Clearing Session for the 4th Chakra – The Heart Chakra

13 minute video

This session will assist you in activating the new energy of your fourth chakra, also known as the heart chakra. This new energy supports you in opening your heart to feel unconditional love first for yourself then for others. If your heart energy is weak or closed, you will have issues with giving, receiving, and creating loving bonds. As a result of doing this clearing, you’ll experience a childlike state of self-acceptance and love and trust in others.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Loneliness and grief from a broken heart

Difficulty forgiving others or yourself

Painful relationships and confusion about love

Fear about expressing your emotions

You Want To:

Feel gratitude, balanced, and peaceful again

Forgive with ease so you can have a light heart

Attract loving and supportive relationships

Show your honest emotions in a healthy way

Affirmation for this Session:

I love. I am completely loved and lovable. I receive and give with ease.

For Repeat Visits:

Exercise begins at 3:37

Session Transcript

The fourth chakra is also called the heart chakra. The energy of the heart chakra connects us with our emotions of compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness. Also universal love and peace and the new energy of money. The location of the fourth chakra is in the middle of the chest, and in the middle of the back between the shoulder blades. The universal color of the fourth chakra is green.

The fourth chakra begins to be activated between the ages of 5 to 7 years old. During this stage, we move into our heart energy. Our circle of influence begins to expand beyond our family of origin. We start to spend more time with peers, friends, teachers, media, books, and more. If our family of origin is a system where everyone is honored, where there is a sense of being allies and friends, and where giving and receiving are balanced, then the natural cycle of giving and receiving will easily be created in our additional relationships. If we experience that someone has to make a sacrifice for another family member to get their way, we will be out of balance with our natural cycle of giving and receiving. When we are children, our heart energy is completely open.

As we experience pain and wounding of our true selves, we create blocks in this energy center to protect ourselves or trying to stop the pain. These blocks also restrict our unconditional love and our connection to divine energy that feeds into our heart center. If we experience our heart energy being shut down or blocked in our family of origin, then giving, and receiving, and creating loving bonds in our adult relationships can become challenging or non-existent. Clearing blocks and activating this energy center allows us to experience natural childlike states of self-acceptance and love and trust in others. Imbalances in the fourth chakra can manifest as various issues of the heart and lungs such as heart attack, asthma, breast issues, or upper back problems.

The new energy of the fourth chakra is teaching us to open our hearts to support us in healing so we can thrive in life. It is also connecting us with the new energy of money so we can do what we love and have money support us.

To support you in this clearing, apply a few drops of either the “I Am Joyful,” the “I Am Rich,” or the “I Am Nurtured” essential oils. I’ve already applied those to my fingertips to support me during this clearing session. We’re going to place one hand on our heart chakra just to acknowledge this energy center. Take a deep breath in. And be aware that this is the space of the fourth chakra that is opening and clearing and activating new energies.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I love. I am completely loved and lovable. I receive and give with ease.”

While tapping, repeat the following after me. Releasing broken hearted, sad, alone, grief, loneliness, disappointed in love. Rejected. Hard to forgive. Emotionally weak. Leaking energy. Lack of love. No love for me. Don’t know how to love myself. Don’t know what real love is. Attracting others that hurt me. Release it from every cell. Disappointed, disappointed in love. Hopeless. Fear of Love. Love hurts. Relationships are painful. Can’t commit. Have to be weak to be loved. Unkind. Lack of support. Envy. Jealousy. Have to change myself to be loved. Heart problems. God doesn’t love me. Disconnected from my feelings.

Hard to accept myself. Stuck in the left brain. Let it go once and for all. The pain is too deep. Release it. Can’t let go. Hiding. Putting up walls. Ignoring my feelings. Can’t feel anything. Need to hurt. Need to feel bad about who I am. Nobody could love me. Lack of desire. My heart aches. Don’t touch me. Craving love and affection. Filling myself with food instead. All alone. Lonely. Let it all go. Releasing. I never get what I want. Nobody to love me. When will I be special? When will I count? Ignoring my feelings. Blocked from my emotions. Stuck in my wounded heart energy. Fear of letting go just to be disappointed again and again.

Clearing the body of any negative energy that is causing problems with my heart and lungs. Heart attack, asthma, chest pain, anxiety in my chest. Reoccurring pressure in my chest. Breast issues. Upper back problems. Releasing struggle with money. It is evil to love money. Money has more power than me. Let go of the old energy of struggle with money. Letting go of relationship failure. Business failure. Heartache. Wounded child. Painful memories. Parents pattern of emotional suffering. Letting go of holding on to pain so I will never allow this to happen again. Loss of self in relationships. Lack of joy. Lack of love. Hard to forgive. Release it on all levels.

Take a deep breath and exhale. And just move that energy out of that heart energy center. Let it go from your whole system. Take another deep breath in and relax as you release the breath. Place your hand on your heart energy in the center of your chest and repeat after me. I forgive myself for not fully loving myself. I forgive myself for making it so hard to be loved. I forgive anyone that has hurt me and caused me to protect my heart.

Continue tapping while repeating the following. Thank you, God. I am loved because I was born. I am enough. My feelings are safe. I am free of past hurts. My heart is healed. I am whole and healed. I am safe no matter what happens. I am free to love and be loved. I am forgiving. I am forgiving others for hurting me. I now choose joy. I am worth it. Thank you, God. I am safe feeling all of my feelings. I am fulfilling my heart’s desire. I am compassion. My fourth chakra is healed. I am self-love. I am tenderness. I am real. My emotions are safe so I am feeling all of my feelings.

I am in touch with my core truth. I am joy. Letting it in opening up my heart chakra. I am peaceful and balanced. I take in life fully. I am letting go of the past. I am moving forward. I am allowing. I am understanding. I am safe to love again. I am creating loving supporting relationships. I am safe to commit. I am strong and I am loved. I am safe being intimate. I am safe being real.

Making the connections to the new energy of money, tapping in. Money loves and supports me. It is now safe to have a loving relationship with money. As I pursue my dreams and purpose, money shows up to support me. There is always enough money to create a life of pleasure. I am grateful for money. I appreciate money. Money appreciates for me.

Breathe it in. Turning on more truth. Fluff up and activate that fourth chakra energy. Tapping in the heart center repeating I am grateful my fourth chakra is now clear and balanced, helping me create a better life. Deep breath in and then as you exhale allow that all to settle deeply in you.

Activities that will help you strengthen your heart chakra are writing a thank you note a day for one week. Give away the best or the last bite of something you’re eating. Write yourself a love letter. And be willing to apologize when appropriate. During the week notice stronger feelings of self-love and appreciation for yourself. As you receive these feelings you will naturally feel more love and appreciation for others. Also, notice money showing up for you in unexpected ways to show you that it does love and support you.

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