your head. Just sit there for a moment while you hold your head in a loving, supportive way. Continue to breathe. Repeat after me, “I forgive myself for the part I played in creating headaches. I forgive others for the part they played in this pattern. I forgive my headaches, I am now whole and healed from them.”

Take a deep breath. Continue tapping and repeating, “I am free. I am free. I am free. I’m taking care of myself and my energy. I’m knowing when enough is enough. I am balanced and smart about my self-care. I am aware of the nuances of what I need to choose to make sure I’m feeling healthy and whole. I’m very good at it. I am sustained in my own energy. When I notice old patterns beginning to play out, I quickly make a new choice and the energy shifts to create a healthy outcome. I am feeling the energy of my feelings. It is safe to feel in the moment. I express this energy in healthy ways that support my well-being. I do an excellent job of creating balance in my life. I know when to say no and when to stop. I am making the choice to take care of myself and take the time I need without needing a headache to allow me to have that. I’m healthy and whole. I am grateful for my clear mind. I’m in control of my thoughts. I am putting myself first and taking care of myself. I am present in my own energy and allowing others to experience their own energy. Other people honor and respect my choices. Thank you, God. I am free to feel good all of the time. Thank you, God. The experience of creating headaches is now complete in my life. I am now free of this pattern for good.”

Take a deep breath. Notice how you feel. Is there any tension left in your head? Gather that up and send it away as love. Just imagine it being sent out into the world as love as you exhale.

As a follow up to the session, it would be supportive to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Also, does it feel correct to rest and take a nap or go outside for a walk? What would support your body right now in processing the energy you have been working with during this session? Ask your body, it will tell you what it needs.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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