Clearing Session for the 2nd Chakra – The Creation Chakra

12 minute video

This session will help you activate the new energy of your second chakra, also known as the creation chakra. This energy supports you with creating life experiences that bring you pleasure. It is also the energy center that influences our sexual desires and sexual pleasure. If this energy center is weak or closed, you may experience shame in regards to sex and intimacy and feel guilt for experiencing life’s pleasures. As a result of doing this clearing, you’ll easily reconnect with pleasure and delight with the flow of life and claim your sexual truth.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Lack of safety in close relationships

Shame and guilt around your sexuality

Anger as a protective mechanism

Low self-esteem about creative pursuits

You Want To:

Feel safe to be open in your intimate relationship

Claim your sexuality and pleasure as sacred

Feel powerful and calm in your creative pursuits

Feel confident about your personal creativity

Affirmation for this Session:

I feel my sexual truth and creative life force birthing out into the world.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing begins at 3:55

Session Transcript

The second chakra is also called the sacral chakra and the creation chakra. The energy of the second chakra supports you in enjoying pleasure in many different ways in life. Activating the new energy of the second chakra helps you create healthy sexual experiences that honor you. This energy gives you access to the powerful creative energy that is fed by your passion to birth your creations into the world, both to bring you pleasure and to make a difference.

The second chakra is located in the middle of the belly and mid-back. The universal color of the second chakra is orange. The second chakra begins to be activated between the ages of six months to three years. During this stage, our feelings awaken as well as our creative responses to the people and situations around us. We start to develop a perception of our feelings and whether or not it is safe to express them. The creation chakra is the energy center that supports our sense of having the right to be creative and expressive.

Our parents may have inadvertently taught us that some feelings are not okay. If we are exposed to dysfunctional displays of emotion, we will sense and later believe that certain feelings are bad. Or to survive dysfunctional family environments, we model our own behavior after our parent’s dysfunctional behavior. We are sensory perceptive as small children and could take on the energy of feelings that are not accounted for or managed well by our parents or caregivers. We do all we can as children to try and bring balance to our environment, even absorb the feelings of our family members as our own.

Clearing blocks and activating this energy center supports you and finding pleasure and creative fulfillment. If this energy center is still blocked in our adult lives, it is common to feel shame energy in reference to sex and your sexuality. Sexual intimacy stirs up shame for you. You feel taken advantage of and unsupported by others. You also may be putting off creative endeavors and feel guilty if you have too much pleasure in life. If your second chakra is weak or closed, you may feel physical imbalances connected to your reproductive organs, bladder, lower abdomen and imbalances in this chakra can manifest physically as urinary infections, hip problems and issues with reproductive processes.

The new energy of the second chakra is teaching us that it is spiritual to feel pleasure and delight in the flow of life, celebrating our sexual and creative energies. To enhance and make this clearing more powerful I recommend you use the “I Am Nurtured” or the “I Am Present” healing oil. Apply a little bit to the tips of the fingers to use while you’re tapping. We’re going to use both hands in this clearing, one hand for the tapping and the other hand to place in the area of the second chakra here on the belly. Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I feel my sexual truth and creative life force birthing out into the world.”

Place your one hand in the area of the second chakra. While tapping, repeat the following after me. Releasing… Wrong. Wrong sex. Should have been the opposite. Sex relationships are painful. Relationships are controlling. Life is hard. Love is hard. Hate my body. Hate being a male. Hate being female. Sex is bad. Sex is dirty. Men use women for sex. Sex is evil. Sex is scary.

Release it from every cell in the body. Releasing… Lonely. Torn. Self-rejection. Unappreciated. Unmotivated. Disrespected. Damaged. My needs are not met. Relationships are unsafe. Unsupported. Unprotected. Victimized. Lack of personal identity. Not cherished. Low self-esteem. Repeating poor relationship patterns. Guilty. Don’t deserve a better life. Don’t deserve love. Don’t deserve happiness. Release it from the second chakra energy. Just push that energy out. Inhale, exhale.

Let’s continue tapping. Nobody wants me. Nobody is there for me. Have to use sex to be noticed. Have to use sex to get my needs met. Others will love me if I am sexy. Don’t know who I really am. Don’t want to know my real self. Scary to be real. Releasing… I am never good enough. Guilty if things go my way. Have to have struggles somewhere in my life. Who am I to make a difference? Women are weak. Men are controlling. Stupid. Stuck. There’s no love for me. I have nothing to offer.

Letting go of the energy of anger held in this chakra. Fear of losing control. Need the anger to protect myself. Holding the anger in my body. Lack of nurturing when I was little. Lack of touch when I was little. Don’t like being me. Releasing… Pleasure is evil. Need to feel guilty if I have too much pleasure in my life. No creativity. My creativity energy was shut down as a child. Holding myself back. Afraid of my own passion.

Clearing the body of any negative energy that is causing problems in my reproductive organs, bladder, lower abdomen, urinary infections, hip problems. Release it on all levels. Let it go. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale let your whole body release it. Another deep breath in and let it go.

Place your hand on your heart center and the other hand in the area of your second chakra and repeat the following after me. I forgive myself for believing sex is bad. I forgive myself for denying myself of pleasure. I forgive anyone that has hurt me and contributed to the wounding of my second chakra. Continue tapping while repeating the following. Thank you, God. I am worthy of love. I am grateful to be a man. I am grateful to be a woman. I am the right one. My life is right and good. I am deserving of all of life’s blessings. I am receiving them now. This child is wanted, welcomed and deeply loved. It’s my birthright to have my needs met. I am noticed. I am totally me in relationships. Relationships are safe. Let it all in.

Thank you, God. Sex is spiritual and sacred. Sexual pleasure is for me first. I am safe enjoying sex. I am grateful for this body as it is now. I can say no to sex. I can say yes to sex. I am comfortable in my body. I am allowing nurturing and comfort. I am nurturing myself with loving words and feelings. Tapping it all in. Thank you, God. Life is good to me. Relationships are a joy. Relationships are easy. I am noticed and appreciated by the ones I love. I am a creative genius making an awesome contribution to this life. I’m attracting like-minded people who support me and love me. Letting it all in. Breathe it into every cell. Take a deep breath in.

Move your hands in the area of your second chakra, turning on more light and truth in the second chakra energy. Tapping here in the heart center. I’m grateful my second chakra is now clear and balanced, helping me create a more pleasurable life. I am grateful I am safe birthing my creations into the world. I find great pleasure in my creations. I easily release the day and fall into a pleasurable sleep. My passion and creative energy supports me in the flow of life. Take a deep breath in and fill your whole being. And as you exhale, imagine it just falling into every cell. Just every cell activated that second chakra, feeling safe and powerful.

Activities that will support you in activating your second chakra include self-nurturing experiences like a massage, using the I am nurtured and the I am present essential oils, working on creative projects, healthy sexual intimacy and activities that bring you pleasure. During the week, notice your creative juices prompting you to spend some time on creative endeavors. Take time to tune in to the feelings of pleasure these pursuits offer you. Continue to create a healthy sexual experience so you can personally experience the pleasure of sexual intimacy in an honoring way.

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