Clearing Session for the 3rd Chakra – The Power Chakra

12 minute video

This session will help you activate the new energy of your third chakra, also called the power chakra. This new energy connects you to your authentic will, personal power, and self-esteem. If this energy center is weak or closed, you may experience anxiety, self-betrayal, and old wounds. As a result of doing this clearing, you’ll easily reconnect with your personal power and take inspired action.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Resentment from being rejected and discounted

Self-sabotage from repeated disappointments

Lack of confidence that keeps you from moving forward

Giving your power away to others and regretting it

You Want To:

Feel seen and supported for what you have to offer

Connect to your self-confidence and feel energized

Feel motivated to take action so you can move forward

Own your personal power and create joy again

Affirmation for this Session:

I am using my personal power to bless my life and the life of others.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing begins at 2:52

Session Transcript

Your third chakra is also called the solar plexus and power chakra. The third chakra energetically connects us to our authentic will, personal power, self-esteem, and how we use it to create relationships with others. The third chakra energy is located below the sternum, above the belly, in this area, and also the same area in the mid-back. The universal color of the third chakra is yellow. The third chakra begins to be activated between the ages of three to five years old. During this stage, we become aware of the world around us. We start to perceive who we are and how much power we have, based on the reactions of the adults around us. We learn the power of saying yes and no, and whether or not those declarations are welcomed by adults. If we are criticized, we tend to develop a pattern of criticizing ourselves and feeling like we never measure up. We also tend to attract people in our adult life who replicate this experience. We start to form an opinion of ourselves that we then carry into the rest of our lives. If we are praised, loved, and encouraged, we tend to recreate this behavior. These early experiences develop our view of our personal power and ability to relate to others.

Clearing blocks and activating this energy center will allow you to claim your power back and take action. If your third chakra is weak or closed, you may feel physical imbalances connected to stomach pains, anxiety, lower back problems, and your digestive system. The new energy of the third chakra is teaching us to use our personal power to make a difference in the world and to take inspired action and create equitable collaborative relationships. To support this clearing, I recommend you apply a few drops of either the “I Am Confident” or the “I Am Fit” oil onto your fingertips. I’ve already done that.

We’re going to use both hands in this clearing, one hand for tapping and the other hand a place in the energy of the third chakra right here. Just gently place one hand here. Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Repeat the following affirmation after me, “I am using my personal power to bless my life and the life of others.”

Place one hand in the area of the chakra and begin tapping while repeating after me. Releasing… Lack of power. Lack of physical energy. External world has power over me. Resentment. Inability to take in the sweetness of life. Lonely. Miserable. Unable to move forward. Release it from the third chakra. Releasing… Lack of courage to take a risk. Inability to honor myself. Lack of a relationship with myself. Dependent. Can’t take care of myself. Cut off from my needs. Cut off from my own power. Self-doubt. Undeserving. Guilty. Can’t be loved for me. Deep hole inside. Trying to fill it up from the outside. Fear of what others think about me. Without drama, I will die. Let it all go. Releasing… Wounded. Hurt. Stored pain. Helpless. Can’t create success. Unable to change. Stuck in a defense mode. Have to protect me. Rejected. Discounted. Nothing comes together. Nothing works out for me. Can’t forgive. Always putting myself down. Fear others will put me down. Attracting people who put me down. Need to be noticed. Stuck in recreating my pain over and over. Take a deep breath and then move that energy out. Release it once and for all. Continue tapping.

Tapping out all the energy of… Invisible. Easily offended. Deprived. Can’t trust myself. Discouragement. Full of dread. Self-sabotage. Disliking myself. Self-destructive behaviors. All the “shoulds” and “have-tos” I believe in still. Fighting myself. Using my personal power against myself. Clearing the body of any negative energy that is causing problems with my stomach, gut issues, stomach pains, anxiety, lower back problems, digestive system. Can’t stomach my own power. Can’t stomach other people’s power. Letting it go from the third chakra. Drained. Low self-esteem. Giving away my power. Lack of personal power in relationships. Resentments. Grief about all the misused power in the world. All the abuse. The lies. The control and domination. Afraid of my power. What if I misuse my power? Hijacking other people’s power because I don’t know how to access my own. Other people hijacking my third chakra and using my power. Release it on all levels. Release it from your power chakra.

Take a deep breath in and exhale. Let your whole body release it. Another inhale. Exhale. Shake that off. Move that energy out. Whew. Feels so good to let go of that. Put your hand on your heart center and repeat after me. I forgive myself for giving away my power. I forgive myself for not using my power for my own benefit. I forgive my parents and anyone that shut down my power. Continue tapping while repeating the following. Thank you, God. I am powerful. I am using my power wisely. I am deserving of my power. I am a high self-esteem. I deserve joy and happiness. I’m using my power to create my life. I’m creating a life that I love. I am the ability to take in the sweetness of life. Breathe it in. Turning on the truth in my third chakra. Thank you, God. I am moving forward with my life. I deserve to be all that I can be. I have high value. I am fulfilled. I am myself in the present moment. My needs are as important as other’s. I give myself permission to use my power. Thank you, God. I am creating a satisfying life. I am one success after another success. I am healing. I am vibrant. I am confident and secure. I give myself permission to be happy. Breathe it in. Just feel that third chakra coming alive, opening like a flower. I am using my power to create a happy life. All is well. Thank you, God. I deserve inner peace. Loving others is easy when I love and accept myself. I love who I am and I assert my power wisely. I get things done. I am relaxed. I get it done now. I am creating completion and perfect timing. I am attracting the help that supports me. I am positive. I am open to new ways of doing things. Thank you, God. I am using my power to move beyond fear. I am going beyond all limitation. I am creating healthy, collaborative relationships. As I honor myself, others honor me. I am staying in the energy of my own power. I am experiencing others staying in the energy of their power. Breathe that in. Fluff up that energy as you breathe in and as you exhale, let it all just fall into place. Turning on the energy of the third chakra. Let’s finish tapping by tapping on the heart center, repeating, I am grateful my third chakra is now clear and balanced, helping me create a better life.

Activities that will help you strengthen your personal power are pilates to strengthen your torso and core. Take on a personal challenge to develop more willpower. Think positive thoughts about yourself, to build your self-esteem. During the week, notice any tendency to give your power away. Stop, take a deep breath, and choose again. Gently place your hand in the area of your power chakra and say to yourself, I am staying in the energy of my own power. I am staying in the energy of my own power. As you stay true to your own powerful energy, it will guide you and teach you how it is to be used to help you feel good about yourself, achieve your goals, and create positive relationships.

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