Clearing Session for “I Don’t Like My Type 3 Energy”

9 minutes

This session will support you in releasing any negative beliefs around your Type 3 energy. You will find yourself more accepting and understanding of yourself—and excited to live true to your swift, dynamic energy!

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Shame about being yourself

Fear of living in your substantial energy

A confusing need to soften yourself

Embarrassment for being “too much”

You Want To:

Clear away any shaming beliefs

Feel safe to show up and be you

Love your fiery, yang qualities

Live a healthy expression of Type 3 energy

Affirmation for this Session:

I am living my Type 3 healthy expression of me.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:18

Session Transcript

There’s a good chance that your Type 3 energy has been shamed in your early childhood. I know that was true for me, so this clearing has been a great asset to help me live my truth without that reference to being a shameful experience. And it also could happened that you knew someone in your childhood that was a Type 3 that was very wounded, and so they showed you the dysfunctional side of a Type 3 person, where they may have been a lot of reactive energy and a very angry energy, and so you didn’t want anything to do with that. So in an effort to stay away from that, some Type 3 people will mis-profile themselves in an effort to not be the wounded, dysfunctional expression of a Type 3 person. So this is going to assist you in clearing all that up, being free of it, so you can live your healthy Type 3 expressive self.

So let’s set that intention right away, that “I am living my Type 3 healthy expression of me.” Take a deep breath in. We’re gonna start on the inside of eyebrow, “Even though I’ve been shamed for just being myself, I’m ready to let that go. Even though I’ve had fears of living true to who I am, my rich dynamic, substantial self. It’s safe to be me now. Even though I’m afraid that others will think I’m too much, I’m too intense, those old perceptions are now gone. Letting go of, I’m not so sure how to live to true myself and be loved and accepted, releasing, afraid to be me, holding myself back, I have to soften myself to be acceptable. Letting go of all the judgment that my parents put on me, “You’re too loud. You’re too intense. Calm down.” Have to shut it all down, release that. Let it go from your body. Release it. Letting go of pushy, I’m too much, stop taking charge of everything. Who do you think you are? You’re too loud. Release that. Let it go. Release it from every fiber of your being.

Letting go of, I’m too demanding. I’m not feminine enough. I have to soften myself to be feminine. My energy is abrasive, intense, too loud like a bull in a China closet, have to override it, repress it, can’t be me. It’s not safe to be me. Let it go releasing, I’m annoying to people, pushing people’s buttons, getting angry, getting louder, because I don’t feel heard. I have to be loud, or I’ll never be heard. Stomping around. It’s too much. You’re too much. I’m too much. Let it go. Release all that. Release the imbalances, the feelings of inadequacy, the shame layers taken on all through your life. Letting go of ugly, manly, too much, too many wrinkles, aging too fast. Let it go. Releasing, judging myself, putting myself down. I’ll put myself down before you can put me down. I’ll put myself in my place before you put me in my place, repressing myself. Let go. Release it. Embarrassed, release it. I said too much, lost control. I’ve hurt their feelings. Who am I anyway? Who do I think I am? I’ll show you who I am. Let it go.

Extremes. Shutting myself down and then overreacting. Playing in extremes. Let it go. Don’t know how to play in the middle. How to be balanced. Just easy being me. Don’t know how. Releasing the lies, the illusions, all the things I was told, all the things I keep telling myself. Letting go of sad, trapped, uncomfortable, unsure of myself. Let it go. Mad, anger. Let go of the anger, of feeling repressed, stifled, judged. Let it go. That extremes, too little, too much. Let it go. It helps, throw the energy off your system. Let the earth take it. Let it go.

Now put your hand on your heart. This is your heart chakra center, heart energy. Just whatever direction feels right to you, rotate your hand while repeating, “I forgive myself for feeling ashamed and unacceptable. I forgive myself for feeling embarrassed. I forgive myself from playing in those extremes, shutting myself down, overreacting. I forgive myself for adapting so much, that I lost touch with myself. I forgive my mom and dad. They did the best they know how. It’s now my time to parent and raise myself to be the healthy Type 3 person that I am.”

Now let’s tap on the truth, connecting your energy meridians, your thought processes, your emotional energy with the truth of who you are. Thank you, God, I’m confident. I am a go-getter. I am balanced. I am in charge of myself. I’m in charge of my emotions. I’m in charge of how I react. I’m at peace with being me. I’m accepting of myself. I am having an enjoyable time being me, connecting my truth. I’m accepted for who I am. I’m successful. My energy creates success. I am at ease being me. It’s nice being me. I am an action, get-it-done person that creates significant, successful results in my life.

I am a pleasure to others. I am pleasing to others. I’m appreciated by others. I’m receiving gratitude from others. I’m complimented from others. I compliment myself. I am centered and moving forward with ease. I’m successful in my life pursuits. My actions creates successful outcomes. I’m expressing my emotions in healthy functional ways. I am heard. I express myself clearly. I’m heard. I’m understood. I’m supported. I am well. I am healthy. I am safe and secure being me. I am grateful. I am balanced. I am abundance of my true self. My child self is safe and secure, making those connections, connecting with the truth and making those connections. Breathing in and out, anchoring that in, tap all over your body, get that into all cells, all aspects of your physical being, and receive that.

Now, this is not a one and done thing. So if you need to do this again or there is key phrases that really stood out for you, you might wanna make a note of those. Start your day with those affirmations. Also when you get triggered, rather than react, you’re going to have more of a grounded, centered effect, be able to manage your reactive energy in a way that it supports successful outcomes for yourself and others that you’re involved with. And as you communicate with more clarity, you’ll be heard and understood.

Type 3 energy is substantial. It’s fiery, it has intensity, and it’s designed to move things into action and make a lasting difference on this planet with the roles you play. Type 3 energy is a very yang quality of energy, and as you live from that place of being centered with it, you will create successful outcomes for yourself, because you are living your truth.

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