Clearing Session to Heal Your Inner Child

8 minutes

This session will help you experience freedom from old emotional shaming and be free to grow up emotionally.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Powerlessness to make decisions

An urge to hide your true feelings

Grief over having to grow up too fast

Dysfunctional patterns from childhood

You Want To:

Move forward in your own journey

Feel free to be happy and express yourself

Process past emotions and live your truth now

Trust yourself and create healthy patterns

Affirmation for this Session:

I am clearing and releasing any shame energy that I still hold in my emotional energy field. I heal my inner child.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:10

Session Transcript

This clearing will assist you in releasing any shame energy that you still hold in your emotional energy field. As you use the metaphor of an inner child still carrying around the shame-based beliefs you took on as truth in your younger years, you will be able to see that child set free to live in the wholeness of truth they have always been worthy of living in.

Before doing this clearing, find a picture of a younger you whatever age comes to mind, any age from infancy up through your teen years. Imagine giving the gift of this clearing to that part of you. You can do this clearing multiple times with a reference to a different age as we took on different shame-based beliefs and emotions throughout our childhood.

Repeat this affirmation after me: “I am clearing and releasing any shame energy that I still hold in my emotional energy field. I heal my inner child.”

While tapping repeat after me, “Thank you, God, I am ready to heal the child within me from all the shame-based beliefs and emotions releasing the belief, I am not good enough. I am the cause of all the trouble. No matter what I do, it’s never good enough. I am the reason mom and dad are not happy. It’s my job to make things better for the whole family. Want to get away and hide, can’t get away, stuck, lonely, lost, releasing all of the times I felt embarrassed to be me, all of the times I didn’t want to live anymore, letting go of taking on the dysfunctional energy of the family. Maybe that would help everyone feel better. Releasing from my childhood self the need to show up to be the healer in the family before I am ready and mature enough, letting go of subconsciously I know I have an important role to play here. The only thing I can do to make it better now as a child is to take on my family’s dysfunctional energy because I am just a little child still.

“Releasing playing the healer role too soon, too early, releasing my child’s self from this role, letting it all go, letting go of having to hide my true feelings to avoid adding to the upset. Have to take care of mom. Have to take care of dad. Releasing all of the sadness and fear that my needs don’t matter, putting myself aside, fear of speaking up, speaking my truth, just say what others want me to say, letting go of all of the teasing, the taunting, the bullying, the feeling of powerlessness, letting my inner child be free of the compromised, discontent, lack of joy.

“I never got to be a child, had to grow up too fast. Have to protect the family and hide my pain. Not sure who I am anymore, letting go of all the energy I took on from mom, letting go of all the energy I took on from dad, letting go of all the energy I took on from my other family members, releasing once and for all the family patterns of lack, pain, and struggle that my inner child is stuck living in, freeing that part of me to now experience affluence, ease, and joy. It’s time to heal and let my inner child have the joy she or he is designed for. I just let that go.”

Shake that energy off. Put your hand on your chest connecting with your heart energy, “I forgive myself and my family. We’ve all done the best we know how.” Continue tapping while repeating after me, “Thank you, God. I am free to be myself. It is safe to be a child. There’s joy in being me, just being me. I am feeling all of my feelings. My feelings count, making the connection of truth inside my entire being. I’m glad to be alive. I have a strong sense of belonging. I am understanding that my parents’ issues were theirs and not mine.

I am staying in my own energy. My child self is free to be happy and healthy. I am the new healthy parent that will support my inner child’s needs being met. I am understanding the issues in my family had nothing to do with me. I’m getting my needs met easily. I am feeling and processing all of my emotions. I’m happy to be me. I am claiming the truth of my authentic child self, making that connection on all levels of my being. I am glad I’m a girl or a boy. I am loved unconditionally. I’m accepted and supported.

I’m accepted and supported in moving forward in my own journey. Thank you, God. I am trusting myself. I am free to play and have fun. I am taking all of the time I need to grow up and take on my adult roles. I’m standing in my own truth and energy. I am safe to explore this world. I am starting new things that interest me. My interests count. I’m cherished and nurtured. Thank you, God. I am perfect as you created me.”

Take a deep breath and fill yourself with light and truth, making those connections in all levels of your being, filling yourself with that truth. It’s good to stand up and walk around and ground this energy into your body, bringing it into all levels of your being. Close your eyes and imagine embracing your child self in your arms. Hold your hands in a cup position in front of your chest and place that little child’s energy in your hands. Bring that energy into your heart to be safe and secure within you. Open your eyes, take a deep breath, and receive that connection with your true self.

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