Clearing Session for the Foot Chakra

10 minute video

This session will help you activate the new energy of chakra 0, also called the foot chakra. This chakra is connected to manifesting your unique life path. If your foot chakra is weak or closed, you experience difficulty standing up for yourself, standing in your truth, and manifesting.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Difficulty manifesting what you want

Helplessness about your life situation

Exhaustion from walking on eggshells

Overwhelm from feeling stifled & confused

You Want To:

Easily act on what you know is correct

Attract to you what is timely and supportive

Progress on your life path with confidence

Feel free to step forward in your own truth

Affirmation for this Session:

I am taking my unique place on the planet. I have a strong attraction energy that supports me in creating what is correct and timely for me.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 2:00

Session Transcript

The energy of the foot chakra creates a magnetic plate underneath our feet that creates an attractor field. The energy of the foot chakra influences our experience with taking a stand and moving forward with grace and ease along our life path. The foot chakra energy is located beneath our feet and extends as an attractor field around us. The foot chakra begins to form the day we are born. It is the plate of energy that connects us with the earth and initiates our life path. If you had trauma at birth that was life-threatening or you were in intensive care as a newborn, depending on life support of any kind, you could have a weak foot chakra. If your foot chakra is weak or closed, you may feel physical issues with your feet and lower legs.

The new energy of the foot chakra is teaching us to stand in our unique truth as powerful individuals and connect to our unique life path and purpose. I recommend you apply a few drops of the “I am grounded” Healing Oil onto your fingertips to support you in having a very powerful clearing. I have previously applied some oil on my fingertips. During the tapping part of the session, occasionally, look down at your feet. Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Repeat this affirmation with me, “I am taking my unique place on the planet. I have a strong attraction energy that supports me in creating what is correct and timely for me.”

While tapping, repeat the following after me. Releasing, manifesting what I want in my life is difficult. Trouble staying focused and accomplishing things feel as if I never move forward or progress at the rate I know I am capable of. Letting go of never get what I want. Everybody steps all over me. No space for me, no direction, no path to follow, lost and feeling ungrounded.

My life is always in turmoil. Don’t know my life path. Feeling pulled every which way. Releasing. Uncomfortable in my own shoes, uncomfortable being me. Feel like I live for everyone else, walking on someone else’s path, can’t stand up for myself. If I stand up for myself, I am being contentious. Don’t have a right to my own space. Clearing the body of any negative energy that is causing problems with my feet, lower legs. Feel like I’m walking on eggshells. Can’t support myself. Legs and feet always hurting. Letting go from my foot chakra energy. Can’t move forward on my path. Where is my path? I’m on someone else’s path. Letting go of unorganized. Things are always a mess. My living space is always a mess. Issue with time. Going down the wrong path, living someone else’s life purpose, disconnected from my own. Letting go of all the lies and illusions I have been telling myself. I have nothing to stand for. Don’t know my purpose. Hiding rather than standing. Have to be submissive. Men stand and women follow. Out of balance, stifled. Release it on all levels, letting it go once and for all. Take a deep inhale and exhale. One more, deep inhale and release any remaining energy that’s no longer serving you as you exhale.

Shaking it off. Place your hand on your heart energy in the center of your chest and repeat after me. I forgive myself for cowering from my truth. I forgive myself for not showing up. I forgive anyone that caused me to not believe in myself. Continue tapping while repeating the following. Thank you, God. It is easy to manifest what I want. I am focused on what is timely and correct in my life. I easily accomplish what I know is correct. I am motivated. I am moving forward easily. I progress easily. Activating the new energy of my foot chakra. Thank you, God. I am filling the shoes of what I am meant to do. I love being me. I live first for myself. I am clearly moving forward on my own path in life. I easily stand up for myself and work things out in a civil manner with others.

Making the connection to my foot chakra. Tapping in. I am a powerful creator. My magnetic force is strong. I am drawing into my life what is timely and correct for me. I am knowing the next correct step and move to take. I am a force of good in the world. Thank you, God. My desires are always timely and correct so I can never ask amiss. I am in tune with my soul. I am drawing into my life that which I desire. I am grateful for my powers of attraction. I am grateful my foot chakra is alive and vibrant. I am a creator. I am creating an amazing life. Continue tapping on the heart energy, repeating, I am grateful my foot chakra is now active and balanced, supporting me and standing and moving forward in my truth. Big breath in. And again, exhale as it just settles into every cell.

Activities that will help you strengthen your foot chakra are using the I am grounded oil on a basis, getting a foot massage is very supportive, wearing an onyx necklace can also help you really ground and plug into the earth’s energy, and walking in the grass barefoot. Looking at your feet when you walk also directs the energy to really get active in that magnetic attractor field. During the week, take time to look down at your feet while you are walking to energize that foot chakra. There may be a situation that shows up in your life where you are being invited to take a stand. Know that taking a stand can be done in a civil and respectful manner that moves the situation and those involved towards a positive outcome.

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