Clearing Session for Perfectionism

6 minutes

This session will help you release the need for everyone and everything to be perfect—including yourself. You will feel a sense of calm, without the control, as you become at peace with yourself.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Embarrassment over your need for control

Shame about your neediness for perfection

Frustration that nothing goes as you’d like

Impatience with others and yourself

You Want To:

Feel calm and content with life

Let go needing everything to be “just so”

Enjoy life with a sense of peace

Trust and accept yourself and others

Affirmation for this Session:

“I am letting go of the pattern of perfectionism. I am at ease with life.”

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 0:56

Session Transcript

It is good to expect the best and go for the greatest outcome. Perfectionism becomes a problem when you no longer have a choice, when you need everything and everyone to be perfect. You’re powerless to your neediness. The pattern lives and controls your thoughts and emotions. It’s better to choose freedom and happiness over perfect environments and perfect outcomes.

Repeat this affirmation with me, “I am letting go of the pattern of perfectionism. I am at ease with life.”

While tapping, repeat the following, “Even though I think everything needs to be perfect, I completely love and accept myself. Even though I have wanted everyone else to be perfect, I am loving and accepting them now. Releasing overwhelm, perfectionism, all or nothing. I can never do anything right, so I must do it perfectly. Letting it all go, releasing this pattern. I have to keep everything in control. Little things seem like huge things. Have to have everything running smoothly the way I want it. If it’s not perfect, throw it out. I’m not perfect. Therefore, I must make everything else perfect. Letting it all go, releasing, give up. Can’t be perfect. Have to be perfect to be loved. Caught in my control drama. No one can do it as good as me. Releasing. Have to do it myself. Expecting others to do it wrong. Can never depend on anyone. Releasing these beliefs in every cell. Too many things going on for me to control. Have to be perfect to be loved.”

Let it all go once and for all. “Scared to exist without this pattern. Have to be perfect to be loved. Have to be perfect to be capable. Lack, deep grief, worthless. I don’t know what you see in me. Releasing. Lonely, alone. Fear of being cast out. Separate. Sorrow. Have to direct others. Have to control to make sure it is perfect. My way or the highway. Must appear perfect so others won’t see the real me. Out of control.”

Let it go. Take a deep breath. Let it go. Releasing it all. Place your hand on your heart center, repeat after me, “I forgive myself for needing this pattern to feel safe in the world. I’m ready to let it go.”

Keep tapping while repeating, “I am calm. I am calm. I am calm. I am at peace. I’m understanding the bigger picture. I’m letting myself relax. I’m letting go and trusting. I’m trusting others can do it good enough. I’m allowing others their way of being and doing. I’m balanced. I’m okay when life changes occur. I’m safe when I’m not in charge. I’m free of the need to control.”

Breath that into every cell. “I am supporting others. I communicate calmly when things are not the way I think they should be. I’m forgiving. I’m allowing. I am non-judgmental. I’m willing. I have the power to give up my obsession with perfection. I’m patient and consistent. I enjoy life. Anyone’s best is wonderful. I am balanced.”

Take a deep breath. Feel the connection with that ease, that balance. Look for the good in every situation and everyone’s effort, even if it seems less than perfect. You can choose to be happy rather than right and feel a lot more peace.

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