Grounding to Your Unique Energy System

11 minutes

This session will assist you in staying grounded in your own personal energy system even as you live among all of the modern-day technology. It will show you how to stay healthy by rooting into the earth to receive the energetic nourishment you need to thrive.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Frazzled energy due to a lack of time each day

Lethargy and weakness from overuse of technology

Irritation from taking on other people’s energy

Disconnection from feeling pulled out of yourself

You Want To:

Stay grounded and calm in this busy world

Clear all electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs)

Find peace and joy within yourself

Feel energetic and restful in your own energy

Affirmation for this Session:

I am connected to my unique circuit of energy that supports my personal energy system staying vibrant and balanced.

For Repeat Visits:

Exercise begins at 2:27

Session Transcript

We live at a time with some unique challenges. One of the unique challenges we face is keeping our personal energy system healthy due to living in the modern-day of technology. This session is going to show you an easy activation technique to help you stay energetically healthy. We’re going to be working with your root chakra and your auric field. Your first chakra is called the root chakra. The function of your root chakra is to root or ground you to the earth. The energy of this chakra is at the base of your torso. It connects down into the earth. When you are rooted to the earth’s energy, you are plugged into your own circuit or energy system. Just as plants have roots that receive the nourishment they need from the soil, as you connect to your unique energy in the earth, you receive the energetic nourishment you need to thrive.

Staying grounded and rooted to your own energy circuit can be challenging at the time in which we live due to all the technology we are exposed to and the lack of time we spend in nature. When we are not grounded, we are more susceptible to have a weak energy system and a weak energy field around us. The energy field around us is called an auric field. When our auric field is weak, it can actually be torn, have holes and tears in it. When it is damaged, we are very susceptible to taking on other people’s negative energy and our health is compromised.

Let’s start this exercise with an affirmation. Repeat after me, “I am connected to my unique circuit of energy that supports my personal energy system staying vibrant and balanced. We’re gonna begin this exercise by wiping off any stressful energy from our body.”

So just shake it off like you’re just cleaning off your arms, your torso, hips. Get the backside, shake it off, get all that stressful energy off. Bend over and wipe down your legs. Even that feels good. Just get rid of that stressful energy that our bodies can pick up and carry.

The next step is very important as it teaches your energy to stay grounded and balanced. The I Am Grounded oil is a special blend that will assist you in connecting your body and your own personal energy system to the earth’s energy. It even provides the unique benefits of clearing your personal energy of electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs. It will help you maintain a higher state of consciousness while living day-to-day, which is something we really need support in, again, as we live in a unique time, exposed to so much technology.

Apply the I Am Grounded oil by putting a few drops in your hand and then you’re gonna wanna put that on the bottoms of your feet, legs. Can be barefoot or in your socks like I am and we’ll do the other side. You only need two, three drops. The oil’s potent enough that the scent and then the absorption into your garment or your socks or right into your skin is adequate. Now we’re gonna rub our hands together, take a deep inhale and exhale, really taking in this aroma. I’m even gonna support the rest of my body by just connecting that scent, that aroma, that essential healing power to my body. Now we’re going to get your energy running correctly, communicating right to left. Quite often, people’s energy is running a homolateral pattern, meaning it’s just running each side, not communicating and your energy is meant to cross, intersect, and communicate. In order to get that happening, we’re gonna do an exercise called the cross crawl.

So first start marching in place. We’re gonna use our arms and our legs marching and hitting our knees and we’re gonna hit the same right hand to right knee, left hand to left knee. Just kind of speed that up. Do this with me right now. Keep breathing. Okay, now we’re going to cross over. So right hand to left knee, left hand to right knee. Sometimes it’s hard for people to get that going, but once you do, the energy starts crossing. You can even move your hands in a bigger motion up above your head, crossing, crossing, crossing. Now your system’s ready to ground and to get your auric field healthy. Now we’re going to move the energy down from your shoulders all the way down your torso, down to the earth, deep breath in. As you exhale, move your hands down, bending over, touching the ground. Do that two more times.

Now imagine a cord coming out of your tailbone with a plug on the end of it. It’s like a tail. Going all the way out, you can keep pulling, pulling, pulling till you reach the plug. Now you’ve got the plug in your hand. You’re gonna take that plug and you’re going to imagine an outlet right between your feet and you’re gonna plug your energy into the earth. And you can do this even if you’re not out in soil. Just imagine you’re standing right on the earth. Breathing in as you come back up. This has now connected you to the earth’s energy and plugs you into your own unique circuit of energy.

Now imagine the earth’s energy moving up through your feet. Feel it tingling, warm through your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs, your hips, your abdomen. Feel it tingling and warm, filling you, filling you, moving up through your chest, down each arm. Keep breathing, up the neck, into your head, feeling the warmth and support of the earth’s energy filling you. Breathe it in, and an exhale. Now close your eyes and imagine you are standing in your own bubble of energy. Notice if that bubble of energy is shrunk, pushing in against you. Does it have holes, tears, or leaks in it? Is it off to one side or above you? Is it out in front or behind you? What color is it? Is it even a color? Maybe it looks gray and gloomy, heavy. Take a deep breath in, exhale. To repair your auric field, begin with pushing it out. Take your arms and push the energy out as big and wide as you need that bubble to be like you’re filling a balloon with air and it just expands, expands, expands to surround you, to create the space that you need to feel safe and protected inside this bubble. Make sure it is balanced and equally surrounding you in a way that you feel right in the center of it. Wrap your auric field, your protective bubble with gold light. This will create a shield and a protective energy for you. Take a deep breath in and exhale. Open your eyes and fluff your auric field with your hands by rolling your hands, fluffing it up, reaching out, turning behind, going above your head, each side. And we’re gonna finish this activation exercise by zipping up your central meridian three times at the front of your torso. Take a deep breath in on each one. March in place and really feel how centered you feel now, how grounded you feel, how protected you feel.

Once you’ve memorized these steps, you can do this in less than a minute. And I recommend you start each day with this activation exercise to educate and teach your energy that this is the new norm. And if you’re in a situation where you cannot use the activation exercise, just apply a small amount of the I Am Grounded oil. Take a quick sniff of it, and that alone will reset your energy as if you have done the full exercise because your energy will remember, this aroma is connected to that process, which means grounded, centered, protected. Amazing things are going to happen now that you are grounded and rooted to your own circuit of energy, walking in the power of your auric field.

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