Clearing Session for Taking on Other People’s Energy

10 minutes

This session will help you uncover the patterns that cause you to compromise yourself and take on other people’s energy. You will learn how to protect and shield yourself so you can be grounded in your true energy.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Anger for taking on other people’s energy

Regret from compromising yourself

Confusion about what energy is even yours

Annoyance for repeating this pattern

You Want To:

Protect yourself from the energy of others

Be free to never compromise yourself again

Feel grounded and safe in your own energy

Forgive yourself for carrying out this habit

Affirmation for this Session:

I am letting go of any negative energy that is not mine. I release it and return it to its proper owner and creator. I send this back to them with love and awareness. I am now free to experience my own energy, my own self, my own being.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 2:36

Session Transcript

I am sure that you are aware that the planet’s energy can feel a little heavy, crazy, discombobulated, and stressful. Well, you don’t have to be a party to that. You may have noticed that when you get together with certain people, you feel different after you leave. Maybe it’s not even your stuff. Maybe you took on their stuff, and you don’t need to anymore. It could have been the habit you had as a child, just to support your parents in feeling better about themselves. Feeling happier trying to make your family environment a more peaceful, lighter pleasant place. These are all factors that feed into why we may take on the energy of others. It’s not in our best interest; it’s a great disservice to us, it’s really not even effective. The energy just gets recreated because only when a person becomes conscious enough to change, the energy they operate in, the vibration that sustains them, whether that’s a low vibration or a high vibration, they’ll recreate it. So, even if we take it on, nothing really changes to effect a long-term change. It just pays a price on you. You get the side effect that’s not pleasant.

And so, just choose right now that you’re going to stop this habit. You’re going to shift this experience, and you are going to be in the space of your own energy. Your own peaceful state of being. The energy of you. And you can still be aware of what’s going on around you but, not then make yourself a party to it and even take it on which, suddenly, the other person feels great, and they don’t know why. I’m feeling better. And I’m like, “Yeah, because I just took all this stuff on that’s not even mine so you would.” Huh, big breath. Just a sigh of relief, “Yes, I can have a constant peaceful experience with myself knowing who I am and being stable in that.”
Join me by repeating this powerful intention to set the energy in motion to support you in the shift: “I am letting go of any negative energy that is not mine. I release it and return it to its proper owner and creator. I send this back to them with love and awareness. I am now free to experience my own energy, my own self, my own being.”

Let’s begin the tapping sequence. “Even though I have been taking on energy that it is not mine, I completely love and accept myself. Even though I don’t even know what energy is mine and what is not mine, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though I have paid a price for taking on the energy of others, I completely love and accept myself. Even though I am angry that I took on my parents’ energy, it’s time to let it go. Releasing, it’s not mine, it is mine, how do I know the difference? Letting go of energetic confusion, letting go of taking on negative energy as a habit, the habit of running other people’s negative emotions. Releasing, taking on the negative thoughts of others. Letting go of playing this role. I was just trying to help my parents feel better. I am ready to let go of this role once and for all. It is time. I am ready. I just wanted a happy home. Nobody else was taking responsibility for the energy.”

Place your hands on your heart, now visualize, with your eyes closed, visualize yourself as a small child. Bring that child into the light and tell this part of you they never needed to and they especially do not need to anymore take on the energy in their family environment from their parents or anyone else. You’re free. They need to learn to be in the energy of themselves. Surround them with loving support, white light, and invite them to go play in a safe place where they can feel support in learning their own expression of self.

Take a deep breath, let’s continue tapping. “I’m not sure what to do with myself. Not sure who I am. I am ready to know myself and feel my own energy. I’m getting stronger. I am strong in holding my own energy. I am free to be me. I am running my energy and no one else’s. I am stable in my own energy. I am connected.”

So, drop your hand. We’ll come back to the tapping. Imagine a situation where you felt vulnerable, where you sense or you continue to take on the energy of someone else or the environment. It could even be a movie, a TV show; it could be a setting, a workspace, a family, a person that you live with. Your energy isn’t stable anymore. You take on their energy. Now imagine yourself in that setting and you choose to give the energy back. You let it all go back to whatever the origin of it is and now surround yourself with large reflecting panels. You’re gonna become a mirror. Your superpower is Mirror Woman. You’re Mirror Woman, reflecting panels all around you. Big reflecting panels just mirroring back, reflecting back the energy to the owner or to the space. And you’re fine. You’re stable. You’re grounded. You feel connected to yourself. And you’re just there, peaceful in the center of all these reflecting panels and your new superpower is available to you at any time and any place. You just think it. Mirror, this is what I do, I just go Mirror Woman and it’s like they all turn on pf pf pf and I’m like huh, I just get to be me here. So use that tool when you’re susceptible to taking on the energy. You’re now a superwoman with superpowers of Mirror Woman.

Let’s go back to the tapping. “It feels good to be me. I am letting others be responsible for their energy and what their energy creates. It feels great. I am responsible for my energy and what my energy creates. I am taking care of my energy by avoiding music, television, and movies that compromise me. I’m avoiding people that compromise me. I am taking care of myself in intimate relationships by using these techniques. I am confident. I am capable. It feels great. I am me. They are them.” Doing two things at once here. You can do it. Tapping, “I am me. They are them. I am my energy; they are their energy. I am knowing the difference. I am knowing the difference. I am knowing the difference.” Take three deep breaths.

Now, notice your own body. Put your attention on your own body. Notice your own feelings. Notice the peace. Notice your own thoughts, how it’s quieter in there. Notice your own energetic space and feel the peace of you. Just like taking on the energy of other people and situations became a habit, this is a come-back-to video because you’re learning new techniques and skills to create your new habit to be, I’m stable in the energy of me. You want to really get strong in that because you are such a beautiful gift to the world. Because as you stabilize your own energy, anyone in your presence becomes more stable in theirs. They’re going to say things like, “It’s always so great to be with you, you’re so easy to be around, I really enjoy being with you.” Because you offer this gift without even saying a word. Your energy affects their energy. What a profound gift to offer the world at this time.

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