Clearing Session for the 6th Chakra – The Intuitive Chakra

12 minute video

This session will help you activate the new energy of your sixth chakra, also called the intuitive chakra. This new energy supports your intuition and inspiration. If this energy center is weak or closed, you may have confusion, apathy, depression, or mental fog. As a result of doing this clearing, you will feel inspired to turn within to follow your own insight and intuition.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Increased depression or apathy about your life

Lack of inspiration or motivation to do what you want

Headaches and mental fog that continually show up

Inability to access and trust your inner knowing

You Want To:

Feel new zeal and excitement about your life

Open your intuition to receive timely inspiration

Feel the confidence to act on your inspiration

Activate your extrasensory gifts and powers

Affirmation for this Session:

I am guided by my insight and intuition and I confidently act on what I’m impressed upon to do with my life.

For Repeat Visits:

Exercise begins at 1:58

Session Transcript

The sixth chakra is also called the third eye. The sixth chakra influences your experience with intuition and psychic talents, self-reflection, visualization, imagination, perception, discernment, and how to develop clarity and trust your own intuition. The location of the six chakra is in the middle of the forehead and the upper backside of the head. The universal color of the sixth chakra is Indigo.

The sixth chakra begins to be activated between the ages of 9 to 14 years old. During the stage, our visions and goals for our future adult life start to form. We start to consider the possibilities of what we want to do, who we want to be, and what we want out of life. If we still feel a need to please and accommodate our parents, we will do what they want and this energy center will not be energized. If this energy center is still blocked in your adult life, you will find it difficult to feel inspired or move to do what you want.

You will feel overall malaise or depression about life. Clearing blocks and activating this energy center will bring new zeal and awareness to who you are, what you want and will invigorate extrasensory gifts and powers. If your sixth chakra is weak or closed, you may feel physical imbalances connected to headaches, dizziness, eye problems, eyesight issues, blindness, and mental fog. The new energy of the sixth chakra is teaching us to turn within to follow our own insight and intuition to guide our lives and decisions and what is correct to support us in living our truth.

To support a stronger clearing experience, take a few drops of either the “I Am Present” or “I Am Purpose” healing oil blends and place a few drops on the hand you’ll be using to tap with. That will support you in the oils, helping you clear more efficiently. To begin place one of your hands, the fingertips in the center of your forehead to connect with this energy center. Take a deep breath in with a big exhale.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I am guided by my insight and intuition and I confidently act on what I’m impressed upon to do with my life.”

While tapping, repeat the following after me. Releasing illusions. Feeling empty. Disconnected from my spiritual truths. Afraid. Fear of negative thoughts. Can’t trust my intuition. Can’t hear my own inner voice. Confusion. Blocks. No intuitive insight. Stress. Anxiety. My family beliefs and patterns are keeping me stuck. Unable to live in the now. Unable to live my own truth. Feel spaced out. Pulled out. Forgetful. Blocked inner vision. Release it from every cell. Letting go of.

Susceptible to outside influences. Disconnected from my core energy. Blocked outer vision. Blocked inner vision. Unable to visualize. Lack of discernment. Disbelief. I can’t trust my own guidance. Confusion about my life purpose. Shut off from my insight. Disconnected from the light. Scared to be who I am. Not worth it. I’m in the way. I’m a bother. Self-doubt. Fear of making the wrong choice. Letting go of.

All wisdom exists outside of us. Shutting down my inspiration. Unworthy of inspiration. Distorted thinking. Psychic gifts are evil. I think I’m crazy if I receive intuition. Others will think I’m crazy if I share my intuition. Lack of reasoning or common sense. Mental combat. War inside my own head. Releasing. Undesirable. Feeling like a misfit, putting up walls. Disconnecting from myself. Giving my power away. Doubt. Let down. Can’t trust myself. I’ll just do what you want me to do. Shifting my truth. Ignoring my true self. Loss of sight. Loss of clarity. Shut off from my insight. Confusion about my path, confusion about my choices. Blocked potential. Clearing the body of any negative energy that is causing me problems with my eyes. Lower part of my brain. Headaches, dizziness, blindness, mental fog.

Letting go of the lies and illusions I have been telling myself. Letting go of inner disturbances. Lack of faith. Easily distracted. Looking outside myself for truth. Looking outside myself for answers. More willing to listen to others. Not hearing my own voice. Too busy. No time to go within. No time to sit quietly. Focused outward. Let it go. Release it once and for all. Release it on all levels. Take a deep inhale and exhale and let your whole body release this.

Shake that off. Like wipe that out of your six chakras. I pull out all that old stuff. Woo. Hey, place your hand on your heart energy in the center of your chest and repeat after me. I forgive myself for thinking I need permission from others to do what is right for me. I forgive my parents for stifling me in any way. I forgive anyone who I have perceived as trying to control me. Continue tapping while repeating the following. Thank you God. I am my highest truth. I am clear. I am a healthy mind. I am knowing my own thoughts. I am light. I am connected to my core energy. I am connected to my true path and purpose. I am my spiritual truth.

I am connected to my inner knowing. I am connected to my inner vision. Letting it in. Opening my third eye chakra. I am alive in the now. I am present. I am true to myself. I am competent. I am intuitive. I am free of family beliefs that limit my truth. I am my truth. I am hearing my inner voice. I am hearing the voice of the spirit. I am highly motivated. I am unlimited possibilities. Thank you God, I am connected to my potential future. I am connected to my highest purpose. I am sight. I am moving forward in my truth and light. I am reaching my highest potential. I am seeing the possibilities and bringing them into my reality. My life force is high. Making the connections to my intuition tapping in, I am the ability to visualize. I am listening to my true self. I’m extremely positive with myself. I am discerning of my inner voice and guides. I am releasing outside influences that are not serving me. Breathe it into every cell turning on more truth and light in the sixth chakra. I am grateful my sixth chakra is now active and balanced and I am following my intuition. Take a deep breath in.

Say that one more time, that affirmation while you place your hand on your sixth chakra. I am grateful my sixth chakra is now active and balanced and I’m following my intuition. Activities that will help you strengthen your intuition are visualization exercises, energy sketching exercises, and dream journaling. During the week, notice your intuition guiding you. Everyone has intuitive gifts. The next step is honoring yours and learning to trust them so they become stronger and stronger and guiding you in your life. Notice how well things play out when you follow your intuition. And notice how much more challenging you make things for yourself in your life when you do not follow it. Just learn from it and know you can always choose again.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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