Clearing Session for “I Don’t Like My Type 4 Energy”

12 minutes

This session will support you in releasing any negative beliefs around your Type 4 energy. You will find yourself more accepting and understanding of yourself—and excited to live true to your bold, constant energy!

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Fear of being too bold

Memories of shame and judgment

Thoughts of wanting to shut down

Resistance toward bold energy

You Want To:

See the gifts of your energy

Release old beliefs

Embrace yourself on a deep level

Feel grounded in your true nature

Affirmation for this Session:

I am now free of any shameful thoughts, feelings, and perceptions about who I am, true to my Type 4 self.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:31

Session Transcript

This clearing is going to assist you in clearing away any shame energy that is connected to your Type 4 energy. Most likely you were shamed by your parents or someone in a position of authority when you were a child, that being your true self, your natural expression of you wasn’t okay. You might have been disciplined for being you, you might have been given negative feedback or told to be the opposite of who you are. Well, this is going to help you free yourself of that so you can live in balance true to your Type 4 energy.

So let’s set the intention to begin with. Just repeat after me. “I am now free of any shameful thoughts, feelings, and perceptions about who I am, true to my Type 4 self.”

That’s what you want to create, to come into balance with the truth of who you are. So let’s start the clearing with that intention to create that in your life.

As I mentioned in the “How to Tap” video you may have a preference for just holding the points rather than tapping on them. I’m going to go ahead and tap because that’s just how I do it. And you have the option to either tap along with me or just hold the points and repeating the statements after me. “Even though I’ve not lived true to who I am, I’m ready to do that now. Even though I’ve been afraid of being too bold and authoritative, I understand now. It is my true nature. Even though I’m worried that I’ll come across as insensitive, I’m letting go of that judgment. Even though I’m not quite sure how to live my true self, I now accept myself and trust that I know. Even though I feel afraid, I love and accept myself. And even though my parents did not recognize my true nature, I now recognize it. Even though my parents did not honor my true nature, I now honor it.”

Letting go, “Nobody understands me. I’m okay, I’ll just be by myself. I’ll keep it inside. People are judgmental anyway.” Let it go. Releasing, “Just want to be alone. Leave me alone. Can’t say what I want to say without being misunderstood.” Releasing all the limiting beliefs that keep me from living my true self. Letting go coming across too bold, too opinionated, too blunt. “Want people to like me, so I’ll stop being me, I’ll change myself in a need to be accepted.” Releasing from every part of my being, “I have to make it better. My best is never good enough. People always fall short. Wish people would try harder, do it better, frustrated.”

Letting go of all the being told to lighten up. All the time you’re told to lighten it up in your life, let that go. “You’re too serious. You’re too critical.” All the times you’ve heard that, I’m letting go of that, release it. “You need to be more outgoing.” Letting go of that. “Shy, reserved, putting people off.” Releasing those misunderstandings. Letting go of all the times being told, “You should be more playful, you should be more outgoing. Trying, can’t fake it. Failure, hiding myself, letting it go. Lonely. That’s okay. I’d rather be by myself than fake it.” Releasing, always seeing the flaw first. Critical, let it go. “You’re too critical.” Such a perfectionist, letting go of the perfectionist label that’s been shaming. “Others don’t see my natural gifts as gifts, others see them as flaws. That’s okay, just leave me alone, I’d rather be by myself.”

Let it go, releasing putting up walls, silent treatment, shutting down, going within, they had their chance. Letting go, black and white, extremes. All or nothing. People can be so stupid, what’s wrong with them? Hiding myself from the world. Releasing all the times that I’ve been misunderstood, all the pain that I’ve carried from my childhood, letting go of the childhood pain. I should have more friends, I should be able to socialize more, I should, I should, I should. Letting go of all the shoulds.

Letting go of giving my power away, allowing others to be my authority. Releasing, “Don’t like other people telling me what to do. Overreacting because I wasn’t given permission to be my own authority in my childhood.” Letting go of extremes, embarrassed if I make a mistake. If I’ve done something wrong, it’s wrong being me. I’m wrong, you’re wrong. I’m stupid, you’re stupid. Let it go. Releasing. Releasing overthinking it, I need more information. I have to think about it more. Overanalyzing, caught in a mental loop. I have to figure it out. Mind taking over. Can’t stop thinking. Losing sleep trying to figure out how to be happy, trying to figure out the solution. Stuck in my head. Let it go. Releasing it, take some deep breaths, let that all go.

Just shake that off. Let’s forgive yourself and all the other people that you’ve felt offended or shamed by. Just put your hand on your heart chakra, repeat after me. “I forgive myself…” You can even rotate it or hold it still. “I forgive myself for feeling at odds with who I am. I forgive myself for not recognizing my true nature and my natural gifts. I forgive myself for judging myself and losing touch with myself. I forgive others for misjudging me. I forgive myself for judging others. I forgive my mom and dad for not understanding me. I let go of the pain, the shame, and the misunderstandings. I forgive myself for not recognizing that what I once perceived as my flaws are truly my greatest gifts.”

Now we’re going focus on the truth to activate the truth in your thoughts, your feelings, and your entire personal energy system. “Thank you, God, I am my own authority. Thank you, God, I know who I am and I’m trusting and respecting me. As I trust and respect myself, others trust and respect me. Thank you, God, I am appreciated for being me. I’m understood and supported. I’m respected for being my own authority. It’s easy being me. I have the correct relationships and as many relationships that are correct for me. I can choose to be outgoing or I can choose to observe. I can choose what is correct for me. I’m understood and I’m supported. I’m accepting others for wherever they’re at in life. I’m accepting myself where I’m at in life. I’m living my truth. I am my own authority. My opinion matters. I’m knowing when, where, and who to share it with. It is received. I’m appreciated for my contribution. Just being me makes the world a better place. I’m eager to express my true self. I’m giving the important things in my life the appropriate amount of thinking time. I’m discerning of what requires my thinking, figuring out process, and what I can let go of. Others appreciate me. I’m easy to be with. I have correct relationships. I’m knowing what’s correct for me. I’m at peace with me. I’m balanced, I’m content, I’m at ease. I’m successful in my life pursuits as I apply my natural gifts and power.”

Just let yourself have all that, bring that into your body. You’re emotionally more balanced, mentally more balanced, physically more balanced as you live from the center place of being you. Balance, that is one of your greatest gifts, to bring things to balance as you first live in balance. Continue to strive to be your healthiest self. And as you do, you are a blessing to the world and the world shows up to bless you

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