Daily Script for Peace & Well-Being

4 minutes

This daily script will help you experience a more constant state of peace and well-being. The internal energy of divine peace and well-being is available to everyone. You’re listening so that your reality will manifest the energy of this new script in your life.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Drama that seems endless

Upsets that throw you off balance

Health issues that exhaust you

Lack of clarity in your life

You Want To:

Be free of the need for drama

Stay grounded when upsets occur

Watch your health improve steadily

Experience truth and clarity in all areas

Session Transcript

I am grateful that I sustain a constant state of peace and well-being. I easily go within and recenter myself when I am feeling out of balance. As I turn within, I connect to my core self. I start my day grounding myself to my own energy. I take the time I need to move through my day to support me in staying peaceful and calm, true to my nature. As I move through the day, I know the difference between my energy and the energy of others. As I am mindful of this, it allows me to stay centered in my own container of my personal energy system. When I am pulled out of my own energy system I am alerted by my guides and angels, and I easily go within and recenter myself. Because I am anchored and grounded in my internal energy of peace and well-being, I am able to easily navigate any situation and stay true to myself.

When upsets arise, I stay true to myself. When others may be upset or imbalanced, I allow that to be their experience. I recognize more and more that drama and struggle is a human-made experience and how I no longer need it to keep life interesting and exciting. As I use my voice to express any discontent or concerns, I do it in a mature way from a place of balance. I am heard and understood and the energy responds in a positive way to support all involved in coming to a peaceful and harmonious resolution. I love recognizing that peace is not man-made but, rather, God-made and is available at all times. I choose to stay connected to the divine energy of peace and receive the grace of God to feed my well-being.

My health continues to improve and stay strong as I am grounded internally with the universal peace and well-being that is available to everyone. I openly receive with appreciation the increase of peace and well-being that I need at any time to support me as I navigate through the potential chaos that is created in the world. I am grounded and centered no matter what happens or what shows up. I am present and mindful to correct decisions and choices that support an ever-expanding experience of peace and well-being.

Due to my commitment to live in the God-given energy of peace and well-being, I am a gift to this planet and serve a great purpose to bring more peace and well-being to the earth to share with whoever would receive and benefit. There is nothing I have to do to live on purpose with this. I am choosing to just be my divine spiritual truth, and blessings materialize and multiply for myself and others as I choose this. I end each day in gratitude reflecting on the blessings of that day.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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