Clearing Session for Relationship Issues

6 minutes

This session will help you clear both the conscious and subconscious beliefs you may carry about what is expected of you, or what you expect from your partner, in your relationship. You’ll release any beliefs that keep you and your partner from changing.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Frustrating and ineffective communication

Problems with intimacy and sex

Tension within your relationship

Fears of speaking up and being yourself

You Want To:

Communicate easily and respectfully

Enjoy a pleasurable sexual experience

Experience a loving and harmonious relationship

Feel like your true self when you’re with your partner

Affirmation for this Session:

I am creating harmonious and loving relationships.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 0:35

Session Transcript

You may carry both conscious and subconscious beliefs about what is expected of you and your partner in your relationship that could be causing disharmony. This clearing will support you in letting go of those old beliefs, so you can create harmonious relationships.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I am creating harmonious and loving relationships.”

While tapping, repeat after me, “Even though I have relationship beliefs and patterns that are keeping us stuck, I love and accept myself.”

Releasing and letting go of, I don’t exist. I have to keep up appearances. I need to control things to feel safe in my relationship. Afraid to express myself for fear I will be shut down. Don’t know how to be vulnerable. Afraid to love and be intimate. Fear of being rejected and hurt. Can’t stand up for myself. Releasing all the lies and illusions I may have about relationships.

Letting go of, how can I let you love me when I don’t even love myself? Feeling powerless in my relationship. My partner’s needs are more important than mine. Distrust, have to focus on the needs of my partner first. Shaming myself. Avoid asking for support. Settling for less because they don’t want anymore. No hope, no boundaries, always the victim. Have to work at being loved. If I let down, I will lose you. Fear of disappointment, fear of rejection. Afraid to ask for what I need. Letting go of unreasonable expectations of myself and my partner. Repeating my parent’s pattern in my own relationship. I have to feel bad for you. I have to alter my truth in hopes it creates more harmony in my relationship.

Letting it all go. Releasing any beliefs and perceptions that keep me and my partner from changing, including: They’ll never change. It’s just the way they are. I know what they are going to say and do. They’re not interested in working things out. They think this is all airy-fairy. Letting it all go, releasing poor communication. Nobody really listens to the other. Needing to be heard. Never feel heard and understood. Not taking the time to learn better communication skills. Letting it go, it requires too much work. Releasing problems with intimacy, sex with contempt. Letting it all go once and for all, releasing it” Take a deep breath and exhale all those old energies. Take a deep breath, letting it all go. “I’m letting it all go once and for all, freeing up myself and my partner.

Another deep breath, “Releasing these old energies I’ve been operating in.” Let that all go.

Place your hand on your heart, repeat after me, “I forgive myself and my partner. We are doing the best we know how.”

While tapping, repeat the following, “I can now enjoy relationships. My needs and desires are important. I let go of blaming myself and others. It is safe to be intimate with my partner. I’m a great communicator. We are committed to learning better communication skills. My relationship is growing as a result of using healthy communication skills. We use these skills on a regular basis. It is safe to be myself in my relationship. I speak what is true for me, and I am heard and understood.”

Take a deep breath, breathe in these truths, “I am open, and it is safe to be loved. My partner and I share a pleasurable and enjoyable sexual relationship. I exist. I am important. I am the real me in my relationship. We honor each other. I’m creating a healthy partnership with my spouse. Both our needs matter. My relationship just keeps getting better and better. Letting myself believe and trust this, it is my new relationship story.”

Take a deep breath. Fill yourself with these truths. Imagine filling your whole body full of light and truth. Just tap all over your body, making those connections in your whole body. It’s even good to stand up, walk around, ground this new energy in the whole body.

As you now experience this new energy, it will compel you to show up differently. You’ve created a new relationship story, and be prepared for your partner to show up differently for you.

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