Clearing Session for “I Don’t Like My Type 2 Energy”

11 minutes

This session will support you in releasing any negative beliefs around your Type 2 energy. You will find yourself more accepting and understanding of yourself—and excited to live true to your soft, subtle energy!

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Doubt about being Type 2

Shame from childhood

Feelings of being invisible

Patterns of feeling forgotten

You Want To:

Feel comfortable being Type 2

Release memories from the past

Be seen and heard, just as you are

Enjoy feeling important around others

Affirmation for this Session:

I relax into the truth of who I am. I love and accept my subtle, gentle self.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:30

Session Transcript

There’s a good chance you were shamed for being yourself in your childhood, which is unfortunate and yet, with your parents not knowing your true nature, it’s just kind of how it played out. So this video is going to help you clear any of that residual shame about being yourself. Now as you know, Type 2 energy expresses as a soft, subtle movement. It’s fluid, connected. It’s methodical in its capacity to make a connection and make things more smooth. You know, in that, you’re more of an introvert. The energy moves inward first and you connect with the world emotionally, kind of connecting with the world through your heart.

Unfortunately, you may have been told throughout your life that you were too slow. Maybe you’re a worrywart. “Stop worrying, stop crying. Hurry up.” These are common phrases you would have heard as a child and in that, you would have thought and emotionally felt you had to second guess yourself. And if you’re not trusting your true nature, your soft, subtle, fluid movement, you’re in a pattern of overriding it, being more aggressive than is true for you. So let’s start the tapping to help you shift that to relax in to being the truth of who you are.

So let’s start declaring by tapping on the inside of your eyebrow. “Even though I’m afraid to be my subtle, gentle self, I now love and accept myself. Even though I’m afraid I’ll be judged as weak, I love myself. Even though I wasn’t honored for my true nature, I now choose to honor it. Even though I was reprimanded for being me, I now support me. Even though I wasn’t validated in the way I needed as a child, I’m ready to show up being me.”

Releasing “Nobody notices me. In the background. I never get chosen. That’s okay, it doesn’t bother me that much. Worrying, fretting, I have to be more aggressive if I’m going to be heard. I have to be more aggressive if I’m going to be seen. Countering my true nature, causing more worry, anxiety, doubting myself, questioning myself.” Letting go of, “I ask too many questions, I should just know already.” Releasing fear, fear of being my truth. “No one will see me. No one will hear me. But I have to ask more questions. Too many questions, can’t trust myself,” let that go. Releasing “Worried about what others think about me, worried that I’m too slow, worried about worrying.” Let that go. Release it. Feeling weak, wanting to hide, wanting to cry. Stop the tears. Releasing all the patterns I carry that block my tears. Releasing the belief that tears are a sign of weakness.

Letting go of fading away. “Need to get loud to be seen. I can’t do it right. Need to counter my true self.” Release it. Letting go of shy, too quiet. “Speak up.” Avoiding my feelings. Shouldn’t feel this way. Trying to change how I feel. Please notice me. Not being noticed. Questioning who I am, questioning how I move through life, feeling pressured by others, need to be more outgoing, won’t be seen if I’m not. Release it. Let it go. Letting go of the shame. Letting go of the worry. Letting go of all the other people’s expectations I’ve been living by. Releasing all the times I was denied or shamed in being my true self. Let go of any embarrassment, fear, and lack of acceptance.

Put your hand on your heart and take some deep breaths in. “I forgive myself for all the years I’ve not trusted my true nature. I forgive myself for not knowing who I am all these years. I forgive myself for all the times I was embarrassed or worried about being me. I forgive my parents for not knowing and supporting my true nature. I forgive myself for accommodating others so much that I lost touch with who I really am. I forgive myself for overlooking and not trusting my natural gifts and tendencies.” Take a deep breath in.

Let’s start tapping again and this is the reframe part. This is the truth of who you are so we’re activating this truth so it becomes a conscious operating force in your life, both in energy and in thought and feeling. “Thank you, God. I am gentle and powerful. I am steady and calm. I’m awakening to my true self and trusting it. I’m at peace with me. I’m accepting of me. I’m enjoying being me. I am free, I am free, I am free. I am content. I am being me and I am heard. I’m being me and I am seen. I’m loved and accepted for being my calm subtle self. I’m free of the shame of the past. I’m grateful, I’m successful living true to myself. I am at peace and I am confident. I am accepted and I’m loved. It’s easy being me. I’m confident being me. I’m eager to express my true self. I’m seen and I’m heard. Others enjoy being around me, awakening all those truths, making those connections.”

And again, let’s take some breaths in. Bring in the life force energy. Let your whole body connect with this truth. You can even tap all over your body, get the energy as you take this third deep breath. Connecting with your true self. Bringing that into your heart space, knowing this is the truth of who you are.

Now notice when you run the old pattern, the questioning of self, buying into some of the old beliefs, just…this is a good anchor point. Just remind yourself, put your hand on your heart. This is a really strong energy center for you. Let it go. Make the shift energetically. “I am trusting being me. I’m seen, I’m heard, I’m valued, I’m important,” and relax into being you. Just that…there’s a, you know, Type 2 energy is a falling energy. So imagine falling in to the comfort and ease of being yourself and then your life flows forward and you’re the truth, that you’re anchored in the center of that flow and your life is flowing for you and you’re attracting that which supports you and people acknowledge you. Notice that. When people say, “Really enjoy being around you,” or you receive a compliment that’s really honoring of your true nature, take that in and know that is evidence that you are shifting your old beliefs to the actual truths that are embodied in your entire personal energy system, and the truth of you.

As you know, you are naturally designed to be calming, to be heart-centered, to just generate a peaceful expression. This is you. Be this. You know, there’s no need to effort this, relax into being this. Your true self is a gift to others and such a blessing on our planet. Especially at this time on the Earth when we are all, really in a manner, we are thirsty. We are looking for more peaceful energies in a world that can get very loud and hectic. So thank you for sharing your gift with humanity.

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