Clearing Session for the 1st Chakra – The Root Chakra

13 minute video

This session will help you activate the new energy of your first chakra, also called your root chakra. This chakra supports you in standing in your own truth and easily moving forward on your life path. If this energy center is weak or closed, you may experience dysfunctional family issues, including judgment and a lack of support. As a result of doing this clearing, you will feel rooted in your life path and purpose and easily attract to you all you need to thrive.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Repeated dysfunction in your family patterns

Inability to attract money, health, or support

Criticism & judgment from family members

Health and weight issues that won’t go away

You Want To:

Create healthy and positive family patterns

Feel safe to open up and be your true self

Move forward on the correct life path for you.

Create a healthy body that you are in love with

Affirmation for this Session:

As I live true to myself, I know I deserve to thrive and help others thrive.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing begins at 2:22

Session Transcript

The function of the first chakra is to energetically root us to the earth and our life path and purpose. That is why it is nicknamed the root chakra. The location of the first chakra is at the base of the spine in the area of the groin. The universal color for the first chakra is red. The first chakra begins to be activated from birth to six months. If we feel loved and accepted by our parents and family, the energy and belief of I belong, it is safe to be my true self, begins to activate at this age. If we did not have the experience of healthy validation in a safe and predictable family system, the root chakra could not properly develop. If your root chakra is weak or closed, you may experience physical issues in your legs, hips, immune system, and also have problems with constipation, overweight, or fatigue.

The new energy of the first chakra is uprooting us from the old energy of struggle that humanity has created for centuries. This clearing will help you release the old energy of the root chakra, and support you in activating the new energy of the root chakra of living true to yourself by putting you in energetic alignment with your true self, along with supporting you and creating affluence in all areas of your physical experience. I recommend you put a few drops of either the “I Am Connected” or the “I Am Healthy” essential oil on your fingertips to support you in making this a very powerful clearing.

We are going to use both hands in this clearing, one hand for tapping and the other hand to place in the energy of the first chakra down by the pelvic bone. Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “As I live true to myself, I know I deserve to thrive and help others thrive.”

While tapping, repeat the following after me. Releasing DNA patterns that keep me stuck and family dysfunction, loss of physical power, degraded, expect criticism from others. Lack of bonding as a family. How can I survive this? This isn’t my family. Release it from every cell in the body. Release. I am not supposed to be here. I can never get ahead. I can never get well. I need to separate myself from others.

Numbing out. Shut down. End relationships to avoid being deserted. Undeserving. I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m short. My body’s not right. Even when I’m thin, I’m fat. Everyone in my family has health and weight problems. Living hand to mouth. Never enough money. Paycheck to paycheck. Release it from the first chakra. Let it go. Releasing others are threatened by my power. Other people’s power is a threat to me. Disempowered. Guilty if I put myself first. Victim. Betrayed. Betrayed by my family. My family is not good enough. Judged by my family. I’m not good enough for my family. Not chosen. Not wanted. Kind of just wipe out that energy from that first chakra. Place your hand, continue tapping. Letting go of old religious shaming.

I have to give up my own truth to survive. Letting go of all of the old struggle and survival energy. Letting go of energetic imprints from my ancestors. Powerless. Not sure where I belong. Feel like I am looking from the outside in. Feel like an alien amongst humans. Feel like an imposter releasing from every cell of my body. My personal energy is melded with my family’s energy. Can’t be my true self. Can’t be my true self when I’m with my family. Playing out old family roles to please my family. Being who they want me to be.

Letting go from the first chakra energy. Don’t like my body. Don’t like being human. The human experience is frightening, scary, evil. My body is sick, can’t get healthy. Wanna get out of my body. Allergic to my body. Sick of being human. Clearing the body of any negative energy that is causing problems with my legs, hips, immune system, constipation, holding on to extra weight, fatigue. Letting go of all of the times I have morphed myself to be who others want me to be. Felt unclear about my own values. Still living by other people’s expectations. Existing to please others. Making decisions according to what others want rather than what I want. Letting go of all the old energy imprints of struggle from my root chakra. Take a deep breath in and exhale. And then just move all that energy out of that root chakra area, letting it go, releasing it on all levels.

Another deep breath in and shake it off. Let your whole body release it. Good job. Put your hand on your heart energy in the center of your chest and repeat the following after me. I forgive myself for being the next generation to live out these patterns of struggle. I forgive myself for not fully accepting and loving my physical experience. I forgive myself for believing life has to be hard. Deep inhale, exhale. Continue tapping while repeating the following. Again, place that other hand in the area of the root chakra. Thank you, God. I am guided and inspired. I am worth it. I am enough. I am chosen. I count. I am free to create differently than my family. I am royalty. I am God’s gift to this world. I am secure. I am rich in all areas of my life. Life flows gracefully and easily for me. I am healthy. I am wealthy.

Take a deep breath in making the connections. I am involved and powerful. I am connected. I am grounded in my own truth. I am safe to be powerful. We are all safe to be powerful. I am connected to God and receiving personal empowerment. I start and complete things easily. I am free of DNA and family patterns that have kept me stuck. Thank you, God. I am my true identity. I contribute to a united, loving, peaceful family life. Life loves me and I love being here. I am safe to be all that I can be. I am safe in relationships. I am creating healthy relationships.

Thank you, God. I am wanted. I am chosen. I am receiving my good now. I am noticed for the good I contribute. I am welcomed here. I’m experiencing peace within me. I am experiencing a positive connection to my body. I am anchored in the light. Tapping truth into every cell of my body. My legs are healthy. My immune system is healthy. I am fit and healthy. I am energized. I enjoy a healthy body. Connecting to the new energy of the first chakra. Tapping in. I belong because I chose to be here. I am connected to my own values. I’m living true to me. I am my authentic self with everyone. I have a strong connection with my family and friends while living true to myself. I am using my gifts and talents to make a difference in the world. Take a deep breath and bring it in.

Tapping here on the heart center, repeat after me. I am grateful I am fulfilling my own unique purpose on the earth. I’m connected to my life path and purpose. I am rooted in my truth. And then just open your arms and pull that energy to get that energy moving down here in the root chakra area. Deep breath in and feel all that new healthy energy just activating and coming alive in every cell. Other activities that will strengthen your first chakra or putting the I am Healthy or I am Connected oil in the area of your root chakra, wearing an Onyx necklace, carrying cash, eating root vegetables, jogging and walking outdoors. During the week, notice opportunities that will present to help you make new choices that honor the new energy of your root chakra.

Staying in your true energy with people you usually do not do this with. Becoming more clear on your values and what your life purpose is. Feeling more energy and aliveness in your body. When you notice this new energy, pause, and tap all over your body, the new energy of the root chakra is ready and available to you to help you live a life of authenticity and truth according to you.

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