Clearing Session for “I Don’t Like My Type 1 Energy”

13 minutes

This session will support you in releasing any negative beliefs around your Type 1 energy. You will find yourself more accepting and understanding of yourself—and excited to live true to your bright, uplifting energy!

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Fear about being Type 1

Thoughts about being another Type

An urge to be more serious

Repression from childhood

You Want To:

Excitement about being Type 1

Gain confidence in your Energy Type

Feel free to be yourself

Release old shaming beliefs

Affirmation for this Session:

I am grateful that my light is now shining and bursting forth and I am a gift to myself and others. It is safe to live true to my Type 1 nature.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 2:10

Session Transcript

This is a very powerful clearing for all of you cute and beautiful Type 1 women that’ve been challenged and even had your true nature repressed or shamed. So I think any Type 1 woman is going to benefit from doing this clearing.

Now, as you’ve learned through Energy Profiling, your natural state is to be more buoyant, you have a higher movement, you have a more random quality to how you approach and manage your life. You have effervescent energy, it moves up and out. It can be read as silly, you’ve been judged to be ridiculous, you’ve been told you’re not responsible, you’ve been challenged for being…you know, dropping the ball and a lot of what’s so beautiful about you has been given a reference to being a negative, a shameful label. So this clearing is going to free you up, take all those shameful labels off of your energy, you’re gonna let them go today. So your natural, buoyant, beautiful, fresh, bright, brilliant nature can be a gift to yourself and others because it truly is a gift to this world. And as you love and live your true self, you receive that back in your life because life is a mirror and people will be now enrolled to love your true self, to appreciate you, to applaud you, to recognize you for the things you want to be recognized for – the bright happy nature that you bring to the world that puts a smile on a lot of people’s faces. So let’s do this and let’s bring forward that brilliance that you exude so effortlessly.

So, let’s start with an intention, “I am grateful that my light is now shining and bursting forth and I am a gift to myself and others. It is safe to live true to my Type 1 nature.”

Just start tapping on the inside of your eyebrow, repeating after me, “Even though I have not lived true to my nature 100%, I love and accept myself. Even though I’m afraid to live true to my nature, I’m ready to feel secure in it. Even though I’m afraid that others will judge me negatively and think I’m immature or silly, I’m changing all of that.”

Letting go, “I’m not sure how to live true to myself, it seems like such an effort, scared, frightened, how do I love and accept myself?” Let go of those fears. Releasing “I’m afraid, what if people think I’m silly? My parents didn’t recognize that is a good thing, so others won’t either. I’m now choosing to release that.” Letting go of being shut down as a child, ridiculed, disciplined for who I am. My random nature and happy spirit got me in trouble. “Don’t be so playful, everything’s not a game.” Let go of those old shaming comments. Release them from your entire energy system.

Releasing, “I’m immature, stupid. Others don’t understand me. I need to act more responsible, more serious.” Let it go. Releasing “Too silly. You’re inappropriate. You talk too much.” Let go. I’m letting go of all those negative comments, releasing all the limiting beliefs I’ve been carrying trying to accommodate others. Letting go of “You’re too much, can’t you sit still? You just make me upset.” “My movement makes mom mad. My movement makes dad mad. I have to grow up, that means I need to be more serious, questioning what I say. Oh, what did I just say? I probably look so stupid.” Let that go. “Dropping the ball, inconsistent, distracted easily, feeling ashamed about that, overdoing it, trying too hard, making life so heavy, not being true to myself, I don’t even want to do this, it’s so heavy and stressful. So, of course, you wanna drop the ball. Let it go. Too many ideas, I don’t know where to start.” “When are you ever going to follow through on all your ideas? That’s never going to happen, you always drop the ball.”

Let it go. “Overwhelmed, afraid of what others think of me, have to act and say things so that I get approval from others.” Let it go. “I let people down. I can’t be myself. I have to be someone else in order to be accepted in life.” Letting go of all those limiting beliefs. “People pleaser, selling myself out, I’ll do anything to make you happy. Your happiness is more important than my happiness.” Let it go. Releasing angry, upset, tired of feeling powerless, coming across as naive, appearing immature. Let it go.

Let go of being judged as flighty, not being able to make up my mind, being so adaptable I lose myself to everybody else. Releasing “I don’t know what Energy Type I am. Maybe I’m a 3, maybe I am a 4, I could be a Type 4. Oh, I do that like a Type 2, possibly I’m a Type 2.” Avoiding dealing with the deeper issues by distracting myself by changing my Type. Let that go. It’s too heavy, it’s too painful to feel, looking for outside distractions, release it. Letting go of all the shame that’s held me captive and in emotional pain, freeing up the little child that lives within me that was shamed long ago. Releasing all the judgment, the embarrassment, the negativity, the fear, the uncertainty about being myself, the lack of self-acceptance, the insecurities, let it go. Letting it go once and for all, let it go. Let it go once and for all, every piece and part and parcel of this, let it go. Take some deep breaths, release it. Top of your head, let it go.

So good, let that go. It’s not true, let it all go. Feel how much lighter you feel, how much more freedom, space you feel to be yourself. And put your hand on your heart, repeat after me, “I forgive myself for feeling ashamed of being my bright, animated self. I forgive myself for being embarrassed for who I really am. I forgive my parents for not recognizing my brilliant nature, my natural gifts and tendencies. They did the best they knew how. I forgive myself for adapting so much, so many times that I lost the connection with myself.” Let all that go. “I forgive myself for believing my greatest gifts were actually my biggest flaws.” Does that feel good, to let that go finally? And forgive yourself, forgive your parents. And start anew, that’s what you’re really good at, you’re good at starting new, new possibilities here, so let’s go into new possibilities. These are all truths for who you are.

Tapping on the inside of your eyebrow, “I am brilliant.” Yes, you are. Say it with me. “I am brilliant. I am a light naturally. I am awakening and living true to my nature. I am secure. I am safe being me. I am at peace being me. I’m accepting me. I’m having fun being me. It is light being me. And I am free, free, free being me. I am free of all the hurts and shameful comments of the past. I am heard, I’m taken seriously for who I am. I’m fulfilled. I’m content. I am exhilarated. I am successful as I live my truth, success is effortless. I’m inspiring. I am fun-loving. I am playful and I am accomplished. And I am responsible. And I’m getting done what’s most important and timely in my life and I know the difference. It is easy being me. Others accept me, they compliment me. I’m encouraging others. Others encourage me to be me. I’m happy, effortlessly happy. I’m pure. I’m a delight. I’m a high joy vibration. I’m grounded. I’m present in my body. I’m centered. I’m clear. I’m a great leader. I’m a great friend. I’m a great mother. I’m just a great person. I’m expressing my emotions in healthy ways. I’m taking care of my emotional self. I’m expressing my discomfort and anger in healthy ways. I am well. I’m happy being myself. My inner child is safe now. I’m an abundance of peace. I’m an abundance of fun.”

Take some deep breath, connect with those truths. Just notice how you feel being present, grounded in your body, feeling light, feeling open. Connecting with your true nature. And anytime you’re feeling that your energy is out in front of you, above you, it’s very easy for a Type 1 to be able to disconnect and, kind of, be out in their energetic space, just take your hand and put it on your head, plant it firmly, put your attention on your feet, “I am safe being me, I am safe being me, I am showing up as me. It is time. I am ready. Life supports me being me. I’m now creating a reality where I am supported, I am honored and I am living true to myself.” By placing that hand on your head it’s like bringing your energy back, get present and say those affirmations.

You might want to practice that two, three times a day, especially when you feel like your energy is getting pulled out and you notice you’re starting to accommodate everyone or your children are really aggravating you and you’re just not able to move forward with anything effortlessly, like you’re just pulled out. And this is gonna bring you back in, right here. And this clearing, if this really spoke to you, do it two, three times a week and you can even favor the positives, the reframes if you’re having a lot of shaming things you need to clear, then do the clearing aspect and the releasing part of it. But the actual reframes and positives are very supportive for Type 1 people because you’re really designed to hear a lot of affirmation and that can be healing in and of itself. So find what parts of this work for you. And you can even play it while you’re doing other things, just to reinforce it. And hear my voice just calling this forward in your energy and it will come forward because this is your true design, your true nature, and your whole being wants to live it.

So live true to who you are, you beautiful Type 1 women, you are a blessing and gift to this world. Thanks for your light.

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