Creating Joy Meditation

5 minutes

This meditation will help you experience more effortless joy. The energy of joy is available to us at any time—you just have to focus your attention on it. You’re listening to this meditation to assist you in becoming more present and to help you connect with that energy whenever you want.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Sadness on a regular basis

Heaviness from a lack of joy

Disconnection from your true self

Little to no creativity in your life

You Want To:

Feel joyful and happy every day

Experience lightness and freedom

Be deeply connected to your true power

Tap into your creativity effortlessly

Session Transcript

Repeat this affirmation after me. “I am grateful for how effortlessly I feel joy in my day-to-day experience.”

Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. As you continue to breathe, feel the energy that is in you and around you. Don’t describe it, just feel it. Allow the energy to expand until it fills the whole universe. You are that energy field and nothing is outside of you.

Picture yourself as an outline of a figure in that energy field. See and feel the energy flowing freely through the outline of you. Feel the energy as the love of the Divine flowing through you. As it flows through you, feel yourself lighten. Feel yourself floating higher and higher. Feel the lightness as joyfulness. Let the joyfulness take you to a mountaintop.

In that joyfulness, look out and see the beauty and magnificence, the richness and aliveness of the view wherever you look. You are the creator of that view. Send that joyfulness into the universe and allow it to come back and receive it expanded. Allow more and more unconditional love from God to keep flowing through the outline of you.

Continue to do this exercise of sending joy into the universe and receiving it back expanded several more times.

There’s an energy of unconditional love flowing through you all of the time, just focus your attention on it. Let it come from the universe and send it back into the universe so that it can return energized and expanded. This is all taking place in your imagination, the only place that you create in.

Since your creative imagination is unlimited, there is no limit to how magnificent your world can be. The magnificence is always present. You are the creator of your world. You are the only creator of it and you are at choice each moment on how to view what you are creating. You are free to see as much beauty, richness, and aliveness, and to feel as much joy as you desire. The more joyful you feel, the more connected you are to your true power.

Appreciate your creative power, your creative self, for transforming your world into one of affluence, ease, and joy. Also appreciate yourself for the remarkable, creative imagination you use to create a world of lack, pain, and struggle. You are very powerful and you have a choice. Remember, both worlds exist and you are at choice to determine which world you want to live in. Use your creative power that is joyful, harmonious, and peaceful power, and you can only create joyful, harmonious, and peaceful events even though beliefs you hold tell you otherwise. Set your intention to stay in joy. Set your intention to feel deep appreciation for the creative power you are, no matter what you create.

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