Clearing Session for Your Birth Energy (Including Add-On Scripts)

13 minutes

This session will assist you in releasing residual energy of struggle from your birth. You will clear the effects of any birth trauma, including physical struggle, not being wanted, or a mother with a drug experience. Also included: Add-On Birth Clearing Scripts found at the bottom of the page.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Feeling stuck, afraid to move forward

Worry that you are not wanted

Issues with time, either late or early

Emotional exhaustion or struggle

You Want To:

Move into your next correct experience

Experience being loved and wanted

Be on the correct timeline for your life

Feel full of life, joy, and well-being

Affirmation for this Session:

I am letting go of the original struggle I took on in my life in my birth experience. I’m free of life having to be hard, full of struggle. I’m now learning, in joy. I’m appreciating the ease of my life.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 4:10

Session Transcript

You have a birth story. We all have that in common. We all have a birth story. And what comes along with that birth story is what I refer to as birth energy. Now think about it, birth’s the original life event. It’s the first physical experience that we have. We spend nine months, on average, in our mother’s womb and then we’re born. And birth in of itself has a degree of struggle, and for some people, that degree, the variable of that, can be quite a struggle.

And so in my energy healing work over the years, I have taught people that birth is that original event that, kind of, imprints energetically with life being a struggle and life having to be hard. That has been the consciousness we’ve been operating in on our planet for many centuries. What’s interesting is we live at a time where we can let go of that imprint. We can be free of that original event, that birth energy, and let go of that imprint of struggle, so that as we move through life, even in the time of challenges and growth opportunities, you still feel a sense of peacefulness, joyfulness, and ease. And so today I want to take you through a birth clearing.

Now there’s two parts to this birth clearing. This is the release part. This is the part where we’re actually connecting with this whole dynamic of birth being a struggle, the original event, and all the variables that that kinda places on us, and you’ll recognize there’s some interesting associations with, for example, do you ever feel stuck in life? Well, you could have been stuck in the birth canal, afraid to move forward, or afraid to move back, not knowing where to go. That energy could still be playing out for you. A sense of not wanted possibly, the gender you are was not what your parents preferred. You could still have that lingering. Were you maybe late or early? Do you have issues with time? That can be playing out.

This energy just creates this overlay in our life that cycle…we cycle through over and over and over. I’ve done literally hundreds of birth clearings with clients over the years in my 25-year career of coaching and helping facilitate energy-clearing sessions and in every case.

In fact, I talked about a story in my book, Remembering Wholeness, of a gentleman that had an issue with his mother. That’s very fascinating. I’ll let you read about it yourself in the book, but it freed him up. He saw me one time for this one session of clearing his birth energy, wasn’t even necessarily a believer in this, but he felt so stuck and stifled, this one session freed him up. So my hope is that this will have huge effects and benefits for you.

As I mentioned, there’s two parts. The second part is a birth reframe. An actual visualization to create a new birth story. So you create a different energy for your life.

So let’s start this healing session with an intention. If you’ll just…you can come up with your own custom intention. This will work as well if you just repeat mine. “I am letting go of the original struggle I took on in my life in my birth experience. I’m free of life having to be hard, of struggle. I’m now learning, in joy. I’m appreciating the ease of my life.”

So we’re going to visualize and we’re going to do the tapping. Of course, if you’re not familiar with tap, you can just watch and kind of follow along with me, or you can reference the How To Tap video and of course, if you prefer not to tap, you can just place your hand in the different positions. We’ll be using what’s called the Face and Torso Points.

We’re going to start this with a visualization of entering into the experience of being conceived and then being in your mother’s womb. So with your eyes open or closed, I’m gonna close mine, just follow along with me. Imagine being in the light before your birth and making the decision now to be born, and right away, some things might come up for you. So let’s go ahead and start with the tapping. “Releasing hesitant uncertainty, not wanting to move forward. Scared of the physical realm. Do I have to do this? Do I want to leave the light? Scared, overwhelmed, lacking confidence, feeling separated from God.”

Now imagine that you’re moving into conception, you were conceived. Releasing, “no identity. Who am I? Losing touch with my original self. Feeling my mother and father’s DNA take over.” Now imagine you’re growing. You’re conceived and you’re developing in your mother’s womb. Letting go of insignificant, overlooked, taking on my mother’s energy, releasing uncertainty. Can’t get out of here. It’s too late. Life’s hard. Imagine the state of your mother, her health, your parents’ relationship experience, what was going on for your parents at the time of your birth? Were you wanted? Were you chosen?”

“Releasing stress from my parents’ relationship. Releasing not chosen, unwanted, unplanned. Still feeling that uncertainty about who I am. Nobody wants me. I wasn’t chosen, still looking to be chosen. I don’t even know how to choose my Type. How can I when I wasn’t wanted or even chosen? Let it go. Releasing growing inside my mother’s womb. Want to get out of here. Trapped, can’t, uncomfortable, taking on mom’s emotions, dad’s issues, family issues, overwhelm, struggle. Growing in the womb crowded, can’t move, stifled. It’s time for your birthday now, stirred into motion and you’re moving down the birth canal. Trapped, can’t move forward, can’t move back. Uh-oh. Stuck. What was I thinking? Hard, stifled, letting go of overwhelm.”

Now, if your mother had a drug experience, “Release any drug layers, disconnect it, dissociate it from myself. Still trying to numb the feelings with addictions. Letting go of any drug layer’s, using substances or activities to numb my feelings. Disconnect it from my mom. Keep moving down the birth canal, uncertainty. Where am I? Who am I?” Releasing. Let it go. Release.

Go into the crowning experience, almost time to be born. Now if there were forceps involved. Letting go of, “Pulled, forced, can’t do it on my own. Something or someone has to force me to do it. Have to feel stuck before I can move forward. Something has to initiate my movement. Letting go of an outside experience having to move me. Don’t know how to move myself. If you were born early, late, letting go of issues with time. Scared to be late, I’ll get in trouble. Scared to be early, I’ll get in trouble. Don’t know how to operate in a timely manner.”

Now, if you were a different gender than what your parents wanted. “Releasing unwanted, come all the way out now, be born. Wishing I were someone else. Trying to change myself to please my parents. Let go of scared by the bright lights, change in temperature, the umbilical cord is cut, disconnected, scared, taken away from my mom, my dad. Where is my dad? He’s not even here. Men aren’t there for me. Let it go. Release it. Trauma from all the medical exam. Let it go. Life’s a trauma. Life’s uncomfortable, uncomfortable in this body. The physical world is hard. The physical world equals suffering. Let it go, release it. Let it go.” And anything else that’s coming to mind.” Breathe it out. Keep breathing. This can be very deep for some people, your birth happened quite a long time ago. Let it go. Release it from every cell, every fiber of your being. Letting go. Release it. Letting go of all the trauma, the struggle, the issues from birth. Even letting go of anything we’ve not put voice to that’s there and timely to release. Let it go.

Put your hand on your chest. “I forgive myself for making life harder than it needs to be. I forgive my mom and dad for anything that didn’t go quite right in my favor. I trust they did the best they know how. I forgive the doctors and the methods of birthing at the time. I trust it’s just what it was and I can be free of it.”

Take a deep breath. Let’s reframe that now with the focus on peace, the focus on joy, the focus on ease. Breathe that in. “I am free to be me. I’m grateful I chose this life to express myself in. I’m grateful I chose to live, to be conceived, to be grown in my mother’s womb, and to come forth in my own presence in rightfulness of self. I’m grateful that I’m comfortable no matter the space I’m in. I’m grateful that I’m wanted. I choose myself, therefore, I am chosen. I’m grateful that I am free of taking on other people’s energy. I am who I am. I am the right one because I am me. I’m moving forward easily because it’s correct. I move into the next correct experience because I choose to. I’m free to move any direction that is right for me. I am timely. Time is my friend. I’m on my correct timeline and I’m always on time. I am at peace with myself. I’m glad I’m alive. I’m invigorated. I’m full of life force energy and well-being. I’m so happy to be me. Others take pleasure in me as well. I’m loved. I’m wanted. I’m grateful for my life of joy, ease, and balance.”

Breathe in that energy, feel the shift you’re in, feel that big shift and how ready you are for this, and we really nailed everything with that. Reference to anything else that we’ve not put to voice that you’re ready to be free of that’s connected with this whole birth energy and struggle, we caught it with that one. So the next step is to watch the birth reframe. So check that out and give yourself that advantage as well. And understand that as you do this work, you’re choosing something different than the collective experience on this planet. You’re carving out your own reality in which you can experience wellbeing and joy every day.

Congratulations that you’re choosing that for yourself and your family.

Add-On Birth Clearing Scripts

The following birth scenarios commonly cause the listed limiting beliefs and patterns. They can be cleared and replaced with the suggested reframes.

How to use: Just add any of the add-on birth scripts that you identify with to the general birth clearing script while doing the Birth Clearing Session. You can also do the birth clearing as a proxy for your children and include any of these add-on scripts. The energy of your child’s birth may be carried by your child, or by you, or by both. Clearing it will release it from both of you.

Unplanned, Unwanted, Illegitimate

Late – Past your due date

Too Soon or Fast – You came before your due date or the labor was very quick

Held Back – Labor was slow and long

Trauma or Emergency Situation – Such as the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck

Wrong Sex – Mom and/or Dad were hoping for the other sex

Induced Birth

Cesarean Section



Transverse, Breech, Posterior

Attempted Abortion or Miscarriage



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