Clearing Session to Release Disease, Illness & Pain

5 minutes

This session will help you release limiting beliefs that keep your body from healing. It will also help you release any hidden attachments you may have to needing your illness.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Exhausting chronic physical issues

Fear that you will never heal

Anger that your body keeps failing

Frustrating physical limitations

You Want To:

Activate strength and self-healing

Create a new experience of health

Love your body and enjoy it

Move easily in your healthy body

Affirmation for this Session:

I am releasing my pattern of illness and disease. I am now choosing health and wellness.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 0:35

Session Transcript

This clearing will help you release any hidden attachments you may have to needing your illness and also any limiting beliefs that you hold consciously or subconsciously that keep your body from healing.

Repeat this affirmation after me: “I am releasing my pattern of illness and disease. I am now choosing health and wellness.”

Start tapping while repeating, “Even though I want to be done with this disease and illness, I am patient as I learn new patterns of wellness. Even though I am tired of being sick, I am patient as this changes. I am freeing my body of any blocks and resistance that is keeping it from healing.

I am releasing chronic illness. My illness has become my identity, afraid I can’t heal. Looking for the answers to healing outside of me. What’s wrong with my body? Angry at my body. It just keeps falling apart.'”

Letting go of all of the following and anything else known or unknown to me. Releasing: “I need my illness to get my emotional needs met. Who am I without my sickness? I like the extra attention it gets me. At least the doctors listen to me. The nurses are like my surrogate parent. Depressed. Depressed body. I don’t really want to get better. Who would I be without my disease?” Letting it all go once and for all.

Releasing: “Tired of being sick. Sick and tired. Talking about it all the time. Referencing it when anyone asks me how I am. It’s become a big part of my life story. I don’t know how to listen to my body. My body forgot how to heal. My body is my enemy.” Letting go of the pattern of my body being sick and tired all of the time. Letting it go once and for all.

Take three deep breaths and release all of this limiting energy from your body. Place your hand in the center of your chest connecting with your heart energy as you repeat the following, “I forgive myself for any emotional needs I may have attached to my illness. I now know I can have my needs met in healthy ways. I forgive my body, it’s doing the best it knows how. I forgive my illness, it has been a great teacher and now I can let it go.”

Continue tapping while repeating, “Thank you, God. Self-healing is natural. My body responds to the resources I am guided to support it with. My body heals. I am healthy and strong. I forgive myself for being sick. I am listening to my body. It directs me to the correct resources to receive the healing support it needs. I love my body. My body is now healthy and well. I am now choosing the truth of my body. I have a strong and able body. I enjoy my body. I move easily in my healthy, strong body. My body is my friend. Health and vitality are my natural state. I’m allowing my body to create the new story of health. I’m having fun in my body. My body speaks to me and I listen. Thank you, God. I am grateful for the gift of my strong, healthy body.”

Take a deep breath and fill your whole body full of light and truth. Take one more deep breath and imagine pulling light into every cell of your body. Tap all over your body making these connections. Get up and walk around and really ground this energy into your body. As you continue to release your pattern of illness and disease, you can experience a life of health and wellness.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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