Clearing Session for Shifting Family Dynamics with Energy Sketching

8 minutes

This session will help you learn how to use Energy Sketching to shift the dynamics in your family. It will support you in changing the energy and create more harmony and cooperation in your family relationships.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Tension between your family

Taking on the energy of other family members

Unsupportive patterns playing out

Disrespect or dominance with someone

You Want To:

Feel peace around your family

Hold your own at family gatherings

Free yourself from old family patterns

Live in equanimity and respect

Affirmation for this Session:

As I focus my attention on what I want to create, energy responds, and positive changes occur. I am choosing to do this to create more harmony, love, and respect in my family.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:15

Session Transcript

Energy responds to your intention and focus. An easy way to effect energy to create a shift in your family system is to use the practice of energy sketching. You can shift the energy of your family in several ways with a variety of energy sketches that will open the space for more love, harmony, and respect amongst family members.

To create your own energy sketches, get a sketchpad or a notebook, a pen or even colored pencils, and draw out your creations and intentions. I will show you a couple of examples of energy sketches. Let’s first start with an affirmation.

Repeat this affirmation after me. “As I focus my attention on what I want to create, energy responds, and positive changes occur. I am choosing to do this to create more harmony, love, and respect in my family.”

For the first energy sketch, consider the scenario that you really don’t want. You go to a family gathering. It’s your extended family. You feel that you take on old energies. You play old childhood roles. You kind of lose yourself in the mix of the family energy, you don’t hold your own.

And you feel shut down, and things don’t go so well for you. So that might look like… If this were your family energy, the collective energy of everyone in the extended family, and you go into it, and this is you. And this is like surrounding you. You’re encompassed by it. It’s bigger than you. You lose yourself in it.

Well, a way to shift that is to imagine you. Now you’re going into your family system. And we’re going to break the energy up, so there’s not one big collective energy. You’re just going to draw how many people are in your extended family. Let’s just put mom, dad, sibling, sibling, sibling. And you’re going to join them. This is you.

Everybody holds the same energetic space. Everyone can be themselves when they come together, rather than this old family energy taking over from an old family story.

You can even do figure-eights between everybody. Lots of figure-eights that you’d be creating here. You, everybody else. Figure-eights with everybody in the family. So you’ll just have lots of figure-eights connecting the whole family.

So you’ve gone from losing yourself in the collective energy of the old family story to supporting yourself and everyone else to being in their own energetic space, interacting in harmony with respect and love towards each other.

So when you leave, you’re going to exit your family. There’s nothing to shake off. You’ve not been compromised. You held your own the entire time.

Another scenario, maybe with a parent, a sibling, maybe it’s with a spouse or a child you feel compromised by like their energy takes over.

So if that were the case, it would look like this. This is you. And this is them. Do you see how much bigger they are? It’s like they’re dominating you. They’re overpowering you. You’re not equal to them energetically.

I know you know where I’m going with this. It’s easy to shift it. For two adults, sketch yourselves the same size. There’s equanimity in your energy. It’s equal.

Both people get to be true to their own energy and hold their own. You can even do figure-eights between you and the other person. In the case of a child that can dominate you, if they’re an adult, I would do this sketch. If they’re a child, you’re still in the parental role.

You’re raising them. Go ahead and make yourself a little bit bigger than them. This is you. Then according to their age, this is your child. So that you hold your own energetic space as the parent and show up as the loving, guiding parent in their life, helping them be raised true to who they are. Again, you can add a figure-eight.

Another scenario might be between you and your spouse. You’ve shifted your level of consciousness. You’re more accountable, you’re open-minded, you’re really learning about choice and accountability, the cause and effect of the world, healing, energy, and they may not be interested. It’s like you’re on a higher plane than them.

This sketch will represent what’s playing out. This represents your field of consciousness that you are operating on. This represents your spouse’s field of consciousness they’re operating on.

So you can see they’re not on the same level. And when you start talking about these ideas, they may be foreign because they’re existing in a whole other form of reference to reality. They may feel they’re being talked down to. They’re being told what to do. See how this mimics a parent-child? They’re feeling like they’re being told they need to change, and they’re not motivated to. They’ll get defensive and resistant.

There are two things you can do with this sketch depending on what you feel prompted is correct for your spouse. The first one is, give them access to the higher plane of consciousness you’re operating in by giving them a ladder to climb up and join you. There’s no connection here. Give them the connection, give them the invitation. See yourself standing at the top of the ladder with open arms, inviting them to join you, and see them climbing up the rungs of the ladder, wanting to be with you.

The second option, if they’re ready to go for it in a bigger step, just pull them on up. So you could reach down, grab their hand, and bring them up to join you. So you’re both there together. Just, “Come on, honey. It’s time to join me.” You’ll know which is correct as you tune in to your spouse.

Be creative and have fun with this technique. I have a personal sketchpad where I’ll create energy sketches when things come to mind. I’m amazed at how the energy responds and things shift.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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