Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I do multiple Healing Plans at the same time?

A: No, I recommend that you do not. The Healing Plans are designed to target specific issues and patterns with your thoughts, emotions, physical body, and behavior. Combining Healing Plans will actually create an interference and compromise the effectiveness of both of them.

Q: Can I do a single session if something else comes up while I’m doing a Healing Plan?

A. If a pressing issue presents while you are doing a healing plan, you can supplement based on the need. But I do not recommend you add single sessions that are not included in the Healing Plan outline just to try and get more healing done.

Q: Can I do multiple, different single sessions each day?

A: Emotional healing work is not like reading a book. This is emotional healing work that supports a mental and physical shift that is long term. The pace is designed to allow things to come up. If you push yourself faster, you will not receive that benefit. You might want to add the Clearing for Issues with Time session.You have plenty of time. You don’t need to do it all at once. Stick with the plan you started. Otherwise if you switch you’ll start creating a pattern of starting one, switching to another and then getting a taste of all of them with no lasting results.

Q: Can I do healing sessions when I’m pregnant?

A: Yes. To energetically shield your infant in utero from any negative energy you are clearing, imagine wrapping white or silver light around the womb. Set the intention that all positive reframes will be energetically shared with your baby.

Q: Can I do healing sessions with or for my child?

A: Yes! The Healing Center resources are supportive to anyone at any age. To learn how to do proxy healing for a child or someone else refer to the Clearing Session for Proxy Healing.

Q: How do I move forward when I am afraid of “opening an emotional can of worms?”

A: The only way out is through. Letting yourself feel is the key to healing. The mind thinks this is counterproductive, but the mind cannot heal your emotions. When you feel vulnerable and scared to do the healing work, that’s your inner child not wanting to “go back there!” Reassure that part of you that there is no going back—you are just allowing the expression of anger, sadness, fear, confusion, that you’ve never fully healed. You are an adult now, tell your inner child you want to help them release having to carry this old story energetically anymore. You are choosing to set the inner child free, which ultimately sets you free.

Q: The healing sessions have brought up a lot of emotions. Will it get better?

A: Healing is allowing ourselves to feel what has not been felt and expressed. Healing is not feeling joyful all the time. Feeling joyful all the time is a result of doing the healing. Expect to feel discomfort and when you do, tell yourself, “I am healing.”

Q: How long do I need to subscribe to see results?

A: I recommend you commit to at least 3 months and choose either 2 or 3 healing plans to complete in that time period. At that point, you can assess your life situation, as you will have seen results. You can decide then if you want to heal more or stay on a maintenance experience. I recommend you always have a subscription as we live in a world where having this support is life changing and extremely valuable.

Q: How do I get help in the Facebook group if I need it?

A: I am very active in the Healing Center Facebook group, and so is my support team. If you ask a question, include the hashtag #supportangels so that my team’s Support Angels or I will be sure to see it. We will respond to those questions Monday-Friday and step away on the weekends. We love to support your healing journey.

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