Clearing Session for When You Are Stuck

8 minutes

This session will help you release the negative emotional energy you carry in any area of your life where you feel stuck. You will feel motivated to move forward and get things moving. The visualization at the end will free you up to create what you desire.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Harsh judgments about your life

Anger or disgust with your current experience

Envy of people who appear to have it all together

The urge to give up or settle

You Want To:

Genuinely love your life

Forgive yourself and enjoy experiences you desire

Have gratitude for all the blessings in your life

Feel confident in your choices and decisions

Affirmation for this Session:

I am releasing all known and unknown beliefs and emotions that are causing me to be stuck in life. I am free to move forward to create what I really, really want.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 0:45

Session Transcript

No matter what area of your life you are feeling stuck in, the most important thing you can do to free yourself up, to move forward, and to get things moving, to create what you desire is to clear the stuck energy.

There are three steps to this clearing process. Step one, you will focus on clearing old beliefs and feelings along with life patterns by repeating negative statements and telling the energy to release. Step two, you will forgive yourself and others. And step three, you will repeat positive statements while you’re tapping to activate the energy of truths that lie within you and help reorganize your personal energy system including your neural pathways to embrace these new beliefs. It will also set the energy into motion for what you are speaking to to manifest into your life.

Let’s start with an affirmation. Repeat after me. “I am releasing all known and unknown beliefs and emotions that are causing me to be stuck in life. I am free to move forward to create what I really, really want.”

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. Turn your thoughts inward and imagine you are standing in the light before you were born. You’re in the light before your birth. Take a deep breath and imagine moving forward along your timeline now. And the first event you come to is your conception. You’re conceived and now you’re an embryo in your mother’s womb. Open your eyes and while tapping, repeat the following. “Releasing, stuck, can’t get out of here. Lost myself. Taking on my mother’s energy. No freedom. Don’t know who I am anymore. Releasing all the times I have recreated these same experiences. Let it all go.”

Now, imagine you have grown to full term and you are moving into the birth canal. Feel this space getting very tight and the process feeling slow and laborious. Continue tapping while repeating, “Can’t move forward. Can’t move back. Stuck in the birth canal. Slow, hard, frustrated, angry. No power, no control. There is a power greater than myself controlling this. I am at the mercy of the power of others, giving my power away which causes me to be stuck. Releasing all the times I have recreated these same experiences.” Move forward and be born, take a deep breath. Imagine you are now moving along your timeline releasing any of the following from your childhood years. Letting go of have to wait to get my needs met. My parents aren’t there for me in a timely way. Powerless, stuck in my family system as a small child. No one understands me. Feeling lost and alone.

Letting go of all the times I felt stuck during my childhood. Too small to do anything for myself. Letting go of all the times I’ve recreated these same experiences. Move forward along your timeline into your teen years and release any of the following from this stage of your life. “Stuck because of lack of confidence. Stuck because I need others’ approval before I can move forward. Stuck because I don’t have the money and the resources I need to do what I want. Stuck because I was not supported to learn what is correct for me. Releasing all of the times I have recreated these same experience says. Letting it go.”

Moving forward on your timeline into your adult years and release any of the following from your adult experience, “Releasing, stuck, not knowing my life purpose. Stuck because I have a lack of self-confidence. Stuck in the energy of depression and sadness. Stuck in an overweight and out of shape body. Stuck because I don’t have enough money. Stuck in a relationship that is unfulfilling.”

Take a deep breath in and let it all go even shake it off like you’re a dog. Shaking off all the stuck energy. Place your hand on your heart energy in the center of your chest and repeat the following after me, “I forgive myself for being stuck. I’m doing the best I know how and I am ready to move forward. I forgive other people in my story that have played roles for me that have supported me in staying stuck. I’m ready to change that.” Continue tapping while repeating after me. “I am grateful I am free to move forward. I am moving easily into the next correct experience. My energy is free and flowing. I’m getting timely results. Things show up readily and easily for me. Life flows effortlessly for me.” Take a deep breath in. Let it happen. “I am allowing good things to happen. It is working out for me. I get great results with less effort applied. I’m doing less and receiving more. I am experiencing a major shift in the area of my life I used to be stuck in. Life supports me. I am allowing the shift to occur. I’m trusting myself. I am ready for more. I am realizing success in whatever I apply myself to. It is the new norm. I am grateful. I am ready. I am allowing it. The time is now. I am free, I am free, I am free.”

Place your hand on your heart energy and repeat the following, “I am knowing and living my life purpose. I am confident in this. I am confident in accepting my profound truth. I am happy and at peace. I am physically fit and easily maintaining a healthy weight. I am experiencing there is always enough money for me. I am grateful for my fulfilling and supportive relationship.” Take a deep breath in and let yourself receive that.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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