Clearing Session for Lack, Pain, and Struggle Thought Patterns

10 minutes

This session will help you release age-old thoughts and beliefs that keep you in patterns of struggle. It will help you let go of prevention thinking and support you in starting the process of creation thinking.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Frustration because you can’t get ahead

A lack of time to do what you need

Apathy because your life won’t get better

The belief that you have to work hard

You Want To:

Experience an abundance of all you desire

Create plenty of time for what’s important to you

Be grateful for how blessed you are

Feel ease and joy while doing what you love

Affirmation for this Session:

I am ready and willing to let go of all negative thought patterns that create lack, pain, and struggle.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 0:47

Session Transcript

The thinking mind is programmed to process thoughts of lack, pain, and struggle. It wants to help you survive in the world, and it needs to be trained to become an affirmative mind. This clearing will assist you in releasing some of the most age-old thoughts and beliefs that keep your mind thinking thoughts of struggle. It will also help you let go of prevention thinking and support you to start the process of creation thinking.

Repeat this affirmation with me, “I am ready and willing to let go of all negative thought patterns that create lack, pain, and struggle.”

While tapping, repeat the following: “Even though I still have negative thoughts that limit my reality, I deeply love and accept myself and I’m working on changing that. Letting go of all the limiting thoughts I have, including, life is hard, I have to struggle to get ahead. There’s never enough time, we just have to learn to get by, don’t expect the best, it’s only a once in a lifetime opportunity, I just have to get used to going without, it can’t get any better than this. Letting go of all these limiting thoughts. Letting all of these limiting thoughts go for myself and my posterity.

“Releasing, I would rather die than keep on dealing with this. I can’t stand it anymore. Why does this keep happening to me? It’s too good to be true. Things never work out for me. Don’t expect it to last. If something is worth it, it’s worth sacrificing for. No pain, no gain. Releasing it as far back as it goes in my generations. Letting go of anything I heard as a child. Releasing, the good probably won’t happen again. It’s too good to be true. I’m always down on my luck. Have to prepare for the worst. Release repeating limiting family patterns because of my negative thinking.

“Letting go of anger for being stuck in this pattern, frustrated and tired of it. I’m ready to change and afraid it won’t change. When are things going to turn around for me? When is my boat of good fortune coming in? What else do I have to do to make it better? Why am I still stuck? Life sucks. Releasing these habits of thought that have been in my family for generations. It is time to let them go once and for all. I am free now to create my own story.”

Place your hand on your heart, connecting with your heart energy, while repeating, “I forgive myself for thinking such negative thoughts. I am creating new habits of thought. I forgive all the people who taught me to think like this. I forgive humankind for continuing the story of lack, pain, and struggle. I know my choice to create joy is making a difference.”

While tapping, repeat the following: “Thank you, God, I can take control of my thinking and train my mind to be a useful tool for me. My mind and I are one. A positive mental attitude is my natural thinking state. Life supports me every day. I get ahead effortlessly. Time supports me. There is always enough time for what is important. I am learning how to thrive. I am expecting the best. Breathing in this truth, receiving it in all parts of my mind and body. There is opportunity after opportunity showing up for me. I’m getting used to an affluent life. It can get better than this and it is. I am dealing with this with hope and optimism, and things are getting better. So many wonderful things keep happening to me.

“I am thrilled with my amazing life. It’s good and it’s true. Things always work out for me. Making these connections and embracing these truths. It is my new way of thinking. I expect it to keep getting better and better. It’s worth it and it comes to me readily. I’m experiencing lots of gain and lots of joy. I am grateful for how much good continues to show up for me. I’m always up on my luck. I’m such a lucky person. I am preparing myself for the best. I am free of patterns of lack and struggle. They are gone for good. I am now learning new life skills that help me create an affluent life.”

Place your hand on the center of your chest in your heart energy while repeating the following, “It is changing. I am patient with the process. Things are starting to turn out better for me. I’m seeing it and I’m grateful. As I believe my life will get better, it has to. That is the law of creation. I am moving forward with grace and ease. I attract positive because I think positive. I always think of what I want. Life is a remarkable adventure that is filled with affluence on all levels. Lucky me.”

Take a deep breath, and I’m going to invite you to stand up and reach your arms up to the sky with an open stance, with your arms open. Tilt your head up, so you’re looking upward, and invite the heavens to open and pour down upon you the reserve of affluence energy and blessings that you have been withholding from yourself due to these old blocks.

Imagine a beautiful light pouring down upon you and that you are now open to receiving this higher vibration of energy. Take a deep breath while imagining filling your whole body full of light and truth. Do this two more times. Deep breath, breathing in the light. Then bring your arms to you, bring that energy into your heart, tapping with both hands, using your fingertips, all over your body, connecting this energy into the physical level.

Then just stomp your feet on the ground and ground this energy into the earth, into your entire system, activating it through your entire body.