Clearing Walk

8 minutes

This session will teach you the Clearing Walk technique. This technique will clear old, stuck energy from your body, which will assist you in manifesting what you want in the material realm.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

A feeling of being “stuck”

Self-doubt that you can’t seem to stop

Pent up feelings or energy in your body

Self-sabotage in what you want to create

You Want To:

Get unstuck and feel free to move forward

Clear away the doubts in your mind

Feel emotionally free and mentally clear

Manifest what you really want

Affirmation for this Session:

I am easily and gracefully clearing from my physical body any and all limiting beliefs and repressed emotions that are not longer serving me.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 3:30

Session Transcript

Energy tapping helps you clear your mental and emotional fields, and starts to help clear the physical body. This process, the Clearing Walk, focuses completely on supporting your physical body in clearing any old energy in the form of beliefs and repressed emotions that it may still be carrying. It will also help you manifest into the physical world what you want, desire, and what is correct and timely for you in creating a life of affluence.

Use it as often as it supports you. Repeat this affirmation after me. “I am easily and gracefully clearing from my physical body any and all limiting beliefs and repressed emotions that are no longer serving me.”

The first thing you need to do is to choose a positive belief, something you truly desire, you want to create in your life, an “I am” statement. For example, “I am healthy and fit. I’m grateful others support me. I can have what I truly want.”

It can be any positive belief in the form of an affirmation. It can be “I’m worthwhile. I’m good enough.” Let’s use the positive belief, “I can have what I truly want” to demonstrate the clearing walk.

So if you could put the positive statement, “I can truly have what I want,” in either your left or your right hand, which hand would you put it in? I sense it needs to go in my right hand. So I’m going to hold the energy of “I can have what I truly want” in my right hand.

Either is fine, whichever feels correct for you because you’re actually going to do both. So that positive belief will stay in that hand during the walking process, and you’re going to take a step presenting your right hand when you step with your right foot. And then you’re going to step presenting your left hand while you step with your left foot.

I’ll be walking in place and you will be walking around, either forward, walking around a room, just keep moving while you’re walking.

You’re going to take your first step with the foot that the hand that holds the positive belief is in. So for me, that’s my right hand. So I’m going to step and speak, “I can have what I truly want.” Now step with the opposite foot presenting that hand, and what resistance comes up? What’s there that does not believe this is possible? “No, you can’t. You have to think of others first.”

Take your next step holding out the positive belief hand. Repeat the same positive belief, “I can have what I truly want.” Take another step and speak any resistance or conflicting beliefs that counter your positive belief. Make sure to include any feelings with the resistance statements.

And you’re going to continue the walk, making the positive hand consistent and letting any negative feelings and limiting beliefs express with the opposite step and hand. So let’s get going and do this continually. Just go along with me and walk around while you’re repeating what I say. “I can have what I truly want. No, you can’t. You’re not worthy of it. I can have what I truly want. You have to please others first. I can have what I truly want. That is selfish. I can have what I truly want. I don’t even know what I want. I can have what I truly want. I’m sad that I can’t have what I want. I can have what I truly want. Who are you kidding? You never get what you want. I can have what I truly want. Only with a lot of sacrifice will that ever happen. I can have what I truly want. I am angry that it seems so hard to allow it to happen.”

You’re going to keep walking, letting any resistance come up, and at some point, you’re going to clear the energy on the resistance side and you’re going to be able to step and say, “I can have what I truly want,” so you’re walking it on both sides. “I can have what I truly want. I can have what I truly want.” You know that you’ve cleared that side.

Now, you’re going to put your positive belief in the other hand. So that would be my left hand for me. “I can have what I truly want.” Now, you’re going to step with the opposite foot, presenting the opposite hand. Is there any resistance on this side? “No, you can’t. I can have what I truly want. Nobody gets what they truly want.”

You’re going to keep that going till you clear the other side and you’re able to say in both hands, “I can have what I truly want. I can have what I truly want.” Once you’ve cleared both sides of the body and can say the positive in both hands, keep walking, saying only positive statements.

Let’s do that right now. “I can have what I truly want. What I want wants me. What is correct and timely for me is showing up easily. I am knowing what I want and I can have it. Others support me in having what I truly want. It is positive to want good things in my life. What I want is good and honorable. I am happy. I am filled with joy. I am patient. I am full of peace. I am a worthwhile person. I am grateful. I am grounded.”

You just cleared your body. You have made your body a powerful point of attraction for what you were stating in the positive. Good for you.

You can refer to all of the clearing videos to adapt the words in those clearing and reframe scripts that you have to be used in this walking clearing to help you clear the physical body. You can also use any of the positive statements from the clearings as a creation technique to help you ground the energy of what you want into the physical world to help come into manifestation.

This is a powerful clearing process that will support you to continue to clear away on all levels, on the mental, emotional, and physical, so that your body holds a high vibration, which will make you that point of attraction to draw to you and create what you want in this physical world.

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