Welcome to the 30-Day Money Cure!

4-week course, 15-30 minutes a day

How would it feel to pay all your bills, save for later, help others, and still have plenty left over to make family memories? Your experience with money is determined by your beliefs and feelings about money—your energy or vibration. Unless you are living in an affluent vibration, you can try budgeting or saving, but they won’t be as effective. This 30-day process will you get you into an affluent energy, so that you attract money naturally and your financial decisions are more effective.

How to Use This Course

Under each tab, follow the instructions for healing techniques and sessions. Check off your progress as you go. This process is simple and powerful!

Daily Practices

5-10 minutes each day

The 30 days of this course assist you in releasing money blocks and living in a new vibration. To undo old patterns of financial lack, practice is key! Visit this tab every day of the course to listen to the daily script and read that day’s affirmation and practice. It may seem like a lot, but the practices are short and the results are absolutely worth it.

Listen to this script daily throughout the entire 30-day course. As you practice this, you effortlessly open your energy and raise your vibrations with money.

Daily Messages

Below, you’ll find 30 messages—one for every day of this course. Read each day’s message before watching the sessions. Remember: you’re training your mind to think about money differently, so you need to do something different. Try the practices in each message, even if they feel unfamiliar to you.

Today’s the day! The 30-Day Money Cure begins today!
This course you invested in includes a daily message from me for 30 days. In each one, you’ll find a supportive message and today’s practice (a small task to apply what you’re learning). Try what’s inside each day. You don’t have to get everything perfect—you just need to set the energy in motion.

So read the messages below and then join me in the course.

You’ll look back in 30 days and be SO glad you did this. Let’s get started!

Change Your Vibration

The quickest way to increase your income is to change your vibration—your energy with money. Your energy is either attracting or repelling money and other forms of prosperity. Complaining lowers your vibration. Gratitude raises it.

You have an energetic bank account that you can grow every day by depositing positive affirmations and belief that you deserve more. As you grow your energetic bank account, it will manifest as your reality.

For the next 30 days you will be depositing affirmations in your energetic bank account to shift your experience of money and create financial abundance. Read each message with that intent.

Today’s Affirmation:

I am a money magnet! It’s amazing how easily I attract money into my life.

Today’s Practice:

Change your ringtone to any of these songs:
— Money, That’s What I Want – The Beatles
— Money – Waylon Jennings
— Money – Pink Floyd (The intro of the song)

Every time you hear your phone ring in the next 30 days, remember that you are changing your experience with money once and for all to one of financial flow and accumulation in abundance.

Can you believe we’re only two days in? You have a lot of amazing shifts in your future. I hope you listened to the first audio training. The steps I laid out for you are simple but powerful. Take them, one step at a time.

Abundance is Natural for You

Abundance is your natural state, your constant state of being. You are experiencing abundance every day of your life. We live in an abundant Universe where everything is expanding daily in abundance. With money, you are either creating an abundance of not-enough or an abundance of plenty, depending on your daily thoughts and feelings. Affirm this for today to make another deposit in your energetic bank account:

Today’s Affirmation:

It is as if the energy of money knows who I am and what I need and want and money flows to me in such a timely way.

Today’s Practice:

Look at your life and list 5 things you are experiencing in abundance. Are they all things you want to continue to experience in abundance? Is money on that list? Choose today that within the next year it will be on the top of the list. Several times today, say out loud, “Today I am choosing to create a life of financial abundance; it is my new story.”

Living in financial abundance is not about creating a life of luxury or even having millions of dollars. It’s about having a life of possibility and having more than you need. It’s about taking an energy that you have been playing with in scarcity and making it abundant now.

Today’s Affirmation:

It is as if I’m dancing with the energy of money.

Today’s Practice:

Play an upbeat song and do a money dance.

Imagine you have plenty of money and to spare. Imagine you are throwing coins and dollar bills up in the air while you dance. Even better, take any money out of your wallet and really throw it up in the air! Thank money for always being there for you, for blessing your life, for loving you. Get the energy of financial abundance into your body by doing a money dance as often as you can.

I trust that you’re experiencing some shifts with money this week.

Remember: You have to make energetic shifts first, before results show up in your physical experience with money. We’ve barely begun. Keep going!

Money is Energy

Money is energy. Your beliefs and emotions create your experience with money. As you believe you are abundant and feel grateful for money, more money comes into your life. Opportunities and experiences come into manifestation to allow this. It allstarts with your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions with money.

Because money is energy it responds to the energy you vibrate from your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

Today’s Affirmation:

I love recognizing that money is a resource that supports me in living and loving a balanced life.

Today’s Practice:

Notice your thoughts and feelings around money today. Are they positive or negative? How can you change the negative ones to positive ones?

Using money as an expression of appreciation

Money’s primary purpose is to express appreciation. As we use the energy of money to express appreciation for exchange of products and services we receive, we are opening the channel of more money flowing to us. Money wants us to appreciate it,and as we do, it appreciates and flows and grows for us. Money is delighted to be the tangible expression of the energy of appreciation.

Today’s Affirmation:

It is as if I have a bank account in the sky that is feeding money to me with ease and grace. And I REALLY appreciate it.

Today’s Practice:

Repeat this sentence 5 times filling in the blank:
— What I most appreciate about money is…
Notice your responses, did any of them surprise you?

Yes, I Have Money!

If someone asked you, “Do you have any money?” what would be your most common response? If it is frequently “No,” then you are telling your subconscious mind and the energy of money that you have no money and you will continue to have no money. Always carry money in your wallet or billfold. Always be able to answer, “Yes, I have money. I have plenty of money.” That is the message that will help you create more money.

Today’s Affirmation:

I openly receive with appreciation the money that flows to me and keep my vibration high and energy open to receive more.

Today’s Practice:

Put more cash in your wallet. If you don’t have any at home, go to the bank today and get at least $50. $100 is even better. Notice how it makes you feel. Are you comfortable with it? Do you feel nervous or anxious? If so, do the Money Clearing healing session in your course to shift this energy.

You did it! You arrived at the end of Week 1. I’m cheering for you! Congrats on the shifts you’ve made so far. You covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time! Do you still feel like there’s progress to make? Good, because we have three more weeks together and plenty of insights ahead.

Create Your Story with Money

As a child you were at the mercy of your parents to model and influence your perceptions and experience with money. Consider the possibility that the experience you are having with money is not even YOUR experience! It’s the experience and story that you inherited. You can now choose to consciously create your own experience and create your own story with money. The first step in creating your story with money is to be aware that you can! The second step is to believe you can have financial abundance.

Today’s Affirmation:

I positively anticipate my future knowing that my money will continue to grow in flow and accumulation each year. I am free of all old programming from my family and ancestors. I am creating my own story.

Today’s Practice:

If you have not already, take some time today and fill in the worksheet section in your Week 1 workbook. Write about the patterns and programs that you inherited from your parents and your ancestors. What you become aware of, you can now change and choose something else for yourself.

Welcome to Week 2! Stick with me and the pace of this course.

(If you feel like you missed something last week, I invite you to revisit it at the end of our 30 days together. You’ll benefit from moving forward right now.)

Your Worth and Value

The words worth and value are common terms used in our experience with money. We refer to our net worth and we reference the monetary value of what we exchange money for.

When it comes to you, WORTH equates to having an infinite quality that makes you deserving of great things and VALUE is the fact that you are important. You are worth it and you are valuable just because you were born.

Understanding that you have infinite worth and value (and seeing and treating yourself in a way that acknowledges those truths) opens the energy of money to flow to you.

Today’s Affirmation

My income is constantly increasing. I am worthy of prosperity and affluence.

Today’s Practice

Notice any time you think a negative opinion or judgmental thought about yourself. Choose to not “put yourself down” today, to devalue your worth.

Every time you catch yourself about to do this, repeat in your mind, “I am worthy of prosperity and affluence.” Set a timer on your phone, watch, or clock to alert you every two hours. When the alert goes off, repeat, “I am worthy of prosperity and affluence.”

I trust that you’re getting into the Week 2 audio training, videos, and other resources. Let’s raise your financial set point!

It’s a Good Thing We Are Rich!

You will have a hard time and struggle to increase your flow and accumulation of money beyond whatever financial set point you hold in your personal energy field. If you attract more money, you will subconsciously create emergencies and unexpected expenses in your life to maintain your current set point. Becoming aware of this is the first step in changing it. The second step is what we’ll do this week.

Today’s Affirmation

Emergencies that cost me money are nonexistent in my physical experience. If they ever do show up, it’s a good thing I am rich!

Today’s Practice

Review the last 6-12 months of your life. List how many financial emergencies or unexpected expenses have manifested in this time period.

Rather than bemoan them and feel powerless to them, choose now to believe that YOU created them. You did not do this consciously. Your energy created them.

Change your energy by increasing your financial set point, and you will release this pattern from your experience. If you do have an unexpected expense show up, rather than feel like a victim, own it as your creation and say out loud: “It’s a good thing we are rich!”

Money is a Resource for You to Use

When you spend money do you feel worry, anger, or fear? If you feel nervous and uncomfortable about the money going out not being replaced, you are sending out an energetic signal of lack and lack will be returned to you.

Rather than use the word “spend,” change it to the word “use.”

Put more attention on what you are using money as a resource to receive. Focusing on the receiving allows you to receive more. What you give attention to, you manifest more of.

Changing your reference from “spending” to “using” will help create a positive, peaceful feeling and trust that as you use money you create a vacuum for more money to come into your life. Always stay within your current means of income and at the same time create a vibration of prosperity to create more coming in the future. Every time you pay your bills, be in the energy of gratitude that you have creditors that trust you and offer you their services. Acquire sound money-management skills to assist you in staying in integrity with your money.

Today’s Affirmation

I think, speak, and act abundantly. There is more than enough money to use and plenty to share. I give and receive freely. The abundance of money that comes to me is a benefit to my family and me.

Today’s Practice

Change the word “spend” to the word “use.”

Rather than saying “I am spending money,” say, “I am using money for _______.” Acknowledge that money is a resource to be used for the goods, services, and experiences you are exchanging it for. Focus on what you are receiving and that you have plenty of money to use as a resource to invest in what is timely and correct for you to experience and enjoy.

Notice how that changes that state of your feelings.

Appreciating What You Use Money For

Appreciation is the ever-expanding energy of valuing. Appreciation is the joyful expression of acceptance of your life and circumstances. As you appreciate everything you use money for, you create an ever-expanding vacuum that allows more money to flow to you.

Stay focused on appreciating what you are using money to receive in your life. Even appreciate that which you have not been appreciating using money for, especially anything that may show up unexpectedly. As you choose this, you give yourself the opportunity to BE appreciation, to BE the ever expanding energy of valuing yourself and all you create.

Today’s Affirmation

When I pay my bills I am infused with the energy of well-being. I feel appreciation for all the services that are provided for me and I show my appreciation for what I am paying for in the form of money.

Today’s Practice

Write a thank you note to all the companies you pay monthly bills to or just thank these service companies out loud. Thank the gas company for your heat, the electrical company for light and the ability to use your appliances, thank the water company for how easily you can drink, bathe, wash your clothes.

Go around your house and notice all the comforts you have that you have used money to receive.

Thank your kitchen appliances for the ease in making food, thank your washer and dryer for the ease of keeping your clothes clean, thank all the beds and bedding for helping you sleep comfortably and all of the furniture for creating décor and storage.

How many things in your home can you show appreciation for, that money helped you purchase? Thank money for giving you this power to afford you the choice to make these purchases.

Talk to Money

Money is a system of intelligence and it responds to you according to how you talk about it and to it. If you could talk to money, what would you tell it? What would you ask of it?

I’ve had a few conversations with money and it has told me that it wants to serve and support people, to make a difference in the world. Here are a few questions you could start with:

  • Money, how do you want to serve me?
  • What can I change to allow you to show up more fully and routinely?
  • How can I show my appreciation for you?
  • What are some of my biggest ways I block and deflect you?

As you continue to create a new relationship with money, and make money your new friend, your financial abundance will increase. As it does, thank money for the role it plays in your life. It is a resource for good that wants to support and serve you.

Today’s Affirmation

As I expect my every need to be met, it is. As I expect clear answers to every challenge, I am guided. As I expect abundance on every level, I receive it.

Today’s Practice

Take time to answer the above questions, and let the answers come to you intuitively. What does money want to share with you? What insights are you going to have that will help increase your financial upper limit?

I’m proud of you. Raising your financial set point takes you out of your comfort zone. You’re forging new paths in your experience with money. I promise it’s worth it to keep practicing!

Focus on the Flow In

Whatever we focus on increases. Most people focus on the money that is flowing out much more than money that is flowing in. As you focus on what is flowing out, you literally increase that energy flow.

We refer to money as currency. Think of money as a “current,” a current that flows in and out. You will always be flowing money out. To increase your inflow, start focusing more on money flowing in a current to you.

Today’s Affirmation

I am so appreciative of all the money that flows in and out of my life. There is always more flowing in than out.

Today’s Practice

Imagine standing in a river or creek with a strong current flowing toward you. Imagine that the energy of the water is the energy of money. To increase the power of this visualization, play the sound of a river current. (You can search on YouTube: “sounds of water” or “sounds of river running.”)

Better yet, if the weather permits and you have access to a real creek or shallow river out in nature, go stand in it while doing the visualization and thinking of the affirmation for today.

Here we are at the end of Week 2. You made it! Today’s practice may seem similar to the activities in your workbook this week. Do them both before we move into Week 3 tomorrow.

The stronger you can anchor your new financial set point, the better.

Strengthening Your Power of Accumulation

You can only create wealth if you have the energy to accumulate money. Every wealthy person has a large accumulation of money in savings or investments. You need to create both an increase of the flow of money into your life and also a sticking point that allows money to start accumulating.

Today’s Affirmation

I am appreciative of how easily money accumulates and grows in my physical accounts.

Today’s Practice

How much money do you want to create in your investments and savings?

Start with a number that is about $10K to $20K more than you currently have saved. Imagine throwing large balls of energetic light into your bank account to attract a point of energy for money to accumulate there. Imagine the balls of lights are like $100 dollar bills all going in to your savings and investments.

Once you create your new amount, do it again with the next larger amount. Also, consider what you want that you will use some of the money for. A dream vacation for your family? A new car? A contribution to a charity of your choice? Enhancements for your home?

Money wants to be used for the things you want, not just accumulated for the sake of having large amounts that never bring you any pleasure. (You will learn more about wanting in tomorrow’s daily message.)

This week is going to be amazing! Now that we’ve laid the energetic groundwork for abundance, we’re jumping into the 4 Money Profiles.

Read this whole email and then head over to the course to discover your unique money strengths and weaknesses!

Divine Wanting

We are taught at an early age that “wanting” is a bad thing. Our parents would shut down our wanting when we were little by saying things like, “you don’t need that.” “You shouldn’t want so much.” “We can’t afford that.” (Even when they could, it was just a means to stop our wanting).

Most parents pass on these same patterns of limitation and negative belief that it’s bad to want more in your life. Think of the last time you wanted something and quickly talked yourself out of it, or convinced yourself that you didn’t need it. You may even have felt guilty for wanting it.

The truth is you were born wanting.

You couldn’t do anything for yourself in your earliest years. You could only want—wanting to be fed, wanting to be held, wanting to be safe, wanting to be loved, wanting to valued for being you.

Wanting is a god-given, divine, innate act that you no longer need to stifle. Trust yourself that what you want is divinely inspired, that you will be wise with your use of money and only invest in the things you want when you have the funds to invest in them.

Today’s Affirmation

I am open and willing to allow good to come to me. Money flows effortlessly into my life. I see the flow increasing. I increase my capacity to receive more.

Today’s Practice

If money was not a concern and you had all the money you wanted, what would you want to use it for? Finish this sentence 10 times to start declaring and embracing your divine wanting!

What I really, really want is____________________.

Do it 10 times as spontaneously as you can without too much thought. See what shows up! Ask your partner to do it also and see how many similarities and differences there are!

Inspired Action

When people start to believe they can have more money, it is common for them to wonder and even worry about where the money is going to come from.

Understand that you do not have to try and make things happen. In fact, that will cause a block and a resistance in your energetic flow to allow more to happen. As you hold a higher vibration for more financial abundance to be manifest into your life, you will cause new opportunities and events to manifest into your reality. Your job is to respond with inspired action.

Trying to make something happen is trying to push the flow. Holding the vibration that things will happen is allowing the flow of more money. Trust that when opportunities and events present in your life for more money to flow and accumulate in your life, you will know and respond with inspired action.

Today’s Affirmation

I am allowing more money to flow into my life. I am a great manager of money. I know how to manage the resource of money so it continues to grow and expand to serve my family and me.

Today’s Practice

Have you ever had money show up in unexpected ways? List all of the times where unexpected money or opportunities showed up that created more money flow to show up in your life.

Give yourself the credit that you created these opportunities, and since you have created them in the past, you will be creating more in the future.

Great job! You are a powerful money magnet.

I trust that you are experiencing some powerful A-ha’s about your Money Profile. As you continue to learn about your natural gifts and talents, consider the possibility that they will be employed and used in many of the experiences that create more money to flow and accumulate in your life.

Whichever of the 4 Money Profiles you lead with, trust that you will have growing opportunities to do what is natural and enjoyable for you in the experience of flowing money.

You can truly live a life where you can do what you love and the money will flow to you. You have a spiritual support team between God and your angels that is always looking out for you and wanting to help you live your truth. Use your natural gifts and talents and create financial abundance as a result.

Today’s Affirmation

I am grateful for my spiritual support team that looks out for me and over the details of my money and keeps it safe and secure.

Today’s Practice

Continue to let go of any beliefs that it is hard and you have to struggle to make money. Let go of beliefs that you are going to lose your money by coming on hard times.

State out loud: “I am releasing fully and completely any beliefs that money is hard and a struggle and that I am powerless to losing it. I am free, I am free, I am free.”

Take a deep breath in, hold it, breathe it out big.

A big part of The 30-Day Money Cure is clearing away lifelong judgments we carry about money.

This week, you’re discovering judgments you may have about your own Money Profile. Today, I invite you to also pay attention to your judgments about people who have more than you do.

Money is No Object

Are you blocking money from showing up in your life with this common negative judgment of people who have money? Have you ever said, “Money must be no object to them?” in a derogatory way about someone who has a lot of money and can have whatever they want?

What if money were no object to you?

You’ve heard this saying in reference to having a lot of money and you can buy whatever you want. The truth is, money has no meaning until you give it one. In the time in which we live, most of the money we spend has no form or substance; it is just energy. Nobody creates debt with physical dollars. It’s all electronic energy! Let money become a useful object that is always there for you with continual increase and accumulation.

Today’s Affirmation

I am inspired in how I use and invest my money. I love money and money loves me.

Today’s Practice

As you are out and about today, notice people who appear to have more money than you. Send them a blessing of goodwill and more abundance of money. As you ask for them to be blessed, that blessing comes back to you tenfold – so make a big blessing!!

Scripting Money

As you have been learning, money is a neutral energy with a perception you project onto it. For most of your life, you have been perceiving money as more powerful than you, and hard to come by, that you have to work hard for money, and you can’t have what you want because you don’t always have the money.

Now that you are more than two weeks in to curing those old money wounds, I hope you are seeing a shift in your inner and outer experience with money. Let’s continue the practice of creating money to do what it wants to do for you, which is serve you and support you in experiencing a life of affluence, joy, and ease.

Today’s Affirmation

I love connecting with the infinite power and knowledge of money. Money is an intelligent energy that responds to the thoughts and feelings I invest into it.

Today’s Practice

On a $10 dollar bill that you are not going to use anymore, write a new script for money, using a pen right on the $10 dollar bill. I did this over 20 years ago and I still carry it in my wallet. Here are some of the things I wrote on it:

  • I am always there for you
  • I love you
  • I am flowing to Carol easily
  • I am easy to come by
  • I am nurturing
  • I am a spiritual resource
  • I am always multiplying
  • I accumulate
  • I am supporting Carol in living her purpose
  • I am fun
  • There is a lot of me in her bank

Give money a new script. Keep adding to it until it covers both sides of the $10 dollar bill. Carry it in your wallet for the rest of your life, and when inspired, write more on it! See what you have written come to pass over the years to come.

Giving and Receiving

As you give to others, you are always giving to yourself. Whatever you put out there you will receive it in return multiplied. That is, if you are not blocking it.

Giving and receiving are meant to create an equitable exchange. Are you letting yourself receive what is due to you? It doesn’t have to be money that you are giving to receive more money in return.

Trust that God knows what you need and will turn the energy you put out there into the energy of what you need – including money. Open your energy field to receive.

You no longer have to give more than you receive. You can experience equanimity in your life and receive the blessing of more money as some of the energy being returned to you multiplied.

Today’s Affirmation

I love knowing the benefit money offers me. I love knowing the benefit I can offer to others as I accumulate more money.

Today’s Practice

All day long bless people. Say, “God Bless You,” to everyone and mean it. Say it in your mind or out loud. Give blessings freely. Be open to a multiplied return of blessing in your life, even in the form of money. As you give, you will receive what you need multiplied. How many people can you share a blessing with today?

We’ve arrived at the end of Week 3—and what a week it was!

Keep noticing the ways that you live true to your Money Profile (and the ways you don’t). Being a money magnet isn’t a struggle. It’s a matter of raising your vibration and aligning with your natural strengths.

What Do You Give Your Attention To?

Another way you could be blocking money from showing up in your life is by giving your attention to that which lowers your energy vibration. What do you listen to and read every day? Are you putting your attention on peace and love? Or are you giving your attention to stories of turmoil and fear? Whatever you listen to or read affects your personal energy system and brings your vibration down.

Choose to have a high vibration to enhance your power to be a money magnet. Be open to money showing up in some unexpected ways in your life as you keep your vibration high.

Today’s Affirmation

Most of all, I love the joy of the unfolding with my experience with money. I love new surprises and how money shows up from expected and unexpected sources.

Today’s Practice

Pay attention to what you listen to and read today. Practice listening to and reading that which uplifts your being and raises your vibration to a higher energy. Set the intention by saying in your mind or out loud: “As I keep my vibration high, money shows up for me in unexpected ways! I love how money likes to surprise me!”

Week 4, here we come! This week, we’ll apply the 4 Money Profiles to partnerships. I’ll talk most often about how this works in a marriage, but if you’re not married, please know the information can apply to a wide variety of relationships.

Yes I Can Have That!

When something that you would love to own, experience, or pursue shows up in your life, what happens? If the price is more than you feel like you want to use your money for, or you do not yet have the funds, how quickly do you decide you cannot have it? Do you tell yourself, “I would like that but I can’t afford it.”

Understand that the moment you make that decision is the moment you stop the potential creation of the money showing up to support you in having what you desire. You shut down your money flow, not only for that which you desire in that moment, but for money in general flowing in greater abundance to you.

It’s an instant money deflector.

What if you allowed yourself to want it and believed it could show up for you?

You don’t have to even know how or when the money will show up. Your job is to keep your energy open and your vibration high so you can manifest it into your life. Who knows, maybe even someone will gift it to you! Try and stay in the place of excitement and anticipation for great things to show up for you.

Today’s Affirmation

I love knowing that I can participate in anything I want to participate in because I always have the money to support me.

Today’s Practice

See how many things show up that you would enjoy owning, pursuing, or experiencing today. Rather than saying “I can’t have that, I don’t have the money!” Say, “Yes I can have that.”

It’s about letting yourself desire it, want it, allow it. Catch yourself if you go right to the thought, ”I can’t have it, it’s too much money, or I shouldn’t spend the money.” Keep your energy open and see how much fun it is to say yes! I could have that! I wonder when and how it will show up for me!

You do not have to use any money today to invest in any of what shows up. You are just practicing keeping your energy open to allow more to flow to you.

If your children ask for something, acknowledge them by saying, “I think it’s great that you know what you want. If it is correct for you, it will be fun to see how and when it shows up.” Support your children today in learning how to keep their energy open.

Making a Difference with Money

Too often people think of their past and current situations to determine the opportunities they have to manifest more money. They limit the possibilities of new channels of money showing up, since they think that money can only appear through their current channels.

When you start to become a money magnet you realize that all money and good really comes from God. And that in the material world God can create new channels for money to flow to you. Streams of money that currently do not exist or you would not even imagine showing up.

The beautiful part of being a money magnet who maintains a high vibration of financial abundance, is that new streams and channels of money will be created for you. Your job is to believe and trust that God is wanting to bless you with financial abundance.

Did you know that people who do not have enough money think about money more than people who have plenty and to spare?

You can do more good in this world the more money you have as a resource.

Today’s Affirmation

I love knowing I have infinite choices when it comes to creating money.

Today’s Practice

Pretend you have just been given $10,000 and you have to use that money to make a difference in the world. Where would you use it? Who would you share it with? You can even divide it up amongst different people and organizations, it’s up to you.

Write it out who you are sharing it with and how much. You have to use all of the money up today. How does it make you feel to freely share that much money to make a difference?

Feel it, breathe it in, send that energy into your future to create the experience showing up for you. And when it does, you will remember back to this day when you planted that energetic seed.

Today, I’m giving you an email high-five! Creating financial abundance really is enjoyable and easy when you’re in the energetic habit—and your energy is getting stronger all the time!

I also acknowledge that shifting your patterns has required commitment and practice. Trust that whatever your experience looks like right now is correct for YOU.

Clearing Your Aversion to Wealth

Do you have an aversion to wealth? Do you object to being rich? Is there a conscious or subconscious belief you have that creates a block to accumulating more money?

Consider the possibility that you may have a belief that people with money are not as spiritual, or rich people are selfish and bad, that money is evil, and it makes people self-centered and worldly. You may also have judged or resented people that have more money than you, and you are trying to prevent being judged or resented by others by not allowing financial abundance.

When you deny financial abundance, you are only denying yourself of your true value. You are one of God’s greatest creations and living in poverty consciousness does not honor the truth of who you are.

Today’s Affirmation

My blessings are abundant and I am surrounded by an ongoing supply of opulence and affluence.

Today’s Practice

When you focus your attention on getting money, you are actually shutting off the flow of money.
Start to focus your attention on allowing money to come to you, rather than you having to go out and get it.
As you do this, you open the energetic channels for money to flow to you and energize your personal energy field to truly be like a magnet to money.

Saying Yes to the Contributions of Others

What if you believed that everyone wants to make a contribution for good to your life and you want to make a valuable contribution to their lives?

Deep down we all have a knowledge that we are prosperous beings. We have just blocked it. Open yourself to this awareness and start saying yes to what others offer you. Anything from a compliment, to a gift, or a helping hand.

Consider that many of the things and experiences you want will not require money from you! That they can show up through other people sharing them with you!

Today’s Affirmation

Everyone wants to contribute to my well-being. I attract good people into my life and bring out the best in others. I receive the good they offer.

Today’s Practice

Give up control over a person or an issue. This could be with a partner, a child, a work colleague. As you let go, you open your energy field for things to change and for God to contribute to your circumstance. Stay open for any insight that God wants to contribute to you today.

Creating a Passive Stream of Income

Do you believe or have you ever believed that you have to work hard for money? If you have had this belief, you have set yourself up for money to be energetically tied to your physical effort and output. The wealthiest people in the world do not have this belief. They truly do what they love and the money flows to them.

What if money just wanted to come to you for no reason? No effort applied. What if money just flowed into your life for no reason?

Release yourself from the belief that money is connected to your physical effort. Let go of the belief that you have to work hard to make money. Money is your friend and wants to help you and bless you.

Today’s Affirmation

I am grateful I am joyously living my truth and money just flows to me effortlessly and easily. I am involved in the correct experiences for me that allow me to use my natural gifts and talents—and money supports me!

Today’s Practice

Imagine that money is tied to you, like a rope or a cord and it only generates income if you are moving or applying effort. Untie the rope or cord. Release it, and see it turn into a powerful stream or multiple streams that just flow into your energy field and your physical reality. Imagine yourself lounging around and money is still flowing.

Although you will have many jobs and roles you play that are connected to an income, realize by making this energetic shift, you are freeing money up to start showing up for you as passive income. With this new energetic setup, you will also attract the correct jobs that honor your true nature, and support you in flowing and accumulating more money!

Living True to Your Money Profile Attracts Money

When you are not living true to your Money Profile, you block money. When you are living true to your Money Profile, you naturally and effortlessly have more ability to attract money.

Learning about your strengths and challenges with money true to your Money Profile gives you an added advantage to enhance your money magnetism. No matter your Money Profile, money will not make you happy, nor should it have the power to cause you unhappiness. Opposing or repressing your natural energy has more power to oppress you and cause unhappiness. As you choose to have a prosperity-conscious mindset and honor your true nature, you will more effortlessly have poise, confidence, contentment, peace, joy, and freedom from fear of not being enough and not having enough.

Money without the conscious knowledge of your true nature is still a limited state. You now have the best of both!

You no longer need to be content in just getting by or settling for being someone you are not and for accepting less than financial abundance with money.

Today’s Affirmation

I know who I am. I accept myself fully and I accept my true state of financial abundance.

Today’s Practice

Think of 3 things you have learned so far this week about your Money Profile strengths.

Think of 3 things you have learned so far this week about your partner’s Money Profile strengths.

How is knowing this a support to you?

You are on Day 28 of the 30-Day Money Cure. Congrats!

By learning the laws of creation regarding money, you have opened up in yourself new knowledge that will manifest as wealth, money, and other resources to bless your life.

Look How Far You’ve Come!

You have always known what you have brought to remembrance these last 27 days, they just were not your acting awareness and life habit. Trust that you have always known how to live a glorious and fulfilling life. You have an infinite storehouse of truth within you that will continue to manifest itself to you.

Trust the gifts you have with money, continue to work on the challenges and tendencies that create unnecessary struggle with money. You have come a long way in this month of curing your money woes!

Today’s Affirmation

I am grateful for how far I’ve come and for what I will continue to learn and remember. I am grateful to be the truth of who I am and that money is there to support that truth.

Today’s Practice

Take 15 minutes and sit somewhere quiet.

Look at yourself, your life, and your growth in awareness about money the last 28 days. Acknowledge yourself by finishing this sentence at least 5 times or more:

I appreciate my new awareness about money because_____________________.

Remember as you express appreciation for your worth and value, you create the energy of appreciation multiplied in your life. Ask that this energy be applied to money, to empower it to appreciate.

You have completed my 30-Day Money Cure.

You are unique at this time on the planet, as you made a conscious choice to create something better for yourself.

You chose to release yourself from the collective energy of struggle and pain that is so readily experienced and chosen on the planet. You have not only influenced your current life, but changed the lives of your posterity for generations to come. Your children, their children and on and on, have a new energetic blueprint to support them in creating financial affluence without having to go through lack and struggle with money – unless they chose to. They are blessed because of your commitment to making this shift with money.

In fact, the entire planet is blessed because of you. Since we are all connected energetically, your new financial abundance vibration is being offered to every person in the world. Thank you!

You may have days where the old vibrations and patterns present themselves. Do not concern yourself with this.

You have plenty of tools and insights to draw from to continue curing these old money wounds. All that is required in those moments is that you use them.
Just as I made the choice to heal my money wounds and create a life of affluence, so are you. God Bless You! I am so grateful to have helped you get started on this journey or given you added support if it is one you have been on.

Today’s Affirmation

I am grateful that I continue to grow my positive relationship with money. I appreciate the changes I have made in my beliefs and patterns with money. It is manifesting in a powerful and positive way in my day to day life.

Today’s Practice

Celebrate your success in how far you have come, that you are now walking in financial abundance!

Have some fun with this and buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Use whatever amount of money you feel is correct and purchase the shoes as a reminder that you now walk in financial abundance. Call them your abundance shoes.

Congratulations, you are on your new path of financial abundance for the rest of your life.

Where are you now compared to where you were when you started The 30-Day Money Cure? This is not just a 30-day practice and you are done! The 30 days are meant to launch you into a lifetime practice.

I started practicing financial abundance belief strategies over 20 years ago, when I wasn’t experiencing financial abundance. Today I am. I never worry or fret or experience a lack of money. Money is always there for me. It blesses my life and I love it and I am grateful.

I guarantee you that as you continue this practice, your life will reflect the fruits of your investment as a continual increase of financial abundance for the rest of your life. You will have the money you desire to invest in the services, goods, and experiences you chose to have. You will have money to serve and make a difference in the world. And, when situations require you to use money, you will do so with ease.

Today’s Affirmation

I am grateful for my newfound knowledge of financial abundance and the power I have to create my own story with money. I am choosing to do this for the rest of my life. I am grateful.

Today’s Practice

Decide how you will continue to keep this practice a constant in your life.
You can go through the entire course again for another 30 days.
You can practice one of the games from the Money Games eBook one game per week.
You can read the daily messages every day, or one per week.
What will you do to continue this practice?

I didn’t create The 30-Day Money Cure just to pad your bank account. I created this course to help you create the experiences you’re meant to have!

Use your newfound financial abundance to live the life that’s calling to you. There are places for you to be, people for you to help, opportunities for you to take.

You have all the tools you need to attract them to you abundantly!

Option 1. Sound Only. This sound meditation trains your energy to live in affluence and attract more money. The frequencies of the Tibetan healing bowls help you shift from effort to receiving. Listen as regularly as you feel inspired to.
Option 2. Sound With Guided Visualization. As Tibetan healing bowls play, this guided visualization helps you focus specifically on attracting money. Just by listening, you fine-tune your energy to allow more to show up for you.

You’re more likely to stay focused and be accountable with peer support. Connect with other students to share successes, ask questions, and be inspired.

Visit the Group

Clearing Your Energetic Money Blocks

This week, we will identify money-blocking patterns that are active in your subconscious and conscious programming. These patterns create the experience of money not flowing and accumulating in increasing numbers. As you become aware of your particular patterns, you can easily release them and open your mind and energy to more money flowing and accumulating in your life.

This first weekly training starts clearing your money blocks and helps you know what to focus on this week.

Download and print this workbook section. Add the next section each week. This part of the workbook includes worksheets to discover your money patterns, and a written copy of the Daily Financial Script.

Download & Print Workbook Part 01

Not familiar with energy tapping? This video will give you the basics. See how easy and effective it is to do.

This video will be a key resource to you throughout this course. I recommend you watch it after filling out the Week 1 worksheets. The worksheets will bring to the surface your limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that block money, and then you’ll release them in this clearing session.

Old generational patterns can have power over your current financial state. Nick takes his power back and releases a huge burden that was always weighing him down. Watching this video can do the same for you.

Previous Coaching Q&As with Carol

2017: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording helps you examine the deeper beliefs behind your money blocks and walks you through a clearing for financial regret.

2018: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording gives insight into money blocks in relationships and helps you clear ancestral energy that keeps you stuck in old money patterns.

2019: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording answers questions all about money anxieties, and ends with a simple method for testing your own energy for answers.

2020: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording gives you a chakra-connecting technique to let go of lower energies, and answers to help you live a new story with money.

Increasing Your Financial Upper Limit

You have a vibrational comfort zone that keeps you in the same day-to-day experience with money. In Week 2, your goal is to discover your energetic set point with money. You will choose a new set point and increase your vibrational comfort zone to allow more money to flow and accumulate for you. You will continue to transform your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and language about money.

This week’s training helps you identify your set point, prepares you to fill out your worksheet, and shows you what to focus on this week.

Download and print this workbook section. Fill out the worksheets to identify your set point and then increase your money accumulation and flow. Also included in this section is support for psychological reversals.

Download & Print Workbook Part 02

Which beliefs are coming up for you? For Melissa, it was the struggle of never having enough, never getting ahead, and men not contributing. Follow along as she reverses those beliefs and raises her energetic set point.

This powerful 3-step process will help you clear resistance to change. A written version is also included in your workbook.

Previous Coaching Q&As with Carol

2017: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording addresses financial fear and gives you a technique to shift away from your fear of something bad from happening.

2018: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording features a guest whose session can help you move past unnecessary self-sacrifice and take inspired financial action.

2019: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording covers 10 wide-ranging questions and features a guest whose session will show you how to let go of limiting childhood stories.

2020: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording helps you consider why you can’t hold onto money with a guest whose story shows you how deep old patterns can go.

Your Money Profile & Patterns That Block Money

Your objective during Week 3 is to learn about the 4 Money Profiles and identify your own profile as it relates to your Energy Type. During this process, you will discover your unique natural strengths with money, as well as your unique challenges that are blocking an increase of money flow and accumulation.

This week’s audio training prepares you to fill out your worksheet and helps you know what to focus on this week.

Read the first section: The 4 Money Profiles. Then fill out the Week 3 worksheets that will help you identify your personal money strengths and weaknesses.

Download & Print Workbook Part 03

How familiar are you with the 4 Energy Types? If you haven’t yet watched my Energy Profiling video series, do so now. (Re-watch if you could use a refresher.) Knowing your Energy Type will support profound money shifts for you!

The Free-Flow-er can flow a lot of money in—and right back out! If you’ve ever used money to create fun and then felt guilty about it, this session with Lisa will help you create new patterns that make responsible spending and saving fun!

The Nest Egger can tend toward worry, or a “poor me” experience of being unappreciated and undervalued. Watch Ron’s clearing session for tips to ask for
what’s correct for you, and to create a more fluid flow of money in and out.

If Builder is your Money Profile, you tend to go big—which means you can build it and then blow it. This clearing session with Sandy shows how to stop stifling growth and tap into powerful Type 3 strengths with money.

The Analyzer can tend toward black or white, all or nothing, controlling the money or being in the dark. Watch this clearing session with KrisAn to see how Type 4 tendencies are gifts that can create balance, rather than unhealthy extremes.

Previous Coaching Q&As with Carol

2017: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording helps you recognize where you put your focus, and features Jon and Mark Tuttle who share their Money Cure insights.

2018: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording supports you in seeing where you focus your awareness and how to help children to grow up with affluent mindsets.

2019: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording brings you a couple who feels stuck in constantly working for money and are ready to see it accumulate.

2020: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording offers perspective on the dramatic energetic shift of 2020, the fears it brought up, and how to be intentional in an external crisis.

Empowering You and Your Partner to Be Money Magnets

This week, you will practice increasing your flow and accumulation with money by empowering the strengths in your Money Profile tendencies. You will also practice turning your challenges as a couple into strengths by learning about Money Profile Couple Combinations. This will be a powerful, productive week!

This audio training gives you important reminders and insights in this last week of the course. It also prepares you for your worksheet.

Re-read the strengths section of your personal Money Profile in your workbook.

Revisit Workbook Section 03

Connect with your personal money strengths by listening to the affirmation audio for your Money Profile.
Type 1 Free Flow-er
Type 2 Nest Egger
Type 3 Builder
Type 4 Analyzer

Download and print this week’s part of your workbook. Read the first section: Money Profile Couples Combinations. Then fill out the Week 4 worksheets that will help you find personal money solutions for your unique partnership.

Download & Print Workbook Part 04

In your relationship, who’s the saver and who’s the spender? If your tendencies get out of balance, you and your partner may actually go to extremes to try and counteract the other. Watch this session with Carlie and Joey. It will support you in better communicating and working together with your partner.

Money challenges can happen to anyone—even someone who manages multiple businesses and employees. In this session, I support Kinley and Bridget who are trying to stay afloat. The visualization and tips I share with them can support you, too!

Previous Coaching Q&As with Carol

2017: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording features Anne and Tanner Brown who share useful imagery to think about money and be ready for it to show up.

2018: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording features a couple whose concerns about steady income, wasteful spending, and trust will help you get insights for yourself.

2019: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording shed light on the higher collective consciousness and new opportunities for awareness that are possible with money.

2020: Recorded Coaching Q&A with Carol

This recording includes insights about creating money partnership and gives you a visualization to continue positive momentum.


You invested in yourself and completed The 30-Day Money Cure. From now on, you have continued access to the materials in this course. Whenever you’re running an old pattern, want a reminder, or feel ready for even more abundance, come back! The downloads, videos, and other resources will be right here for you. What is your financial intention moving forward? Set it now and step into the financial freedom that you’re now creating for yourself every day!

Resources to Keep Strengthening Your Money Magnetism

Congrats on completing The 30-Day Money Cure! The objective of this bonus section is to support your continued practice of what you’ve learned. You can experience financial freedom and abundance for the rest of your life!

I’ve created 52 money games to support you in maintaining the higher vibration and abundant beliefs that you’ve practiced in this course. There are enough games for you to play one every single week for a full year. Remember: creating more money in your experience can be easy and fun!

Download the ebook

I find great joy in seeing my children thrive financially at a young age. This bonus audio and worksheet will start you on the path to passing on what you’ve learned in this course to your children. Congrats on making financial abundance easier for the next generation!

Download the bonus worksheet

This recording was the first broadcast in The 30-Day Money Cure Facebook Group back in 2017. You get access to it here. The video includes insight to get the most out of this course, as well as a powerful childhood visualization to clear any energy of self-sabotage. (If you’re returning to watch this again and want to skip right to the visualization, go to 11:22 in the video.)

To create more ease and affluence, set each day into motion with a high vibration! I do this daily with my morning energy routine that you can watch here. You may be surprised at how powerfully these simple exercises can activate the energies of affluence and joy in your life.

This session (originally created in spring 2020 due to global uncertainty surrounding Covid-19) supports you in clearing fears around current events and large-scale economic instability, so you can feel calm, attract the best-case scenario, and have clarity of mind in today’s world.

Optional Bonus Content

It’s Just My Nature

For the most thorough study of the 4 Energy Types, I recommend my book, It’s Just My Nature. It’s not required reading for this course, but I promise it will give you some of the greatest insight into who you are and why you do what you do!

Recommended Tibetan
Healing Bowls

Silver Sky Imports. If you choose to invest in your own singing bowls, Carol recommends Silver Sky Imports. They have generously offered a 15% discount to Carol’s Healing Center members. Use this coupon code at checkout: Healing 15

Recommended Gemisphere
Therapeutic Gemstones

Citrine: Loosens your hold on all that no longer serves you, so that you may progress to the next higher state of being. It helps you fulfill your spiritual potential by encouraging you to embrace ever-higher states of consciousness.

Leopardskin Jasper: Leopardskin Jasper helps draw into your life whatever you need for physical healing. By magnetically charging the areas of your aura that reflect your true needs, Leopardskin Jasper helps you attract whatever is required to fulfill them. It helps attract forces of harmony and to repel forces of disharmony.

Visit Gemisphere.com

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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    These 2-4 week plans guide you through which sessions to watch (and when) for powerful results.

  • Single Sessions

    These video and audio sessions help you clear painful issues in 5-15 minutes. Watch and go.

  • Self-assessment

    Where should you start your own healing? This simple self-assessment will guide you.

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